Items inside the Promethium Lockboxes will be TRADEABLE with the next Game Update

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by aceCase, May 10, 2013.

  1. aceCase Well-Known Member

    They just said on FNL that they are updating promethium lockboxes in the next GU. Current rings/necks will be moved to the vault and here's the big thing if I heard it right.....items in the lockbox will be TRADEABLE :eek:

    Hopefully I didn't hear wrong, because that would be AMAZING.
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  2. Itazuki Well-Known Member

    That's what Jesse and Larry said. Sounds like great news! Actually really stoked for that, also with Arranged Matchmaking coming with GU26... It seems like GU25 has some competition in epicness!
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  3. Doc Holliday Well-Known Member

    Damn bak to back epic GU with the best DLC thrown in the middle.

    All I can say is outstanding job Devs, and his should mean a lot coming from one of your biggest haters on the old forums.

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  4. crownclownking Well-Known Member

    How will that work? Like will you get the rings and necks that you get from the boxes the lvl 78 ones with the affinities. Example i have a troll neck that says every hit you get will restore power to you and in controller role your group will get power. Would i get one like that in the vault. I though the vault was just for styles . Devs comment more on this if you can
  5. Solutha Well-Known Member

    So whats the point in being legendary or buying keys now? I'm not 100% against this but now you can just get a league mate to give you or trade for some of the best gear in the game. This was one of the biggest perks for being legendary so it does rub me the wrong way.
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  6. Dead_Corps Active Member

    I just want them Noble Warrior and Cybernetic styles plz I have enough colas, ring and necks to last 100 toons. well ok maybe 50 toons
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  7. Itazuki Well-Known Member

    Yea they didn't go into specifics. They just said that the current lockbox Necks and Rings will be moved to the Vault. They will be adding new things to the lockboxes, and the lockbox items will be tradeable. They said they are doing this " that you never feel like you got a bad drop, if you get another role item you can trade it with someone else."

    Hopefully they put more feedback on it soon!
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  8. Snow Active Member

    I want Noble Warrior in the vault!
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  9. SilentSparrow New Member

    Im guessing only legendary players will be able trade with each other as well as receive them as a drop from the vault, kinda like how only legendary and people that have bought Last Laugh get the checkmate style from the vault.
  10. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    You don't have to be legendary to own lockbox gear though...
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  11. JayJay2515 Well-Known Member

    Cybernetic chest will cost a arm and a leg
  12. Circe Well-Known Member

    Wow, so now the Noble Warrior style that I farmed for months for will lose its rarity? Nice going, what was the point in working so hard getting lockboxes to EARN that style?

    Now people have the easy way out. That's just not right for us Legendary folks.
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  13. Dead_Corps Active Member

    I have the cyber head and hands in my bank. Will sell for billions of dollars. : pinky to mouth while laughing like a crazed man:
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  14. Doctor Nova Well-Known Member

    only tradeable items will be items that have been collected already and are not in the new T5 range of items that are sitting in the bank of an alt???
    or all items from lockboxes past and in the future?
    did they make that distinction?
    (I have items from lockboxes in alt banks that i originally intended for an alt to use, but I will not be using an alt for anything other than inventory & bank slots)
  15. MattMinus Well-Known Member

    How did you "work hard" getting boxes that drop based on time irrespective of your efforts?
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  16. General Zod Well-Known Member

    You don't even need to work hard to get a lockbox, nor do you farm it.
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  17. Dead_Corps Active Member

    I think she left her game playing while gluing a move button down
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  18. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

    It won't be less rare. It will be tradeable.
  19. Itazuki Well-Known Member

    Lol what? Lockboxes come for just playing the game, nothing earned about them....Not only that, the lockboxes are luck based.

    So you getting a lucky drop, from a lockbox that is given to you every 6 hours regardless of what you were doing constitutes as "farming" and "working hard"?
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  20. Doctor Nova Well-Known Member

  21. SilentSparrow New Member

    True...I guess the perk is we still get unlimited keys to them...other than that not much of a perk

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