Is the bonus artefact trick really interesting?

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  1. Tolly Committed Player

    I would like to know if the trick is still interesting to practice? You know, that trick that consists of riding artifacts up to rank 19 to break them into the artifact we're interested in upgrading? so good memory of the procedure of the latter? I mean the expense of the source mark for the purchase, the quantity etc.

    Another question, is this trick to be done until level 200 or only at a certain level?
  2. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    A trick? Not sure if I understand what you mean. There is a method of feeding as much XP as possible into artifacts without breakthroughs, then feeding those artifacts into one, that you want to actually level. All of that is done during double XP week, so that you can put much more XP at once into the desired artifact, than you can with simply feeding stacks of Nth Metal, if you don't have enough catalysts and seals to do it the normal way. Later - after the bonus is finished, you only need to get catalysts and seals and perform breakthroughs when you can.

    The basic explanation of this you can find here: Artifact Guide | DC Universe Online Forums (

    Personally - I've been hoarding catalysts and seals, so I probably won't use this.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If you have enough 'junk' artifacts....yes. I've got a few toons with 'heart of Isis' or 'Circe's mask' or 'Starheart' sitting at 1.67m AND still at level 19 waiting on that 1st break through from the last few 2x XPs. Just don't have anything I feel like feeding them into right now, so they will sit....likely to the next 2x XP week AFTER some new arti I like is introduced, where they will be sacrificed to that new arti.

    And assuming you don't have any lying around, at 25 marks each from Constantine, or unlocking a feat related arti on an alt for a few replays, the 'cost' is pretty low, vs doing a few breakthroughs. You'll spend 25+ SM just to get to level 40. But yeah....sitting on junk artis is the better method if you have them.

    However, as I mainly used to do it because I didn't want to spend money on seals, and now seals are 'free' with the daily rewards, it's less 'needed', but more of a just a luxury to keep my inventory clean of Nth, or having to mule it to a bank toon if no artis interest me. 1 spot to hold 1.67M is way better than a bank/inventory full of stacks of 999 10's. Even with 2x applied, that's 1 spot vs 83 spots full of 10's. I'll spend a few 100 SM to do that.
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Constantine sells artifacts for 10 SM each. Also Amulet Of Rao and Heat Vision Amplifier often show up on broker for ridiculously low prices, at least on EUPC/PS, although that's unlikely during double XP week, so it's best to stock up beforehand. I had at least half a dozen of AoRs, that I leveled to 20 just to get the feat on my alts, then fed them into other arts.
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  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah, I haven't bought any from him in a while. With all the CR skips giving that amulet cache, I have a ton available. But that 10 mark price makes it even more of a no brainer. Level 20 will cost 2 green cats, so 14 to level it even 1 time.

    And yeah. The 3 from the kryptonian TCs are easy enough to unlock on a bank alt and pass over even if none were on the broker.