Items inside the Promethium Lockboxes will be TRADEABLE with the next Game Update

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by aceCase, May 10, 2013.

  1. Ryder Active Member

    ok scratch the new rings/necks from the boxes, they'll be added to the t5 content but youll get some (hopefully) awesome base items in the boxes, so theres that
  2. Dynamo Active Member

    oh god.. i hope they never put base furniture in the lockbox. never ever.
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  3. Oldtimer New Member

    Please make the vault items tradable. My alts (level 6' cr 1's) have the feats for the blue drops and my 2 main characters (lvl 30 cr 89's) do not, something seems fishy!

    Why do we keep receiving the same worthless styles? Can you swap the worthless items out and place some other items in there?
  4. Zylo Well-Known Member

    ^^ YES, PLEASE!!! am afraid to run the vault and risk one of my alts getting the last style that my main been looking for for months now.
  5. Hendrix Active Member

    This is an obvious ad hominem attack to dodge the issue that the programmers have never correctly fixed either 1) the tiered power regeneration problem (vitalization registration glitch) or 2) the cutscenes-cancel-PoT problem. The problems described are valid. Insulting the person who described the problems does not magically make the problems invalid.

    You are asserting that the bad programming that makes it difficult to rally a player is more important than the bad programming that prevents tiered power regen or cancels power over time. I will counter that the frequency of your problem is trivial. In comparison, the problems of PoT canceling and tiered power regen not working are continuous and affect every instance. The frequency of the power problems makes them more valid issues than your trivial problem.
  6. oasenhoheit Well-Known Member

    Please don't put even MORE things into the vault, if the drop-rates are not adjusted!
    The loot-table is allready too big and the drops too random.

    I'd be ok with that, if the items still stay tradable and if they will drop additonal to the usual loot, but not instead!
  7. randomkeyhits Well-Known Member

    I wish they were more random!

    3 sharpshooters gloves in one run and another set the next day. Its the only sharpshooters piece the toon has :confused:
  8. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    Well, I believe that rallying someone is at a higher importance level than the tier pot and pot canceling... I troll a lot and I don't have an issue wit that at all... I'll just throw another pot when the video was done... However it was nice to throw pot right before the cutscenes and have everyone at full bar prior to the next fight... Ur issues doesn't stop an instance from continuing... My issue creates full wipes at bosses...

    Example... T5 ops... Fighting batman... Cat women shows up in cutscenes, pot is canceled... Ops continues..... Fighting batman and catwoman... Healer dies, and slides out of map.... We wipe.... What's a bigger issue here? Which caused a bigger game impact...
  9. Brit Well-Known Member

    Sweet. Now I can spend my millions of dollars of in-game currency on a rare style, instead of having my Legendary Perk basically amount to "all you can drink."
  10. Orca Active Member

    I hope noble warrior and cybernetics are some if the next pvp sets.
    If they get moved to the vault I'll never see them.
    I so sick of getting checkmate hands in the vault I collected months ago.
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  11. uXix Well-Known Member

    Add Hive Defender and Avatar Infiltrator styles to lockboxes then..
  12. Bishop Well-Known Member

    They really really need to revise the Vault with the enormous loot table it will have with this change, and the PvP styles. I'd hate to see next year's Vault if it continues like this.

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  13. aceCase Well-Known Member

    The easy answer would be to create a premium/legendary vault separate from the current one.

    Either, way...the lockbox items being tradeable is a welcome change imo.
  14. the solowing Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ entitlement QQ


    much thank soe +1 reason to feeling comfortable enough to work up to subscription
  15. the solowing Well-Known Member

    honestly it doesnt, i get a ton of lockboxes but i cant do anything with them, and honestly this is a short-term mmo due to replay badges shortening to grind from monthes to weeks and if your ballin, days
  16. Redscreen5 Well-Known Member

    Finally I've been getting constant trash colas, but the economy ruiners will be selling at ridiculous prices lol
  17. Lamar Active Member

    lol you'll still never finish the styles
  18. Mad9 Well-Known Member

    Am I hearing it right? You worked hard for the lockboxes, wow!!
    You are not happy with the DLC and you don't want others to progress. What do you really want?
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  19. Mad9 Well-Known Member

    Excellent news, bro!!
  20. Lamar Active Member

    How is this good news, the drop rates of anything good are horrible.

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