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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dragon Power, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    Write down the little things you notice in DCUO that are weird, out of place, or just get on your nerves. o_O
    I'll go first and will be updating this when I find or think of more.

    1. Why is the moon in Gotham GIANT sized? It looks like it's on the scale of if Jupiter was close to the Earth or about to crash down on me. :confused::eek: Can you please scale down the JPEG size one of these mornings during server maintenance, thanks. ;)

    2. I really dislike how people make Stabilizer Fragmentation a competitive G-Fueled/Gamer Grip sweat fest.
    Max DPS rotation, pets, finishers, orbital strikes and supply drops all over the place I'm getting a headache just being here. I didn't know I was in a tournament to get a damn stabilizer. :rolleyes: Calm down, it's not that serious bruh, they are weak enemies already, just kill the stuff and leave. Made this one villain upset :mad: the other day just because I was bored and decided to just spam my triangle button for the light ranged weapon attack the whole time instead of using my superpowers/weapon rotation. Sheesh...:rolleyes:

    3. Why does my big and tall character have Orangutan arms and midget legs? He's supposed to be big and mean Bane inspired character but every time I look at him I feel sad :oops: like Rob Liefeld drew his concept artwork. :(
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  2. Brit Loyal Player

    My "it's the little things" are just a handful of small nuances.

    The size of knives. In the game, there are these Joker goons, I believe they are called "Cut-Ups". They use a switchblade style knife. It's really simple. It would never stand out. It just looks like a normal, every day knife.

    In contrast, the players have weapon styles for "Dagger", "Kris", "Curved Knife" and several others. Literally every single PC style for a knife is a minimum of 4 feet long. These are not knives; these are swords. If a player wants to use an actual knife... well, they can't. Because even the smallest size of player is using a knife 3-4x larger than what the NPCs use. PC knives look borderline large enough that they could be two-handers. It annoys me that we cannot use a knife that is the size of a knife. Especially when the model for one already exists in game.

    The anti-beard agenda. All these cool new hairstyles get introduced. All these cool new hairstyles no longer have beard option equivalents for the male characters. Every male has to look like a baby-faced teenager if they want to use any of the cool hairstyles made outside of the at-launch set.

    The lack of a normal mustache. There are two mustaches in the game. One is the Fu Man Chu, like an old ninja master. The other is a twirly villain mustache, like a little kid's halloween costume of a cowboy. Then there is this dude in the game that some people have heard of named Commissioner Gordon. He has a normal mustache. It's hair on his upper lip, and that's it. No huge twirls at the ends. No long fu man chu. Just a normal mustache like what a real person would do. Why do we get too really eccentric and specific options, but not the normal default. That's like having mohawks and half-shaved heads, but no basic buzzcut.
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  3. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    I use my orbital and pets just to finish stabilizer as fast as possible. I couldn't care less about how much damage I'm doing.
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  4. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    When you do Stabilizer Run on one character, then of course you can do it slowly ... but when you do Stabilizer Run on 15 or more alts every day, then you want to finish it the sooner (you ask why do Stabilizer Run on alts? guaranteed 500-600 exp for artifacts every day for alt, during the time between two DLCs it is 50,000-60,000 exp, and this is guaranteed two artifacts at level 80 for alt during the bonnus 2 * exp week).
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  5. tukuan Loyal Player

    I don't use my dumps for stabs since usually I go into content right after but if someone wants to get it done more quickly I say more power to them.
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  6. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    I always dreamed that the brute body type would be taller like this guy really lame how its the same height as the others,[IMG]
  7. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I'll just read yalls, and refrain from posting mine as mine tends to get me nowhere
  8. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    1. The fact that some characters look new and others look old. Of course it's a work and progress and I absolutely appreciate the redesigns but sometimes when they're pit together it looks so jarring lol.

    2. In the intro of the game, how slow the Flash runs really irritates me. He should have easily been able to reach Black Adam. Also idk what he was doing before then.
  9. Reinheld Loyal Player

    What about when opening unatuned boxes....If you are tank or heal powers, the first choice is always DPS...pull down for the role set. Except if you are troll powers....then it's role first and pull down for dps gear. EXCEPT when it decides to flip it up and I pick the wrong dang piece because it was SUPPOSED TO BE TROLL GEAR.....

    Sorry, yeah, the little things.
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  10. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Why would anyone care about how your partner does damage in a stabilizer duo? LOL
  11. Reinheld Loyal Player

    It doesn't bother me, but I do find it funny. I get the get in get out thing, but unless I'm either running mine as the last thing I'm doing for the day, or running on an alt (Rej is right....that xp adds up) that is leaving immediately after, I'll keep from using drop/orbital/super to get it done 3 seconds faster.

    The opposite side too...People don't like feeling 'used' to gather someone else's loot...especially when it's such an easy task as the duo. Now...apparently some care more about NOT carrying it and will do things like taunt them, sit there till they time out, etc....(I used to do some of that) but honestly I find that worse than the carry of a lazy person. Also, and I'm guilty of this, maybe they dozed off a a raid it would not the duo it's the whole run. Either way, if it annoys me, I ignore them or finish it and say something like 'thanks for the help'. Whatever. Not worth my time to worry about it.
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  12. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Really depends on my mood. I'll usually just go through and blast everyone without even really noticing the other player or if they've moved. Some days...I'll make a point. I've kept the toon active for 45 minutes in one of those one time just to see what would happen. The other guy was like "WTF? Why didn't you do anything." That...amused me greatly.

    There was a forum denizen I ran with the other day that I didn't even read the name until we were done. I would have at least said hi, LOL.
  13. inferno Dedicated Player

    I dunno. I see a big, caped Gorilla coming at me and I just instinctively mash all my buttons; Releasing Holy Hell on said Gorilla.
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  14. Fwames Well-Known Player

    For stabs. I've ran stabs for more than a few years now and the main thing you wanna do there is to get the hell out. In that case almost everyone is gonna throw everything but the kitchen sink so that they can immediately get away from the ****** that complains in the forum about menial stuff
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  15. Reinheld Loyal Player

    The only one I'll still do is on the flash museum map. I'll wait for up to 1 min to see if they move. If they do not I go get the adds and bring them to him to see if they move. If they don't ...they die pretty quick. Then I do an evil laugh or something and go finish. It's more for my entertainment than anything else, so worth the delay to give myself a chuckle. The rest of the maps I'm on the boss before I notice they are not moving most times.

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