Just an idea for PvP gear.

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  1. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    Drop pvp gear in Time capsule's.
    It's been so long since they done an update just for PvP, but the big problem iI see why is because they can't
    make money off pvp so I though of the Time capsule's that could help with that problem.

    What is your though's on this idea?
    Are you ok we it?
    How would you help make PvP make money?
  2. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    Monetizing PVP will make it even deader than it already is. For PVP to work, people have to just be able to do it over and over, and if you make it so that people have to pay to unlock the rewards every time, they're going to stop playing.

    Given the higher priority on producing new DLCs, unless they hire a separate team to do nothing but work on the entire PVP engine it is unlikely we will ever see anything done with it. Part of me wonders how long it will be until they just take PVP itself out of the game other than maybe the dueling and possibly the Legends PVP, grant everyone the now obsoleted PVP feats, and move everything forward. Yeah, I know. I've already got my asbestos suit handy for the flame fest that's about to happen... but try to tell me that it isn't a possibility.
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Not true Darth. The most popular and lucrative games in the world right now are PVP based. Each and everyone of them charge money in some manner to generate revenue while offering a free to play model to get you into the game. If DCUO was to ever monetize PVP they would need to sit down and figure out the best way to do so, but it is possible. However, at the end of the day, sadly DCUO seems to be content with being a niche game.
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  4. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    ^^^^ this

    Just take it out, if you aren't going to support it, upgrade it, debug it, fix it, then whats the point of having it? Its a constant thorn that players and devs cannot agree on, although personally I wish they would have never listened to the elitist that wanted an DCUO E-SPORT that only pushed casual and fun loving players out, and replaced those players with... well NO ONE... no one at all because the numbers of the elites failed to make up for the loss of casual/fun players who refused to get rocked repeatedly by a counter match...

    There were only a handful of players that ruined PVP, the Devs listend to those knuckleheads, each and every time.... stupid is as stupid does.

    That goes for LPVE as well, take it out. Its crap.
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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    The big pvp games monetize cosmetics not progression.

    Sorry op but dropping pvp gear in capsules is asinine it would encourage people to skip pvp and gain pvp rewards without even doing it.

    It's just another veiled attempt to bypass pvp, get the rewards from it but not play it.

    Im not against monetizing pvp if possible if it then gets support but via RNG capsules. No ******* way
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  6. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    They monetize both cosmetics and progression in some. Take Hearthstone for example. You can literally play that game completely free to play and never spend a dime, however, it will take you years to amass a decent collection of top tier cards. So what do people do? They buy card packs to quicken the process.

    Fortnite also sells cosmetics and progression. You can play that game free to play but in order to earn the rewards each season players spend money so they progress faster.

    This line of thinking is why I essentially do not have a issue with Artifact XP being sold in the marketplace. I get the premise behind it. If they could ever figure out a way to do the same for PVP within reason I would be down for it.
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  7. Proxystar #Perception

    Pretty sure fortnite isn't the progression as you think in DCUO, I don't play it though, i think it's a filthy game so stand to be corrected but..

    Isn't there a ladder of rewards that you progress through to unlock cosmetics, not say guns that do more damage or armor that makes you harder to kill?

    Not sure whether a card game is quite a fair comparison but i acknowledge your point.

    The thing i want to avoid the most though is people obtaining pvp rewards without ever stepping foot in pvp and I think capsules would allow that. If all you had to do was open capsules to get a cr101 pvp set for example why would you ever play, you'd just sit there and open capsules until you max out.

    People in this community always behave in that manner, always.

    Always taking the paths of least resistance.

    We need to encourage people to actually play pvp not just get rewards, rewards are a byproduct of playing, not just opening your wallet.

    What pvp really needs fixes aside in terms of combat is some new styles tied to Mark's, bonus mark weekends.

    Perhaps we could even do bonus Mark's on one map this would help people get map specific feats too when everyone spams that map for a weekend.

    Imbalances aside pvp is a ghost town because participation isn't encouraged.
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  8. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    They shouldn’t force players into pvp if this was in place, especially if feats were attached. If they want to work on pvp, they should start on a pvp revamp
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  9. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    The problem is that PvP gear in capsules comes a LOT closer to the dreaded specter of "pay-to-win" than just about anything that's come in TCs to this point.

    Even with feat points attached, it gets tough to argue that TCs are pay-to-win because PvE isn't inherently competitive. PvP is another matter, in more ways than one. Players still get their noses bent out of shape if someone doesn't follow "the rules" in something as simple as a duel, so it's very tough for me to see players taking new PvP gear coming from capsules all that well.
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  10. Ikyotojin Dedicated Player

    I kinda like the PVP phase being deserted. I can farm a lot more stuff.
  11. ALB Dedicated Player

    Pvp need an entire revamp. I don't know what would help it at this point. Maybe gear in capsules will make players go into pvp, but once they see the state it's in, most won't return. Making powers counterable again will effect pve, so pvp at this point is probably will never get fixed
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  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Speak it Brother Allen!

    At this point, I'm feeling the same. Anything they could do, within reason, to bring back pvp would be welcomed.

    I also believe it won't happen. Pvp needs to much work. Theres a thread somewhere on here that basically says they gave up. Enter that picture of a horse being beaten. Lol.

    1000% Agree. Before we see a pvp revamp. It would most definitely need to be monetized.
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  13. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    We need a free armory that will ONLY imprint PVP gear. We also need free bank space to store it. Inventory bottle-necking is the biggest problem with getting players to even start doing pvp.
  14. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah in Fortnite the higher tiers allow access to cooler styles and toys which essentially they could do in DCUO with PVP. The only thing non-cosmetic you get from leveling up is XP Boosters which allow you to get to the next tier of cosmetic items. Nothing says the gear has to get better each season. They could essentially make it a style and toy type deal like Fortnite does. Sure they could slap a Feat on each style set which would "technically" be progression but not enough to really matter in the long run but it would be a carrot for those completionist to chase. If a season is once every 6 months, they could charge a small price of like $10 per PVP season to access the rewards. I mean $10 every 6 months for new styles and cosmetic toys isn't much to ask people to pay. To boot they could release new Legends and Legend Skins and charge $10 a pop for new Legends and $5 a pop for new skins. This is just spit balling ideas obviously and based in a world where they actually have the man power to do this twice a year and address small issues here and there after doing an initial balance pass if something gets broke some how.

    Also, for the record I am totally against putting actual stat'd improved gear into capsules that are bought with $$. I'm not sure I made that clear earlier so I want to make sure that my stance on that is shown.
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  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I like.
  16. Brit Loyal Player

    Actually, they already added all the PvP styles as random chances within the Promethium Lunchboxes. Essentially, subscribers have the option to obtain all the PvP styles without actually having to PvP, and other players have the chance to buy keys, the same way that they could have bought unlocks for the Time Capsules. The current system is not too far off from what the original poster recommended.

    I did a ton of PvP right at launch, enough so that I have all 6 of the original T1 PvP suits completed (plus Bloodbat and Archangel). But by Megaservers, I was far too sick of it to keep going. Yet, almost exclusively through Promethium Boxes and the odd piece of Checkmate in the vault, I have 1/8 Adaptive Android, 7/8 Checkmate Operative, 8/8 Checkmate Informant, 3/8 Elemental Android, 2/8 Gotham Knight, 5/8 Malevolent Knight, 8/8 Virtuous Knight, 2/8 Punchline, 1/8 Vengeance, and 4/8 Vengeful Surgeon. That's 41/80 for the styles that weren't there at launch, which means I literally have over half of the PvP gear earned without PvPing.

    The easiest way to further monetize PvP styles is to follow what most PvP games do: skins. IE: DCUO could and should push Legends (both LPVP and LPVE), to keep people buying new Legends Characters and skins on the Marketplace. I mean, people still buy Bombshell Harley, even though Future Harley and Classic Harley have been around forever. Legends Skins would be an easy enough source of extra revenue, and it sells outside the normal nitch by having appeal to the nonPvP players through Legends PvE.