I've been scammed

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    Uh, trades are all on the player. It's the fault of the players that they get scammed. That's been their policy for a good 2 to 3 years now. Why do you think GMs are now told not to do anything about scamming requests lol? Devs introduced the ability to reset others because, one, it was actually a heavy request by a lot of players at the time, and two, it would bring a new trade market to the game. Those were probably the 2 biggest reasons they gave for implementing the feature. The whole potential for scamming wasn't even a concern because of the policy that scams are player dependent, and they are basically told not to worry about potential scams.

    I'm actually amused you actually think they really care about the potential of players getting scammed or not lol. They haven't cared about players getting scammed in trades for years. Where have you been? That just hasn't been an actual concern of their's since at least 2014. If you get scammed, you're screwed and on your own. That's been their policy for 3 to 4 years. I can assure you that they don't even consider scam potential with their decisions for that very reason. Do I agree with it? No. Was it like that in 2012? No. But that's what it is now, and we have to accept it. Or, rather, you guys who decide to continue to play have to. I'll be dropping my sub for other reasons soon and officially retiring from the top tier rat race.
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    while what phantom says is true and I'll add in one more reason at this point it is best to just accept defeat and be a whole lot more careful in the future. Yes you CAN name shame him here if you are willing to endure a temporary ban from the forums but think about it.... How many alts does this guy own? So you risk a ban from the forums and a few people become aware of ONE name the guy uses as he travels about trying to rip people off. he could still have a dozen more alts and do the exact same thing to anyone reading this.

    In game? Yeah I have seen the posts in shout where some one will spend 10 minutes just repeatedly shouting "(insert name here) is a scammer don't trust anything he tells you" And frankly Phantom is correct After the first couple times you just sound like some 12 year old having a hissy fit because some one told you NO.

    Best thing to do is learn from your mistake so it never happens again and just move on. Nothing is going to fix what happened and anything else you do will just get you banned or make you look bad on line.
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    They even added the feature to trades where if the "traded items" were changed at any point in the transaction it would alert you before you hit the accept button.

    Players still hit the accept button to quickly.
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    I want to point out that it's actually against these forum TOS to call someone a scammer, at least in one of the public threads. Blacklisting is still a big no no here. Best thing is to report it in a private message to a GM or dev or something and see what they do about it if they do anything at all.
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    You made a trade for an item that has no tangibility and you let him do it twice to you? FAAAAIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry bud i have no sympathy for you if you let yourself get burned twice by THE SAME GUY.

    also you cannot get him banned because you made an intangible trade and those are not supported by the terms of service.

    so you're SOL bud.
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    For those who keep using the T.O.S. as a way to shame the OP,

    Allowed but not supported.

    If you feel the need to throw shade on someone just to make you feel better, you're part of the problem.
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    By the title of the topic alone I thought OP opened a time capsule.
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    harsh lesson to learn.

    unless its someone i know i wont initiate a trade with anybody. last time i did was in the t4 days over trading plans (which were rare and harder to come by back then) and it left me creeped out. There isn't anything you cant get on your own in game.
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    T4 plans are evil. I've been hunting one in particular on-and-off for a few months, lol.

    Trades with random people aren't bad so long as they don't involve replays. I tend to sell replays only to people I know anymore, but I have never been scammed in the past. Just a matter of luck.
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    This is sad. The fact he vanished the first time should have been a big red flag.
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    Maybe the devs can add a trinket that opens a trade window allowing to trade ingame money and replay badges instead of ingame money and items with any of the next TC batches???
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    That's true too.
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    Not that I am even remotely questioning the fact that the OP basically did something that was pretty foolish but I'm sort of curious where you get the idea HE did anything that violates the TOS Rock?

    The devs set it up so anyone with replay badges can reset any mission for any other player. Now let's think about all the other things players are selling ion game:

    1. We have tanks actually advertising their services when the 6-1-1 crowd runs into a brand new raid that requires them to FIND a tank or they can't complete it.

    2. We have almost always had players with a huge pile of the newest recipes selling their services as crafters.. either for cash or for Exobytes so they can spend less time farming exobits.

    3. Head to the Broker.. What can't you find for sale there unless it is specifically coded No Trade No Sale?

    Come on does anyone really think DBG cares if a player spends a fortune on Replay badges and then turns around and uses them to rest raids for other players for Cash? Cash they will then turn around and spend on the marketplace for other stuff someone else probably shelled out a ton of REAL MONEY on buying Time Capsules and got something they already had or didn't really want.

    I actually think there are some players out there that spend more time playing the market and farming for anything valuable they can turn around and sell than they do actually PLAYING the game and I saw the exact same thing when I played City of Heroes and Guild Wars. SO maybe its time some gaming company just flat out produces a new game called Wall Street where no one actually engages in combat we all just stand around in suits and try to see how bad we can screw each other and make the most money. Oh wait we already have a game like that.. MONOPOLY LOL