Just a reminder for people listening to testing feedback.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ringz, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I read the posts.
    I'm actually re-installing test.
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  2. RealTegan Dedicated Player

    Agreed, but the notes just don't give enough information to be certain. If I go solely by the release notes, I'm going to be slightly to severely dismayed. We need to play it a little and give feedback to try to make sure that dismay doesn't make it to the live server.
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  3. light FX Steadfast Player

    Isnt this obvious tho? I posted some feedback in there but its based off what is on test right now. And i spent some time testing but clearly need to do a lot more. Its so early in the process idk how anyone could think anything is definitive.

    Im not directing any of what im saying at u. Like your thread is dumb or anything like that. We are going on day 2 of it being on test. Anything anyone posted in the test section is initial thoughts at best. Its a starting point and i agree people should go test things themselves. But when posting feedback at least know what u are talking about. Anyone who thought things said on the 1st day will be the end product is seriously overreacting and doesnt seem to grasp the concept of testing.

    Its extremely early and we all need to have some patience and see how things turn out. But continue to test and give feedback as changes happen. The end product is what we should all care about. Knee jerk reactions on day 1 is just silly and doesnt help or accomplish anything.
  4. Soul ReaperX Well-Known Player

    I'll be on once my install is complete here in a few. I'll give the scoop the best of my ability
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  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    I know this entire update is make or break time for me. As well as some long time players in my league. I hope it all goes well and ends up being a very good thing. Im skeptical because of past history but also realize its a very big update and there is a process. The final build is all that really matters to me and it will help me make my decision to stay or move on. I can live with some smaller things being changed that i dont like or agree with. Because not everyone will like every single change.

    The core game and how it all functions is where my attention is at. I tried dcuo cause i was a comic guy when i was younger. Stayed playing dcuo for the cool iconic stuff in the game but mainly the combat and how fast/fluid it is/was. If the combat gets slowed down considerably then im moving on. I can live with it being slowed a tiny bit tho.
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  6. Dethstryke Well-Known Player

    100% this. I've been playing off and on since launch. I'm a minority in that I enjoy the game in its current state. The fast paced combat and relatively low learning curve for powers and roles keeps the game fresh for me. I've had a sub for the last two years and was planning to buy this years sub in January. I think I'll hold off on that for now though. All this talk of slower combat and super long cool downs makes me think I might be done. I hope not, and I'll definitely wait and see. But if the "finished" product is anything like what I've seen described so far, they can keep their game and I'll keep my $$$.
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  7. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Just reading the philosophy post and the three feedback threads for the powers fills me with dread for what is to come. All I see on the horizon is total homogenization of the powersets where they will all play the same but look a little different. I see change for the sake of change. I see a team that cannot figure out how to balance things unless everything is exactly the same.

    What I haven't seen yet is any reason to come back and play.
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  8. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    If you'll be on test, test all 3 powers. Compare them to each other, not anything on live.
  9. light FX Steadfast Player

    I agree but im trying to stay positive and give them the chance. Its only the start of day 2. But again i agree with ya. Knew this was coming. And the changes on test right now slow everything down. Its been stated so many times by so many players that a big reason they play dcuo is the fast combat. Because no other MMO game out there has a fast combat system like this one. So after seeing those comments over and over for years the decision is to slow everything down considerably? Ugh. If they are intent on sticking with that direction im afraid things arent going to be pretty.
  10. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Yes, it is because you are someone that thinks with your head. Sadly others don't. I completely get what you are saying though, to the obvious people will understand your POV. But there are people in this community who let important information fly thru one ear and out the other, then next thing we know we have forums post title "The Game Is done, They're making Ice/Elec/Mental Worse again" etc.

    But for instance, If i explain to people on live about how elec electroburst has a longer cooldown and isn't a dot ability. Even if I told them its not final, people are STILL gonna think thats the final change to electric, then spread misinformation to others on live who doesn't want or isn't fortunate to get on test server to see for themselves. My post was clearly for those people I am talking about and thankfully ur not one of them. My first few hours on test, there were STILL people asking "What happen to my character" as if they never read the announcement mepps made.

    SO because others barely read the testing tab and read Mepps read first, read second post that explains things. This pose was just a simple and very blunt toward people that aren't testing that If "They hear anything about their power, DO KNOW that it is very early in the build and will not be on live". Watch some people will still react as if the changes are going to live -_-.
  11. Ringz Dedicated Player

    My post wasn't gear toward discouraging people to provide feedback from the information they hear or done on test. It was simply for those who are; trigger finger happy to hear changes on test from others, then quickly make a post ranting why is ice getting longer cooldowns then mention about the good ol days etc". Believe it or not, there are people who don't think on the forums.
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