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  1. White Night New Player

    Can any one help me please,I am playing this game for over a year now but i joined the forums today.I didnt play it much because of my study. i had a level 24 toon Mental/flight/brawling,1 handed and a bow.the proplem is i feel that this toon is Very bad.I thought i made a mistake,So i made another accounts and alot of toons .And i found that i prefer Gadgets/Acro/Martial arts.He is now level 13.May any one just tell me what gear to wear and what weapons.And also some tips on leveling Fast because i want to reach 30 before my holiday ends.
    (note:if you suggest me a better build just tell me,And please tips on surviving in alerst and in pvp)
  2. x2TMx New Player

    Welcome to the forums. Is your Gadgets a Villain or a Hero? I ask because I have a level 12 Mental Troll I am working on if you want to run content together and I can help you however I can. I am on the villain side. As for what you have I love Gadgets/Acro/Dual Pistols (as a controller) but you can use whatever you like. If your leveling him up and it feels boring and you not having fun with it then its probably a good idea to remake a character while your still low level. Gadgets is real great though.
  3. Luthia1281 New Player

    "Been playing for over a year..." " Im lvl 13, lvl 24..."

    Stopped reading Right there. How can you have been playing for over a year and not reached lvl 30 by now lol
  4. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    "i prefer Gadgets/Acro/Martial arts."

    I've been these 3 since my first day
    beautiful if you know what to do, and how to make them flow with each other
    practice practice practice
  5. Covalence New Player

    You should have stopped reading after reading the following sentence. "I didn't play it much because of my study."
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  6. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    When it comes to leveling just do anything that gives xp, missions, explore, finishing briefings/investigations, etc.

    As for gear, pre 30 doesn't matter you will get what you need from mission drops. After 30 you're on the tier system (T0-T5) and for T0-T2 its just a matter of what style you like.

    There are a lot of people who can give you info on builds but in the end you need to find what works best for you. As for your disappointment with you're mental guy you should try out other weapons and play around with your power trees, you have a perfect opportunity right now with GU28 going live today since the skill trees will be reset.

    Welcome to the forums, good luck.
  7. White Night New Player

    thanks all for your replies,And if you have other tips just let me know,And 2Tm sorry i am villian but on uspc..