Is there finally any news coming out for the next powerset or not?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Saturn Girl, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Yeah that's the question!
    Seriously is there finally any news coming out for the next powerset (Controller) or what????
    The Last released powerset (Water) was out exactly 1 yeah ago (last year's summer), So the new powerset is going to be out this year, actually we hope so! But where is it?
    WE ALL have been talking about our favorite Powersets that we like to see SOOO many times and a lot, So I just don't bother my self to talk a lot about the requested powersets, But as we all know the next powerset must be a controller, I just provide the all choices that we all have been talking about to show you:
    Shadow (Darkness)
    Sunshine/Sunlight (Brightness) Also my favorite :D:p
    Lantern Powers
    Magnetic (Also as Tank)
    Cosmic (Stars Power / Also as Tank and Healer)
    Plasma (Also as Healer)
    Controller Magic Powerset
    Please say that your stuffs and works are going as always well and currently. And you are still current and the new powerset is coming this year with no delay.
    Please give us some good news.
  2. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Theyve stated no powers are being announced or possibly being worked on. If we do get a new powerset, they'll announce it closer to it being released but for now, Im going with they arent working on any right now.
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  3. Do Your Googles Active Player

    I would like to see a weather power. Thank you for your time.
  4. Schimaera Devoted Player

    We do have five powers per role, total of 15. They stated that they won't announce anything anytime soom and that they are not focused on a new power, soooooooooo.....
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  5. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    Unless we see a really NEW power concept that is not a variation on an existing one, I think we have enough choices in this area. I think that some attention to the ICONIC powers that would make various combinations of them competitive for PFT and Power/Weapon combos would be more compelling as it would allow for a very wide range of character power options. As it stands right now a build of only iconics doesn't get it done for DPS and is non existent for support. A little redesign in that area could be a huge thing. IMO :p
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  6. Kuno Dedicated Player

    I dont see it coming, honestly.
    I would rather have a new weapon like Whips/Chains. Iconics expanded with new visuals and habilities. Power tint/customization.
    But I dont see any of that happening lol
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  7. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Yes, there is news coming out about the new powerset!!!

    It's not coming!!!
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  8. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

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  9. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    When they released Water last year, they finally balanced the 3 roles with each them having the same amount. I would hope that if they were to come out with another one, they would maintain that balance and release 3 new ones. But that's likely not going to happen. At least in the way that I would hope they would do. If they did it at all, it may be like you said with Controller, or maybe a Tank.

    Whips & chains? How exciting. :p
  10. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    There is no next powerset. There hasn't been since Water. There are no plans for new powersets.

    Maybe someday.
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  11. Quantum Rising Committed Player

    Just a reminder Water took nearly 3 years to come out after it was announced.

    They're more concentrated on making TC's with feats attached behind a not so discrete paywall.

    Face it, there won't be anymore powers added to this game.
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  12. Ryazan Well-Known Player

    Besides a cosmic powerset the only other things I'd like to see is more powers added to the current powersets or new iconic powers.
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  13. Xibo Loyal Player

    Why you insist about "new power" threads?
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  14. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I would luv a comic power set.
    One straight from the Funny Pages.
    More Gag Gloves; Rockets, banana peels, exploding cigars and the like!
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  15. Saturn Girl Committed Player

    Being that much disappointing is not nice. No one ever said that designing new power sets is stopped forever and no one can say even though the game is based on the DC Comics and even half of the powers in DC is not designed. As I said mentioned the all controller powersets up there even the controllers that are left are 8 powers regardless of the Lanterns powers are too many!
    Then imagine how many Healer and Tank powers are left that NOT MUST, are supposed get designed instead of the trash stuffs that get old any typicald and common in the game after a while.
  16. Isif Well-Known Player

    Groundhog Day with these threads. Seriously.
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  17. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    I know I'm ready for some new iconic powers, just about next year hopefully.
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  18. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    Substituting delusions and wishful thinking for reality isn't helpful when dealing with reality. You asked a question; this is the factual answer: there are no new powers coming until possibly such time in the indefinite future that spending development money on new powers ever become a good idea in DCUO's management's view. Maybe. Certainly you can cling to that hope.

    If you'd like to write your own fanfiction or play by role-playing, it's just fine to engage in wishful thinking. Imagine you have new powers! Don't let reality get in your way! But also don't ask the same question over and over.

    Honestly, if not having a new power in DCUO is a what rates as a serious problem for you, you have a blessed life. and I'm envious.
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  19. Balton hero Committed Player

    Suicide Squad 2 or one of the dozen other upcoming movies for Harley or Joker would be perfect opportunity, Devs, just sayin'. Would also be a nice "I'm sorry" for that Harley revoicing.
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  20. myandria Dedicated Player


    The only way I see a new powerset in the near future is if DC puts out a movie with a character(s) that has powers that DC wants to be showcased in the game for players to have. Notice how we do not have a *plague* powerset based on Doomsday. In fact, we haven't heard of any additional new water powers because of the new Aquaman movie and content coming out yet. I would not hold my breath on a new powerset any time soon; for me, I just want to enjoy playing the game.

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