Issues with Quantum....

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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I can't seem to get it going...... Consistently. 204 170 so 15904 might Superpower. I'm really struggling in content and I'm not sure why. For instance I just got dps'd by a guy at 199 163 with 13k might (Electric) which isn't abnormal. I go into the dojo and hit a 14k avg on 3 and 8 dummies then go struggle in raids and alerts. Here are the loadouts I've been flipping between

    LO1 TB/AL/Sing/IPx 2/DW
    LO2 TB/TS/Sing/IPx2/DW

    And yes I know there are other ways to skin this cat but these are the setups I've gotten the best #'s with in the dojo. Any help will be appreciated.