Is there a way to make PvP more dynamic?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by MentosTroll, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    A typical pvp match is having players about 2 inches from each other from what pretty much amounts to a slap fight.

    Where's the movement? where's dodging? where's the hype?

    Other 3rd person free camera fighting games could serve as inspiration for a more dynamic game.
    Dragons Nest:
    Does our "2 inches from each other" gameplay have to be it? PvP isn't fun to watch at all.
  2. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    Unless these dynamics revolve around counter immunity, they'll likely be shot down outright.
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  3. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    To be fair those two games are quite different from DCUO.

    Do you get off on antagonizing people who disagree with you on this non-issue?
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  4. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    It is, but watching DCUO PvP is terrible. Hell even on some FNLs the hosts are bored out of their minds watching and trying to commentate them.
    There's gotta be a way to make PVP atleast more exciting to watch. This is supposed to be an "action-MMO" right?
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  5. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Legends is more dynamic, but legends is also boring to watch. I think this comes from the animations from being simple and realistic rather than the "balls to the wall" KRPG style. All the dynamic stuff is there like block advantage/disadvantage, cancel baiting, frame trapping, and clipping.
  6. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Yea it is hard to watch, but mostly because of the effects. Can't hardly see what's going on, unless you're involved
  7. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    It's incredibly hard to play that Naruto Style Combat in PC. I can tell you that personally.
    Plus when these new games were created that was part of their core combat and had a lot more resources to work with while DCUO PvP was designed differently at the core and made back in 2011. It would also remove a factor that has an appeal to DCUO which is it's unique combat style. Some like it some don't.
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  8. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    It's just controls. People will figure it out.
    PvP is just so boring to watch and play, that's gotta have something to with why a few people play it. It's not "fun", atleast that's what people I've talked to always say.
    At it's core, PvP needs to be changed to make it "look fun", to draw more people in.

    IMO Not even if they somehow balance the powers and all its mechanics will the people come because PvP is so unappealing to watch, and if you're gonna play PvP a lot, it's gotta be fun to look at atleast.
  9. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    It's a factual statement. I'd argue that HT mods and trinkets brought a more dynamic system than the one we have now even though people will most likely undermine such assertions as crutches and you can see how favorably those are viewed.
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  10. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    You can fight a battle that is already over, but I ask you to do it on an immunity thread and not hijack someone else's.
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  11. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Changing the PvP style might be possible but it would affect PvE too. If more dodging was implemented maybe the Devs would stop relying on one shot mechanics to make a raid "difficult".
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  12. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    Say whatever you'd like, my statement stands and is applicable. We can't discuss any combat dynamics without it going back to counter immunity thanks to individuals who insist that nothing undermine it.

    Now, back to the discussion at hand, I believe more movement variants as well as movement specific mods such as the HT ones would add another layer of flavor to PvP combat. Tumbling master offered a quick escape from field AoE's as well as facilitate easier kiting for acrobats. Hit boxes are another issue regarding spacing, if I move to the flank, I shouldn't take any damage as I'm no longer in LoS or the line of fire unless of course it's a cone or field burst cast. There isn't much maneuvering required for DCUO PvP, that would be a welcome change.
  13. zx192 Well-Known Player

    I thinks its me personally but the three games you showed us fighting styles look sh+tty, but I don't mind changing block and roll to may be a back flip or something like that.
  14. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    That could be rather interesting. If you block and press the key that makes you go backwards instead of rolling back you backflip.
    It would still have the same vulnerability and advantages but a different animation.