Issue with OMAC Base Tier 1 Duo

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by Phantasy2013, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. GrimMalbogia Active Member

    Here's the thing, the OMAC duo is not a challenge. Its just a simple puzzle. And yes the OMAC duo has always been this way(since july 2011 anyway, since thats when I started playing). Once you separate the two OMACS they die pretty easily. I've been doing that duo since T2 was the best armor you could get with marks and getting T1 gear was actually a challenge. It's not something that needs to be fixed, its not a glitch. It is just you whining because you are unwilling to adapt to such a simple challenge that requires a bit more then smash, smash, SMASH! This is a place to report bugs, not complain about something that YOU think is wrong.
  2. AlwaysFumbles Active Member

    Ok everyone, enough with the bad vibes. The duo isn't bugged, it is working as intended and as it has for 2 years now. I just did it. Some people gave some hints on how to beat it. Let's move on.
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  3. Old Gravyleg Active Member

    It's hard to believe so many people replied seriously to the original poster. Your troll detectors are malfunctioning. Nobody is as stupid as the OP seems to be, or at least I hope not.
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  4. Black House Well-Known Member

    When one finds themselves in a hole is is wisest to cease digging, the Omacs are shielded when they are in close proximity even a t4 geared DPS will do NO damage, (you will see them hit for 1's) when they are sperated, say by the wall they can be damaged normally, use an encase if you or your partner has one or use the respawning freeze barrell to move one pass the wall and destroy it, this mechanic has been in since the beginning, how you don't this when you have t4 gear is beyond me, moreover I do this alert daily with my trolls (looking for a certain sumpthin' sumpthin' *wink wink* so NO this is not a bug it is a GAME MECHANIC a PUZZLE an obstacle that you must overcome, if this is proving difficult god help you when you get to the bottle buildings and have to deal with the ever healing end bosses that will really cook your noggin'

    Interrupt on green.

    perhaps shaking your head less will allow your brain to settle more.
  5. Ivy Bird Well-Known Member

    I would like to believe that as well but looking at the content and quality of some of his other posts I feel it's a wasted hope.
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  6. Ivy Bird Well-Known Member

    That is not what you said in your OP, if after you seperate them they stay unable to be damaged that is truely a bug. You might want to be more clear in your posts.
    Instead you have done nothing but throw insults and assume that you somehow are the greatest player to ever grace this game. I would be surprised if even one single poster on this thread was a F2Per who has spent nothing on this game. I believe it is more likely that most are infact longtime subscribers.
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  7. thirty six Well-Known Member

    Way to use your big boy words. I know, I know, you're a "geared t4 with over 80 sp". It's in all your posts. Hopefully it didn't take you more than two months to get to that point.
  8. Itazuki Well-Known Member

    Loool what? It has been like that since forever now. I'm sorry that you got rushed to T4 and can't even figure out a T1 DUO.

    I've grouped with little kids who knew how to do that Duo. It is NOT hard.

    Btw, we don't just do things for a challenge. I do it for the MoT it gives. Or to get a drop. You contradicted yourself at least 3 times in that paragraph btw... QQ more. People try to give you advice how to do a T1 Duo and you just come back with insults?

  9. Death Throe Well-Known Member

    You found something you couldn't figure out in a T1 duo and believe it's a bug because you couldn't figure it out?!
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  10. Death Throe Well-Known Member

  11. ARI ATARI Well-Known Member

    i did it today.
    threw a barrel at them, they froze, i picked one up, moved it far away from the other, one shot it once it broke out of the ice.

    i see no issue here.
  12. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

  13. Pentac Member

    They have always been this way as far as I can remember. As soon as you separate them, a single combo kills them.
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  14. Shadow Vlad Well-Known Member

    It's not at all challenging, are you that bad that a t1 duo is tough for you with t4 gear? And for the record the OMAC duo has had those two guys that need to be seperated since it was the first duo I ever did when I hit level 30. (In January 2011) It's nothing new dude suck it up and quit crying because your cr is higher than your IQ
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  15. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    Lol literally.. woooooooooooow
  16. Arceus Member

    It's funny about a couple of weeks ago, the same thing happened to me. My partner and I were basically attacking those omac twins for a good 5 minutes and didn't understand why they didn't seem to take damage at all. Of course instead of coming here and complain about it, we decided one of us would keep them busy and while the one try to google about it. We found the trick and passed that part. We both realize how dumb we were afterward, lol
  17. King Nero Active Member

    OMG man you made me lauf so much lol lol lol

    i cant stop laufing why would someone write this on forum... how stupid can some players be :D

    so easy to do that part... i do it just with weapon lol no powers :D
    and now a days even killing the boss with shields before he even puts any on :D just orbital strike and bam fast attack :)

    btw ty for the lauf :)
  18. IdontDps Well-Known Member

    Are you special ed? This dou has been like this all the time guess your partners were the ones using they're brain huh..
  19. Ivy Bird Well-Known Member

    You do know there isn't supposed to be a necromancer class in this game right? ;)
  20. IdontDps Well-Known Member


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