Is the subscription worth it?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sweet Daddy, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Sweet Daddy Level 30

    :D I'm new to the game and I wanted to know, is the subscription worth it? I've always wanted to play as a superhero and i really find the game really fun, I'm playing this game on Steam. :)
  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    The sub gets you several things which are only worth it if you think they are. The biggest right now (with the free episodes on) is the unlimited access to cash and the ability to trade cash. As you are new, you won't have a lot of need for that right away, so my suggestion is to spend 5-10$ to get to premium (one time spend...on anything) level where you get some spiffs (more stabilizers, more toons, more bank/inventory space, the ability to trade and email items), then level up to the point you can get into the DLC content. Then play a while. You can still be a superhero at Premium (or free...although free kind of sucks to just save the $5) and with open eps you can do MOST of the stuff a sub would grant. If you really have fun, you'll probably want to sub once those Premium restrictions kick in, like the cash cap, less inventory and bank space, less characters and access to the newest DLC (Wonderverse).

    Tip...Promethium boxes drop faster for Premiums (it seems like), and last for 30 days. If you do plan on subbing, save as many as you can till your inventory is bursting, then sub and open them all. You'll get an influx of some source marks and some other goodies like styles or repair bots.

    BTW...if you are going to spend the $5 to be premium for a while, I'd suggest the 'Gear up bundle'. It gets you the lair, shield and utility belt...for $10( a bit more than 5), it's something you'll use every day and it's usable on every toon.
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  3. tukuan Devoted Player

    "Worth" is such a relative concept. I would suggest you put it into context of what's $20/mo worth to you. Personally I get at least a dozen or so hours of fun out of the game a month so it's worth it to me relative to say spending the same amount on a movie and popcorn (which of course is a non-starter currently).

    Alternatively you can continue to play for free but it's not really viable up to a point without buying episodes and I personally think that's too big a hill to climb if you are starting from zero. Also personally I've tried playing when my sub has lapsed in the past and the bank, inventory and other limits are just too tedious.
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  4. Sweet Daddy Level 30

    I thank you both for your feedback you both help me with my decision :)
  5. TheDark Devoted Player

    I pay like $10 a month or something. It’s cheap a F.
  6. Kuno Loyal Player

    Short version. NO. I been asking and suggesting updated perks to current state of the game but... crickets.

    I pay for it partly if the episode got my interest but, sincerely the content quality is worth the price.
    The game has many gaps and the devs doesnt seem intereset in filling them.
    No graphical upgrades, no new powers or iconic powers, no new skins, no styles in the marketplace. Just reharsed content and time capsules isnt worth all that monthly coins...
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    You are new. I can guarantee that it is worth it, for freedom of everything, but if you want an ala carte option for bare minimum of freedom. I'd recommend the purchase of utility belt, lair system, and maybe a powers pack. Plus the most recent DLC.

    Is the bang for your buck what it used to be? Probably not. There have been quite a number of changes that made certain things obsolete or less impactful, but legendary is still quite nice to have. Plus you are PC, they have sales usually around Christmas that can make it much more affordable than trying to ala carte all DLCs during a full year.
  8. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    It depends on how you play. For example, if you use replay badges (to reset loot lockouts or unlock styles/feats on alts), open time capsules (to work on those feats or sell the items on the broker), and can make use of the $5 for the marketplace (which can be saved up for larger purchases, used to buy more stabilizers/replay badges, or used to buy seals for artifacts and episode augments), then yes, membership is worth it. Those 3 items alone come out to $15 equivalent on the marketplace (and are bold below), though there are other combinations of benefits that are more enticing to others.

    Below is a list of membership benefits, with a cost in US dollars and a description on if the benefit is replicated by a one time purchase or would be need recurring purchases to replicate.

    • access to all DLC Packs (worth $215 Plus $10 ~3 months for episode access, note member looses access to unpurchased episodes at end of sub. Also, during open episodes, everyone can access all but the end game version of the latest content, but will have longer than normal loot lockouts unless they are a member of own the episode)
    • 150 Free Replay Badges Monthly (worth $5)
    • Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox Unlocks (worth $1 per opened lockbox which drop every 1-2hrs for members, 1-4hrs for premium, can easily get more than 15 lockboxes in a month. note diminishing returns, large pool of items so it is eventually hard to find a new style, though compound omegas are always a loot choice)
    • Unlimited in-game currency (worth ~$20, based on 4 x 7 day unlimited escrow, though you don't need access to all your cash all the time)
    • More Inventory Slots (worth $12 for 3 rows of inventory, note member looses access at end of sub and those are additional rows on top of what can be purchased)
    • Free daily Vault Access (worth ~$16, based on cost of 20 vault tickets, diminishing returns on styles, though provides Nth metal, some ingame cash, a source mark, and occasionally seasonal base items)
    • Form a League (intangible benefit, a member needs to create the league but anyone can be made the leader)
    • 14 Additional character slots (this is a total of 16 slots, premium has 6 total. worth ~$50 for difference in number of available character slots, though many people do not play with more than a handful of characters. Note, members must deactivate up to 10 characters on loss of sub and will not have access to those characters without buying character slots or renewing membership. also members can have up to 32 characters, premiums can only have 22 )
    • 20 Broker slots (worth ~$4, note member looses access to unpurchased broker slots at end of sub, these additional slots are on top of what can be purchased)
    • 36 Additional Bank slots (worth ~$16, note member looses access to unpurchased bank slots, these additional slots are on top of what can be purchased)
    • Trade items and cash (no direct method to determine worth)
    • 6 fragments from stabilizer event (12 stabilizers per 30 days, premium get 8 so this is worth $4 compared to premium, free only get 6 so this is worth $6 compared to free players)
    • 10% discount in the marketplace (worth depends on amount spent in marketplace)
    • 500 loyalty points/daybreak cash (worth $5)
    • access to layer system (worth $5, note member looses ability to move an existing larger layer and use of the mainframe unlocks on loss of sub)
    • access to utility belt system (worth $5, note member looses ability to equip a utility belt on loss of sub, and will only have access to 1 trinket/sidekick/backup/orbital/pet at a time)
    • access to shield weapon (worth $5, note member looses ability to create a new character/respec an existing character to shield weapon at loss of sub, though they can continue to play characters created during membership with the shield weapon)
    • access to all powers (worth $35, note member looses ability to create a new character/respec an existing character to unpurchased powers at loss of sub, though they can continue to play characters with those unpurchased powers that were created/respeced during membership )