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  1. Oddpodd Dedicated Player

    Hey everyone!

    Jupiter here from the DCUO Switch Discord Server just bringing up a topic that seems to be very prevalent with the new port of DCUO on the Switch. Truthfully, the game has been great so far in terms of game play. It plays just like any of the console, and generally feels the same as well. However, the past week has been a rollercoaster, and I would like to address some critical points that I hope the Devs might chime in to give the Switch playerbase some answers.

    First off, the disconnects. It was not bad, especially leveling up in the open-world, considering that it's a new server and there can be a ton of players in one specific area. However, as we get into the instances, separate from open-world, the disconnnects still continue. I understand that the issue has been brought up, and the question of: where does the disconnect happen? has been asked. The answer? Everywhere. From instances (duos, raids, and alerts), to open-world, and even content specific instances like Gotham Under Siege, or Doomed Metropolis. As a player of this specific server/port, it would be great to know if the issue is being looked at as a whole, and not through specific "places", because the disconnects/crashes happen everywhere.

    Secondly, is there an ETA for Oan Sciencells? Because, truthfully, I want to get my Guy Gardner chest :p

    Lastly, and this is probably the most controversial, is the topic of Source Marks being on the Cash Shop. Yes, I do understand that the Source Marks being on the Cash Shop might be advantageous for the other servers (PC/PS/XBOX), whose playerbase have been acquainted with the game. Source Marks in the Cash Shop might be good for players just not looking towards grinding the left-over iconic styles. However, the Switch playerbase is new, and having already taken out the "Skip to 210CR" option, with the notion of "everyone starting anew" (got this from the DCUO Twitter), having the Source Marks available on the Cash Shop defeats the purpose. Yes, it's expensive, but this is a new playerbase, with new players looking towards going to end-game, and can be exploitative for those who do not understand the system. To be honest, I would just like to know, from the Devs themselves, if there was a non-monetary reason for putting Source Marks into the Cash Shop for the Nintendo Switch, which is a skip mechanic by the way, when you did not include the "cheaper" way of skipping to 210CR.

    Anyways, this post might get drowned, or it might get some feedback. I just want some explanations, as well as some ETA's that might set the playerbase's mind at ease as we move forward to the second week for DCUO on the Switch.

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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Source marks are sold because they make money, people are going to buy them to load up their mainframes for example, especially after having bought a skip token.

    Right or wrong the developers are making a market out of it and there's not really any further justification they need to provide.

    Im not arguing the morality of it or how it might undermine the grind but money is obviously the only motive needed the other one being they'll say it's too make or easier on new players which even if it does undermine the grind isn't untruthful.

    Welcome to DCUO.
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  3. Oddpodd Dedicated Player

    Understandable, and I have sat through quite a bit of monetization by the company, but this is just going a bit too far. If they had implemented Source Marks in the Cash Shop after a few months? Sure, why not. But making the switch-e-roo from CR Skip to Source Marks being sold for real money is just...really scummy.

    I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I do not want to come off as overly negative about the situation. To be honest, I just want some answers as a player who has come back from hiatus to play on the Switch.
  4. Cruize Active Player

    Wait there is a Discord server for DCUO Switch?
  5. Chadro New Player

    I am Chadrick on the switch server too and i find it really annoying. I have crashed many times when i was in my base and in the WT. This has to be fixed
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  6. Poetic Play Committed Player

    Agreed, this crashing on the Switch has become a huge issue. Everyone in my league and on the Discord Oddpodd made for the Switch has also seemingly been having this issue of crashing at least once a day (usually much more often)
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  7. davalni New Player

    So, I've been playing this game since I bought it on disc. I worked my *** off for everything I got in that game. SP that come to people for just reaching a milestone (because they were removed from the game), I earned those the hard way. Buying all iconic great sets, worked my *** off for them.

    Maybe this time, being 8 years later, with me owning my own business that takes a lot of my time; just maybe, I'd rather spend money over time.

    So I'm going to ask you this, because a lot of hating free players keep complaining or taking jabs: who do you think is paying for this games new content? You like new content, right? You think the people complaining because people bought marks are flipping the bill? How does it really effect you? You can totally avoid pvp in this game until you're ready, and that gear isn't cash bought anyways, so it's pve where it shows up. So you're mad that people paid to have better things and then carry you through to speed feats you'd have had to wait just a little while longer to get? Do you think my headstart is going to matter in two weeks? So does it really matter at all, out do you just not like that players can have better stuff than you?

    I just don't understand the hate in spending money and the thought process that it immediately makes you lacking in skill
  8. Poetic Play Committed Player

    While I do not hate people spending money on games.. I do so also... The argument that people use to defending people skipping content with real money is very flawed. The idea that "This doesn't affect you and therefor it shouldn't matter to you" does not exist on an MMORPG.

    If this was a single-player game, then sure, that makes sense. But with this game or as with any MMORPG, if you are expected to play in-game content with people then paying to skip content actually hurts everyone involved.

    You have to look at this from a potential new player's perspective. If I just got the game today and got to level 30, but then can't queue up for half the content because people are already instantly in T8 or something and no one is queuing T1-T4.... Then what are the chances I'm going to stay? I'm going to think this game is dead and not bother.

    Now that's only if a lot of people are skipping content, but a more realistic issue is what is happening on the Switch... Everyone is skipping low tier content just doing solo / duo stuff, and some players (not many but some) are buying a ton straight to end-game. Now these players with 230+ CR are queuing into low tier content and just destroying everything, ignoring all mechanics and not giving new players any chance to learn. This also is NOT fun for new players, especially if one of these people who skipped are elitists and being toxic.

    I'm all for spending money on a game, supporting it is good. I sub to this game also and on the Switch alone have already power respecced from the Market three times. But thinking that allowing people to buy gear and get ahead in an MMORPG isn't affecting others is just silly, it's an MMORPG, not some single player RPG game. Even the way they made gearing up so fast and easy now has hurt the Switch launch imo, I'm CR 150 and havn't even touched any of the lower Raids and only half the lower Alerts, because no one is queuing anything below T7 consistently from my experience so far.
  9. Cruize Active Player

    Indeed, I think I have only gotten two raid queues for t4 and below content since game launched.

    I only get queues for t5+ duos