Jump canceling with flurry shot needs to go Devs

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by gemii, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    buff mental.
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  2. Legasei Well-Known Player

    Sooooo true! Might dps have the luxury of specing into two important stats at the same time. I remember when might and power used to be separated.
    If it were still like that, then might builds would require more skill points than prec builds to be sustainable. Whichever build requires more skill points should net the best results for the player. That’s how I feel about all games.
  3. gemii Dedicated Player

    In the survival mode thread I’ve stated I’m against SM coming back because it will just be a repeat of the last survival mode and I also said natureS roar cheese will add into the fuel

    I’ve also made a thread as OP stating natures roar cheese and flurry shot continue to ruin the balance of the game. I think it was called the 3 headed beast.

    My league is prec based so I can’t harvest for them so they can roar spam if that’s what your implying

    My dps arts on my main are like 140”s I heal and tank On my main im just not blind to the dps side of the game It’s to repetitive. It’s like playing 2k and everyone has on the same jump shot.

    The game right now reminds me of pre vamp this is the new generation of arctic gust spammers in a new identity lol
  4. Legasei Well-Known Player

    I’m sorry. Well now I know.
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  5. gemii Dedicated Player

    The game succeed in bringing a little more diversity to NORMAL mode pve that’s a common thing most casuals play there

    But elite is comical. Nobody can sit here with a straight face and tell me nature and dual wield dominating the content doesn’t call for an adjustment.

    Guys even come on here and post themselves beating the content what’s suppose to be “elite” content in 10 minutes using these same exact powers / weapon I’m talking about. But everything’s good? Lol nah

    Yeah you can say it’s the skill of the player but is it really when it’s right in your pupils HOW these things get completed

    CTE 10 mins With roar spams and gadgets/rage flurry shots, 5 man DME with tanks doing flurry shot

    Let’s be serious. Y’all so addicted to it that you REFUSE to see anything fixed even though it would put the game in a more challenging dimension
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  6. not_again Dedicated Player

    Power and weapon balance passes are a thing of the past. With the introduction of artifacts and the power creep associated with them, it would be an almost impossible task. Artifacts are P2W and nerfing anything associated with that aspect of the game would/could be detrimental to the population.
  7. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Agreed, I’d rather them slightly nerf the damage rather than take away the jump clip, it’s more of an enjoyment factor to me since I prefer a fast pace gameplay
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  8. Tangent Line Level 30

    You know what? Let's just nerf everything this guy is complaining about.

    Let's nerf the EoG spam
    Abuse of EoG in Healer role
    Berserker / Circuit breaker spam
    Doom Spin
    Flurry shot
    Artifacts (in general)
    Phase Dodge

    Wait let's just nerf everything and take the enjoyment out of the entire game.

    Have you ever heard of metas? There is a reason Prec/ nature dominates in elite content. Rather than complaining about how "OP" some things are which I do agree on, how about coming up with solutions.

    As someone stated good luck trying to get a balance as of now in the games current state. Artifacts are everything and I have seen "underwhelming" powers perform just as well if not right behind precision with the CORRECT artifacts/ loadout / rotation.
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  9. Rad Rita New Player

    I honestly don't like players like you.

    You get in your feel feels that you're being out performed by other players so you want to Nerf and take away whatever it was that beat you. Stop complaining and trying to take the fun out of how other people choose to play their game.

    It's not a competition or a "Let's have the most complex and challenging game ever", We're all a team anyway so just have fun and let people do their own thing, stop requesting these unnecessary Nerfs which ruin people's fun.
    Unless it's an over the top 1-shot exploit or a speed hack.
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  10. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Agreed, I said something similar myself
  11. BeastGamingSkill Level 30

    No matter how much they nerf things there's always going to be something that will always be TOP Damage and player changing to that weapon/power. People need to stop crying and being scoreboard chasers and just choose a power/weapon you enjoy playing and have fun.
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  12. BeastGamingSkill Level 30

    It's mainly scoreboard chasers. They get hurt when they get out DPS by someone else and then they see what power/weapon they were using and then come here and ask to get that nerf.
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  13. gemii Dedicated Player

    1- that’s fine I’m not here to make bestfriends lol

    2- what are you even talking about what does numbers have to do with anything? did you Not read the post? It’s about improving the difficulty of elite. That starts by stripping jump cancel from the most abused weapon combo in elite content it dumbs the game down to the point where elite Is a cake walk. That’s not exactly “fun” heck maybe it is to some players. But something can be fun / hard at the same time and that’s what I thought elite was all about

    Why do you think Survival mode was littered with flurry shot Users ? It’s obviously a significant advantage point over everything else in the game.

    They nerfed everything about It except the bread and butter (the jump cancel) and until that happens elite Content will continue to be a joke and overshadowed by the same tactics players use to pass what’s suppose to be considered hard content every single DLC
  14. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I've never cared for being the top dps. as long as I'm pulling my weight, I'm good. & I know my powers enough now to tell whether I'm pulling my weight or not without having to look at the scoreboard. some people, though. yeah, they gotta be beast.
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  15. gemii Dedicated Player

    I actually hope there is another SM in the future now. I guess last SM wasn’t A big enough Example. Maybe next SM what I’m trying to get across makes more sense On how abusive Jump canceling flurry shot is and how badly it affects elite. Nature heals harvesting dots while the rest of the dps roar might be even worst. But carry on everything is fine as y’all say

    I can’t wait to dig the thread back up from the grave if the time ever comes.
  16. Robot Savage Level 30

    This is stupid flurry shot aint going anywhere and it shouldnt' devs would be upsetting a huge chunk of dpses that maxed out 3 prec arts and for them to remove flurry shot cancelling would be a huge blow. It makes no sense why you are complaining over flurry shot cancelling when there are plenty other cancelling powers in the game?
    I use it for the sole purpose of being able to cancel and go a fast pick up
  17. Chaos Evolution Devoted Player

    getting rid of the jump cancel is a horrible idea I don't know why you would want less damage and less mobility isn't the game hard enough as it is at times? what's with the nerf something logic to make things fair? why not buff something else to make things fair instead? I mean seriously people want nerfs? how about buffs? wouldn't you rather give something a buff? stop making this game unplayable
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  18. DamageControlPS Active Player

    It’s always you, always complaining, always trying to get things nerfez I never seen you say “let’s fix this by doing this guys”. You’re the reason this game gets no where in the end because all you want to see is nerfs without representing any kind of perspective from the other side. For example prec gets nerfed for balance. Well done all of the dps now will be nature and munitions two top powers. Mostly nature due to the fact how broken it actually is with an actual cheese. But no let’s nerf the players who perfected flurry shot and invested money into this game to become better players because you don’t like how much damage it does. Going back to the point now everyone is nature because well all the dps still want to be competitive and for example an ice tank who likes to dps now does some garbage damage says f this I’ll just go nature and dps. Before you know it people are forced to switch powers to ones that are the most “balanced” powers and we lose tanks or trollers etc. You can’t take away a flurry shot because for the unbalance you say it creates it literally allows players to be any POWER they want and still be able to choose to dps or troll or heal or tank because prec allows them that balance. That is balance not being forced to be one of the 3 best powers in the game. Don’t talk to me about balance until all the powers are in line. Once they are maybe reopen this discussion. At the moment I can buy a power token switch any power and know damn well I can play with this power and experience both roles on it.
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  19. DamageControlPS Active Player

    If SM comes out it will be the same thing except all the prec dps will be Nature Gorilla form which does the same and or even greater parsers. Literally the same thing except limited to one power. Well done we now have balance.
  20. gemii Dedicated Player

    Lmao players Would quit if jump cancel we’re to get removed from a broken Combo? Yikes.

    Arctic gust Spam from pre revamp vibes all over again.

    If your insecure with playing the game other ways and need jump cancel on flurry shot to thrive through content who am I to rid you of your joy sorry guys.