Is this intended?

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  1. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Ever since the recent update I’ve been noticing that healers are pulling a LOT more aggro. I got on my heal alt and tested this myself in several alerts (DC, BB, and DR) and in every single one (if there is no tank present) no matter how much the DPS’s were burning the boss or adds, they would not get off me until either they or I died. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    We're you actually healing or just standing there, cause I'm pretty sure that from just using any power can get you aggro in fights.

    Last time I remember unless they changed it and I didn't get the memo.

    Doesn't really matter about damage, it's who does what first.

    Think of it as your healing does invisible damage, maybe?
  3. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    yeah aggro for those alerts for healers are very high without a tank
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Intended. If there's no tank than the healer and DPS get aggro.
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  5. Mass_EuPs New Player

    I like to think of the logic that the enemy takes out the biggest threat first and surely that has to be the healer. Just like the old pvp scrim days lol
  6. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    I think the aggro order goes (assuming there's no Tank present) Troll, Healer then DPS. But if a Tank is present they can try and keep aggro off the others. But yeah any enemy will tend to go for the Troll and Heals ASAP usually.
  7. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Healers always get aggro with no tank except when in the presence of some OP dps on ocassion even then they still get aggro.
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  8. I3eleth Well-Known Player

    Unless you're running with someome that has dominance base mods because they have a tank side.
  9. hoaxone Committed Player

    Jesus...... dominance has zero to do with aggro.
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  10. Noble One Committed Player

    the healer is usually second in line to get aggro and first if there isnt a tank. its how most games are set up if there are healers. even in pvp the first thing you aim for is the healer. if you are tanking and healing then yeah the aggro really will never drop since you are not only healing yourself but most likely over healing the rest of the team so youre pulling double aggro. and by you i mean the royal you, not you personally OP.
  11. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I've also found that as a DPS, before I started using the trans/strat combo I could reliably "tank" in alerts. Now that I got those bad boys up to 200 in the last double metal weekend I'm still putting out more overall numbers, but I'm guessing because the "base" ticks are lower it doesn't generate enough aggro to always keep a boss off a healer. We tend to fight over it now.
  12. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Troll is always lowest on hate table.
    Always has been
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  13. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    No, just no. Learn the game man.

    Dom has nothing to do with agro. Nothing.

    If a healer has max skill points and puts a bunch into dom. The only effect is stronger shields. The agro a healer gets is based of them healing, and that it. If they know what they are doing. Dps will usually get agro. You go in and spam heal then you will get agro in absence of a tank.

    Trolls usually are last on the agro board. This is why they usually have the job of pick ups or bombs, or controlling NPC.

    Dps will get agro if their burn is usually the highest. Kind of a built in mechanic to help weaker dps.

    Just as a reminder, which has been confused by many for almost 10 years now.

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  14. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I think there is even a difference in DPS, that a might based DPS generates more hate than prec based.
  15. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I don't care what anyone says dom has a lot to do with aggro. In order to hold the aggro and keep the enemy's on u. Ur will power must be high in order to stay on ur feet that means less stuns and what not. If u breakout and always get interrupted u will lose aggro and the hate will go to the next person who is spamming until they get stunned or interrupted. The idea is if ur power is a support power like tank but ur in dps role and want to hold aggro. u need to find ur most hated power and put it on ur loadout. next u want a breakout power on ur bar aswell so u don't get interrupted as much. All that with about 50% dom for the map and u should have all eyes on u. U need dom for crowd control u lose control when u get interrupted so yes u do need dom for aggro/hate. If the healer is getting all the hate that's because the dps who is not tanking doesn't understand that he's gonna get the healer koed.
  16. Monkeyboy Committed Player

    ....WOW...just WOW! "I don't care...", well I guess in BUDOKAI101LAND it must be true! All what you posted is literally true in a sense just not this sense! Everything you posted is literally rubbish! Just accept DOM is for shields and damage reduction.
    • Dominance is combined with Restoration to determine the potency of healing and shield abilities
    • Healing = Base Healing Multiplier * (30% Restoration + 25% Dominance)
    • Shield = Base Shield Multiplier * (112.5% Restoration + 150% Dominance
    Stop passing bad information on a confusing subject to new players. Just stick to your FoTM power and prec weapons.
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  17. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    I'm always the one who has the boss attached to my *** in that alert. Even on the occasions I'm not top DPS. I dont think it runs on damage done alone.
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  18. Brit Loyal Player

    Part of what I believe we are experiencing (I am also a healer) is the results of single target DPS.

    Our healing builds aggro from everything. Their DPS only builds aggro on the targets that they attack (except in the case of boss-summoned adds). So we aggro the whole room, and then they plink away at their single target while we tank the rest of it.

    In these No Tank Alerts and Event Raids, if you want to heal without someone else to Tank it, then the DPS need to be attacking the stuff that is attacking you, to peel it off.
  19. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Get a friend with a low level tank. Spec all your non-tank toons SP into dom, equip all OP items you have, dring Bulldozer Soder and get higher dom than the low level tank has. I gurantee you the game will be shut down forever before you can steal aggro from a tank.

    Here is how aggro works: Tank role -> Do a yellow might number on an NPC -> have aggro that can't be stolen for (was it 8 or more?) several seconds, except by a strong taunt.

    The only way tanks lose aggro is by not refreshing might damage on their targets or by a scriped attack or a strong taunt.

    This. Is. It.
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  20. hoaxone Committed Player

    What is your in game names, please, many people will want to avoid you in the future.
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