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    Okay from the looks of it it’s intended, I just wanted to be sure. I think some of the points you guys made is what it is tho. Seems that prec dps pull less aggro (maybe due to single target builds?) and I recently came back from a break so this was my first couple times healing in the new “meta.” Either way it’s crazy lol.
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    In my experience bosses will go for a DPS and adds will go for the healer. A notable exception is The Drowned during the underwater phase. This is because she goes out of combat dropping her damage in to effectively zero AND gets a big defence boost lowering her damage in from that point onwards. Also Dawnbreaker will attack the healer first, because he’s technically been in combat for all of the previous two phases. You can’t attack him except that one hit to start the encounter so only healer hate is being built.

    This is probably why adds that emerge during a boss fight always go straight towards the healer too. Getting enough damage in on an NPC will take their mind off the healer, but it has to be a LOT of damage. Only bosses can survive the amount of damage required usually. Adds will die before they receive enough damage to change target.
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    Considering how much I read "I think", "I guess", "it seems" and other similar words in this thread, I'd like to redirect people from here to this thread:

    Even though the thread is from 2016 and stats revamp came in 2017, most of it still is, simply put, just true. The only thing I couldn't find anywhere is how exactly threat/hate is generated. Like in, how much of it is generated by an attack, are there multipliers, how important are base numbers in it, how much threat/hate is generated by healing effects compared to damaging effects.

    I am pretty sure I saw a dev posting some insight on the issue during the stats revamp being on PCTest but I can't find it anymore. Any green name that can give some more detailed insight would be truly welcome.

    I also would want a dev to chime in because other games are way more transparent with it and even though it affects gameplay only to the smallest extent, it would satisfy some really curious people (myself included).

    Also some claims/theories in here are pretty much the opposite to what I experience(d) and at the same time are not.
    Like, yeah newly spawned NPCs (bosses and smaller adds) will go for healers if there is no taunt or threat generation from others simply because of the permanently present heals on others. But then again, I can simply tag a new spawned add as a controller and I would still aggro them until they are aggroed by someone else.

    There really is no rule of thumb I can see in this, without knowing more. But one thing I can say for certain: Healers getting aggro in Alerts simply have dps running with them who are using subpar loadouts, really really subpar loadouts. I don't even think there is enough power in the repertoire of any healer to heal that much that they could climb above a good dps on the hate table.
    But then again, this is also just what I saw so far in my own runs and comparisons between running with the league and simply LFGing.

    Sooooooo green name please with sugar on top?
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    To me, it also seems like there is a bit more damage coming than before.
    I was able to heal (*cough* I mean tank) and survive just fine (even at 300), now at 304+ the whole team and tank (I mean healer) is getting beat down heavily.
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    There seems to be some sort of non-spoken buff to adds. I did the 1-30 missions and I remember that most of the adds could barely harm me. Now I almost died, and I had the exact same class on the exact same missions. It's as if they are doing more damage.
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    1. You don't lose aggro immediately or just by getting stunned or interrupted. You fall back on your regular low spot on the hate table if you don'tt refresh your might attacks on targets every eight seconds or so. If you need eight seconds to break out of a stun from an add, that is on you. There are like two add-mechanics that can now stun lock you as a tank. And if they do, your group failed anyways because it's the trollers job to interrupt said adds and/or the dps' to burn them down. No number of dom saves you there.

    2. Why can dps or tanks pull off not being interrupted or stunned?
    First, anyone can prevent being interrupted simply by looking at other npc and don't let them counter you. Super easy. Second, some push backs and or crowd controls are ment to happen and if they are not, anyone know understands them can act accordingly. Being tank/dps does not suddenly make you better.

    3. Bosses and adds can also break out of your CC effects rendering them immune to such things for several seconds. No amount of dom can help you there. If they want to do something to the group in such a time window, they will be doing it.

    4. You don't "break out harder or better" with more dom with your breakout trinket or cc immunity power.
    That's literally how the hate table does not work. You do not magically drop aggro because you get stunned. I run Nature Might ST on alert bosses and it's almost friggin impossible for others to get aggro from the targets I focus. And I get interrupted like a lot. Simply because I don't have the Solar Amplifier at 200 and such my Heat Vision, Thorns and of course my hand claps are interruptable. Still do most damage by far far far far far in most runs and every cc immunity etc would just be a dps loss. Don't know for you but I have a SHIFT-key on my keyboard and it allows me to break out of non-hard stuns plus gives me immunity for some seconds.

    I don't know where you're getting your infos, seems to me as if there is more assumptions to it that need to be proven wrong by your standards. Usually testing works the other way: Please look up the thread I linked here in a previous post.
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    Thanks for an answer to a question, who knows who asked! Dom has nothing to do with threat. You can keep stating scenarios but it still has nothing to do with Dom improving threat. You apparently can't accept this fact. You can lose aggro from a boss by get this...stop dpsing and roll away!
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    U have 6sec to grab the hate after being stunned if u do not cast ur most hated power in that time frame. The hate moves to the next person if u have all that hate you will be breaking out and stunned so much u will get cced and koed. the healer can't keep u alive if u lose 10% defs everytime u get countered. by that I mean u get hit from a counter harder than u would from a basic attack. that means if ur taking to much dmg u will have to back off and take a break so the healer can get his power back. because he's burning it on u. therefor u lose the hate and he gets koed because ur not a breakout/cc power set. The dps/ tank powerset still needs dom to control the aggro. u don't know it yet because whoever ur in a group with keeps getting cced by the boss or adds. so his dom is useless when the enemys have immunity. My guess is ur ranging all the time. so if the boss is on u and ur breaking out like crazy that boss has immunity that whole fight. so dom is useless in ur case without someone who knows how to face the bosses and adds at close range with an op loadout for dmg and breakout/cc. Before revamp the hate went to the most powerful spam power u didn't even have to pull just a fast spam power. That is still the case here if u can handle yourself with the help of a healer. Dom still helps crowd control by stunning and shacking them with powers and weapon attacks. They do not get stunned or grounded or whatever ur power does if they have immunity. The only power that can override their immunity is a troll. I get my info from the dom description in the game. And by seeing the difference when facing enemies who don't have immunity.
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    Phew, this is a LOT to take in, I come back to you after my morning coffee since I literally have to quote you on every single sentence you wrote since they all are to an extent wrong. geez.
    Don't worry, gimme an hour or two
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    This is entirely wrong. It can easily be replicated in any content, really.
    A taunt pushes you on the top of the hate table for 12 seconds. If you get stunned 1 second after applying a taunt, you won't lose aggro 6 seconds later if you don't cast anything. This is entirely wrong. Even though I knew this I just went into content and tried it.
    Also, there is no most hated power for tanks, for anyone else, there is no way to define it ingame.

    You don't lose hate, others just continue generating hate in the time you don't. A breakout takes 1s tops and then you can continue what you were doing. Noone in heck will rise above you in a matter of a second. If they do, they were going to do it no matter what since they were inherently generating more hate.

    This is bull so hard.
    1st: You don't lose 1/10th of your def everytime you get countered. Pure bull.
    2nd: Anyone who keeps getting countered needs to go back to the brainiac ship. The core idea of the counter mechanics are the exact opposite.
    3rd: If you get countered, press SHIFT or whatever the heck the button on a gamepad is, break out and gain immunity, continue doing damage or whatever and nothing has changed. Literally.
    4th: A boss perma countering you is poor programming and only once has occured once with Larfleeze permanently range attacking you. And even then. Lunge+Clip and you are good.
    5th: I am really sure there are some language barriers because I'm not even sure what you're getting at. It is so massively wrong, that there HAS to be a language barrier..or maybe go back to the Brainiac Ship?

    I have perma aggro in tankless content and no healer ran out of power ever. I never died. I don't know with whom you're running your content with (or if at all) but apparently they just spam prio heal 10 times and start crying.

    Seriously, what?

    BS and just wrong. Read the tank description: "Superpowers gain [Taunt]". "[Taunt] - Hitting an enemy forces them to attack you for the duration".

    You. Don't. Need. Dominance. Verified by devs, by anyone who knows this game. You. Don't. Need. Dominance. For. Aggroing. Anything. Period.

    No. I know you are wrong because I know how to manage threat as a dps, can counter bosses, know when to dodge, know what a breakout is and because I can tank myself. The ppl I run with and myself can even manage Elite bosses for a short amount of time if a tank goes down (which rarely happens anyways).
    What you're assuming is BS^³².

    First part is (finally) correct. Dominance is useless [for keeping aggro].
    Last part is some gibberish again that makes no sense whatsoever.

    I am not.

    Again you seem to assume that bosses only lunge you or what are you getting at?
    Bosses have scripted attacks that are neither counters nor counterable. Immunity holds for like 3-4 seconds.
    Counters ususally happen AT THE END of a combo. You can stop what you're doing, such removing your vulnerability and simply counter a boss yourself and then continue what you were doing. But then again, you would have to both understand how combat mechanics work and then know basic weapon combo patterns. You clearly don't know either of those from what I've read. You seem to keep thinking that without a grain of dominance and running away or whatever bosses will be 100% immune like all the time. Or maybe they are...I never go into event content.

    I hoped you would simply stop after that so I could at least agree with you on some sort of fact. But then you do a One-Eighty and turn a fact into gibberish again. Who are you? Trump?

    Lol. I seem to know more about mechanics than you do. Your point about breakout/cc is like the point of some orange dudge about an untested drug. It's harmful for anyone who is uncertain and tries to belief your claims.

    No it wasn't. Hate generation pretty much worked the same as it does now.

    Again, bs. Scroll up, click on my link, read and try to understand how aggro really works.

    No. Dominance is for shields, partially for healing and for the duration of stun effects.
    To STUN something you have to have the minimum of the required dominance in the f*ing content you're running. So go ahead and get thousands of dom for your puny dps toon to cc stuff. Have fun with that, mate.

    Congratulations. You accidentally and probably purely unintended said something that is an actual fact. :-O
    By the by, the same is true for you. When you break out, you gain immunity and won't get countered for the immunity-duration even if you're using a power that is vulnerable to interrupt. Shocking, I know.

    Again, BS. If something is immune, there is nothing a trol can do to CC (crowd control) them. You know, because they are control immune.

    First of all, please make screenshots for me where anything you said is an actual quote of something that is written in some ingame descriptions.
    Second, great you saw something and then assumed something else without actually testing it yourself. Basically why people still think the earth is flat..

    Wow that was ... really something.

    I'm somewhat surprised Kayleigh McEnany hasn't created an account here yet to clarify what you were saying.

    I'm done. lol
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