John Stewart baseball bat

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    The baseball music , why?

    I mean simply , why?

    Who decided to put it in there?

    What makes the music happen?

    Is it the lantern ring , does that create the noise?


    Does anybody actually like the baseball theme playing when they attack or get attacked?

    Is it from a comic i havent read?

    DC comics apparently didnt want green auras in the game as it affected DC lore but they signed off on ths? o_O
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  2. ChibiMechaX78 New Player

    Idk but can tell you one thing that if my HL bat did that i would prolly be using it more often.
    Plus to tell you the truth I dont see how it would be a problem.
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  3. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    It is quite annoying. I guess it´s supposed to add a touch of humor or "American pride" to the bat. It just gets on my nerves.
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  4. SlipAncDC Active Player


    Not to seem pompous in any way, but you have to realize that this is still just the game, some of the things in DCUO ( more than we all like to admit ) have little to no relation with the actual comics etc.

    Take into account the story line, it's basically random line of events, where as some do contribute to a story.

    My take on the whole baseball music is just to add a little uniqueness? Who knows, it's just supposed to seem "cool" in the developers' eyes and well, this is what we received.
    Pretty much like how rage has those crazy good roars for some moves, which I quite like. TBH it boils down to the user's preferences.

    I for one have no issues with the weird sounds they tend to use, because at times they can be pretty decent, unnecessary/out of place at times, yes, but it doesn't negatively affect you or I so there should be no issue.
  5. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    it does when people spam the bat and the sound keeps looping over and over and over again lol

    but i get your point of view

    different strokes for different folks ^^
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  6. Hero of Justice New Player

    I like the bat and its music, but I'm also a fan of John Stewart. Otherwise I can see why it would drive people crazy, since it can be used so often and there are enough JS's out there for you to hear it a lot. If Amon Sur's light claws had some sort of sound effect I bet it would get on my nerves pretty fast.
  7. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    Amon's claws do have a sound. Its a sword being unsheathed just like normal claws, but it's just not as pronounced as "DUN DUN DUN DUN DUNUNAHNAH-NAH-NAH!!"
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  8. Hero of Justice New Player

    I had forgotten about that. You're right, it's definitely less loud and prominent than Stewarts bat, probably because it seems like the bat hijacks and overrides your sound system every time it's used :)
  9. Zeo Committed Player

    I like of the music, but it only plays to me when another person uses the baseball bat, when I use nothing plays.
  10. TheLoneLantern New Player

    Would have been better if the lunge did a wind up sound, and the second hit did this sound, with the later hits being a less intense version of it.
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  11. Delta795 New Player

    I love it when the baseball music queues up when swinging it. I always wanted to have the crack of the bat sound go off when hitting the baseballs using entrap on my HL toons.
  12. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    How the OP feels about JS is how I feel about Rage now. Don't hate the power but gawd those roars get annoying quick
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  13. Celestial Demon Dedicated Player

    noise that irks me: the incessant sound of *generic falling nuclear bomb* from the strafe spamming hals...i swear that needs to be a supercharge or have a longer cooldown..
  14. ToneMD New Player

    Something like that belongs on an SC. The way the bat is used, the sounder just happens too often.