I've been scammed

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  1. lukelucky Devoted Player

    How sad do you need to be to scam someone for a few dollars? Lol probably steal the pennies out of give a penny take a penny at the stores.
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  2. spack2k Steadfast Player

    He made u reset his desired content telling u to wait 30min, he run the content and came back telling you , you forgot to reset that content and he made u reset the same content again and of course u were waiting another 30min, well seems legit.
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  3. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    This game doesn't support these kinds of trades so If you trust random people that's your problem.
    Everyday people cry on Tash chat, sorry - Trade chat channel about scammers but so what? Would you believe them?
    Everyday I meet jerks who ask me to purchase them something on the broker for e.g.10 M telling me they can trade me Phoenix Material for that Item. The thing is, I'm sure they put that item on the broker in the first place and then they search for a fool.
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  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    PC or PS?

    And send me a Private Message letting me know his name. You can do it privately and not get in trouble. You can also shout it in the Watchtower or Trade in game if it makes you feel better as that isn't against any rules.

    It is just the forums where it is limited.

    But send me a Private Message and let me know. I buy resets and some of my League Mates do. Just in case this guy ever decides to sell I will know to stay away from him.
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  5. Hraesvelg Always Right

    So, what's your in game name? I've got a GREAT opportunity for you...
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  6. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    Considering what you're doing is against TOS in the first place, I'd say no. This would be like you going to buy drugs and the dealer took you money and ran and you going to the police(FYI, this has actually happened more than once).
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  7. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Yeah i fell for that trick once...like last week...we never had stuff like that when it was villain uspc since it was a close knit community and everyone knew everyone. But for me it worth the ten mill to learn from it and know yet another way these certain shady players scam ppl. Lol the same person tried me again on their alt and I screwed around with them the next time and that was really worth it XD
  8. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

  9. gemii Dedicated Player

    Trust no one except me
  10. 12AngelOfLife21 Loyal Player

    Actually, selling resets isn't against the TOS. When they first brought the feature online, one of the points the devs actually used to sell the function was that it would bring a new trade market to the game lol. They fully expected people to sell resets as part of the function.

    Certain other sales are against the TOS but selling resets ain't one of them.
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  11. Ash Inferno Well-Known Player

    Man calls you a horse once, you call him a jerk.
    Man calls you a horse twice, punch him in the nose.
    Man calls you a horse three times, well time to go shopping for a saddle.
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  12. Tsigalko Well-Known Player

    we can say reset trading, in a way, is some kind of RMT, coz u basically buy something (replay badges) with real money and trade it with in-game currency/items. many MMO ban RMT to protect their players, coz they are very prone to scams, esp in a system where u can't do the trade in the same time, like in resets trading where whichever side do the trade first will be vulnerable to scams.

    if DCUO doesn't forbid RMT, or if they did but doesn't think reset trading is a form of RMT, that just mean the players themselves have to be very careful. and if u got scammed, it is 100% on you, just move on, learn from it and be more careful next time. don't even try to blacklist someone (without evidence) coz he can easily say otherwise and say u are the one scamming him. so just move on..
  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    I will gladly pay u tuesday for a reset today :p
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  14. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    I hate that blacklisting policy, it's like protecting a criminal.
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  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    It also protects the innocent that can be hurt by malicious people doing it just because they want to. My league was subject to that kind of harrasment, thanfully, that policy was in place.

    If you have a problem with someone, you should submit a ticket.
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  16. Ankh_Legacy Devoted Player

    Now I'm sorry you got scammed but the blacklist/shaming rule is in place because there is no way to prove what you are saying is true, so it prevents people from falsely being accused.

    Sure this may seem like its protecting the guilty but we all know how people act online.
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  17. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I find it hard to believe that leaving something wide open for scamming is endorsed by the devs.
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  18. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's basically "We're not banning the practice, but you're on your own if you get screwed." Caveat Emptor.
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  19. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    yes next time record the transaction and upload it to youtube is what I do and in description ask all who view it to report him.
  20. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I was all for the ability to reset someone when the devs first announced it but have come to hate it. You have the same people day in and day out shouting for resets. Going as far as to beg. Then at least once a week I get in a group and as soon as we get 8 someone says "hold up I'm gonna buy a reset". Then proceeds to take 15 minutes setting it up. Drops group. Takes another 10 minutes for the transaction all in the time it could take to run the actual raid.