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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Fatal Star, Apr 15, 2018.

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  1. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Disclaimer: before we start, I get it, silence helps avoid broken promises and disappointed customers. Can't get criticized for something you never teased or announced. I get that- felt like I should clarify that part before getting into the bulk of the thread.

    That's not what this thread is completely about though. Compared to last year, we have very little to look forward to. Last year we had the stats revamp hype, which was a pretty big update that could have gone a lot worse, so kudos to the team again for that- but it's not finished. The powers are closer then they ever have been, perhaps maybe a 20% difference in performance from worse power to best power, that's more balanced then they have ever been, but now we need to focus on balancing the playstyles performance with each other. Hybrid is underpeforming compared to PFtT (yes there's some competitive precision builds, but require a certain weapon and certain set up). Trolls could still use a few tweaks, PvP needs to be worked on, feels like every time one of these are bought up a piece of that dead horse falls off with each blow.

    In Feb, we received an announcement thread teasing how big 2018 would be. It got people excited and hyped up. Then we got the deluge and death of superman announcement. Which I guess is big news if you're a hardcore DC comics fan (which I totally get, I'm more of a Marvel person myself and I would screech like a little girl if a game came where we had to take on Thanos in the infinity gauntlet storyline, so geeking out over the DoS arc is totally understandable), but for the rest of us that enjoy playing the game more, there's nothing to look forward to. We don't know if more balance adjustments are being made, if the devs feel like they need to be made, if any cool features are being planned, we just dropped the ps3 and have had some awesome QoL changes so far, and again kudos for that, but it's nothing really game changing that would hype the community up.

    As stated in the disclaimer, I get the reasoning for silence, but you have to understand players feeling hyped is how you retain interest level. People want to look forward to stuff so they have a reason to remain subbed (well, me at least, I'm not claiming to speak for everyone, they can speak for themselves). If there's barely any dev interaction besides feedback threads, things start to look a little bleak and you get the doomsday posts from players where they scream the game might be shutting down soon, this and that, and honestly I don't blame them for having that perception. If you really enjoy the game, and want to see it thrive at it's fullest, being met with silence on requests and suggestions that aren't style related (Megzilla is awesome, be like Meg) is disheartening. I understand it's only April and we still have 8 months left to be surprised, but from what I'm seeing on the forums, patience is running thin around these parts. People are already upset Deluge is mostly revamped content from the starro event, then the death of superman being an event has players expectations set low by default, my league and many friends are barely logging in nowadays from boredom and ventured to other games and I'm sure i'm not the only one seeing that, you gotta give them something else to feel like logging in is worth the time.

    I enjoy playing DC. I enjoy the powerset I main with enough to continue playing, but I hate seeing the game evolve so slowly. So much that can be done and so many cool requests, it's sad that a lot of folks feel as if they aren't realistic enough to happen. I'm not asking for an announcement thread leaking every little detail of 2018's plans, but a little more dev and player interaction can lighten the atmosphere a little and make people feel like the guys behind the game itself are happy enough to see their customers excited.

    This thread will probably either get locked or deleted, since any thread asking about dev silence has been as of late, but I've been wanting to type this out for awhile, and hope it can at least get some thoughts churning, but for now all I can that it??
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  2. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    I don't know why this would get locked. The feedback is pretty positive and concise, as well as specific. I would also like to know what's happening as far as weapons are concerned, whether style unlocking is still a planned thing and what kind of plans they have regarding making feats more player friendly, etc. It doesn't take much to say, yes we are actively working on this, even if it's not going to be done for a while. Same thing happened with revamp, they never really said when it was officially launching, but got players interested.
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  3. nawanda Loyal Player

    They will be acutely aware of the game’s population issues, and right now, even as I type, are devising new ways to extract more money from those of us who are left.
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  4. Attackfrog Active Player

    I feel like I have experienced something like this before....

    On a different super hero game forum.....

    But was gone....
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  5. Blazing Bacon Well-Known Player

    I get them not putting out new info. They had done that in previous years and they are now haunted by the things that they had to drop. It doesn't make it less worrying that we are halfway through the month and they had said that the DOS event was to be in April.
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  6. Tilz Loyal Player

    Can I have your... oh wait :oops:

    Agree with you!
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  7. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    Actually what they've said about this several times is the celebration would start in April (and they've recently even said it still was on track) but they did mention the start of the celebration wasn't going to be content (so cosmetics or base items of some sort, perhaps a TC representing Supes).

    That being said Fatal's point is very valid. While a measure of radio silence would be understood due to the nature of how things go around here (and how dangerous it can be when one has to back pedal) keeping complete radio silence does actually cause people to become disillusioned and the like... which can lead to them playing other games and giving this one up entirely.
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  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    it is a drastic change from what we were used to: them being active and replying in the forum, especially in the time they worked on the revamp... till all of a sudden, revamp was tossed out with drastic changes, especially for the playstyles. since then it is no use to even try giving any feedback at all, appearantly.
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  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    yeah, pretty sure the superman event is actually only a reskin for doomsday, maybe some member gifts too... just that the most of it will be in the new TC getting thrown at us this week, introduced with another one of these overlong livestreams were they try to act as if any of those style items would be actually something to get excited about... overacting in awkward fashion, like usual, one day before it gets out. look at how hard they try to avoid mentioning the fact that most players are more interested to buy feats than actually styles!
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  10. Saami Loyal Player

    What is next MMO we all gonna hop in? Who is making "DCKickBacks" clan in it?
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  11. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Since the Mega Capsules are due to run until April 18th, I’d *speculate* a new capsule somewhere in the next week or so. Maybe we’ll get a DevStream unveiling as early as this Friday. :) It’s not anything official Fatal, but it’s all I

    <—-Ready for Doomsday!!!
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  12. Zneeak Devoted Player

    With most of the focus seemingly being on specific, cashgrab-type methods, the silence in regards of major plans around actual, playable content and updates is very concerning. It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to realize that players will become worried about the future of the game they play and people can only defend this for so long.

    Any complaints and whining around something being announced or even delayed beats having a majority of players (the ones that are actually left) worrying if there will be a future at all, having people seriously thinking whether or not they should just drop their sub and jump ship before they spend even more money on a product that may just end up closing shop sooner rather than later.

    Some people around these boards love to laugh about the Doom & gloom-topic, which was funny a few years ago when the game actually had a decent population. It's not really that funny anymore, because anyone who is still active is a witness to how much our population has declined up to this day. Is it really worth it keeping a silent treatment when the population of the game is as low as it currently is?
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  13. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I too am very worried about the silence, especially with the seriously deteriorating population on the EU servers. :(
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  14. Aren Sul Committed Player

    First, to the OP: I would be extremely dismayed if this post were locked or deleted, as it is a very well written, fair post. For me, at least, this doesn't come off as a rant. You present a valid concern, and try to balance it with reasonable expectations. You also state where your concerns regarding the general player base, are assumptions on your part.

    Next, to the Devs: I feel much the same as the OP, that silence is worrying. I'm a long-time player and subscriber and seeing discussions and interactions with the player base on the goals and directions of the game is a healthy sign. I completely understand that you don't want to over-promise - that doesn't work well anywhere; but there is a middle ground.

    I think what would be useful is an update (as suggested by other people here) regarding items promised as to whether they're in the works (no date) or shelved because of issues. For me personally, that would allow me to stop waiting for those changes, which is frustrating. Then I would start releasing more updates on work being done for the immediate future. I would keep those general. For instance, "we have a few QoL items coming up soon that players have asked for," and, "Work is progressing on the next episode. Stay tuned for some messages regarding the storyline, heroes and villains involved." As you get closer to certainty, release more details.

    Thank you.
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  15. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I said pretty much the same thing about giving us more status updates and keeping it general the last time this topic came up.
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  16. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    At the time of every live stream for new content, the Devs always mention that they are working 2-3 episodes ahead of what is going live. That's why they don't always know the answers to some of our questions off the top of their heads. So you know more stuff is in the works. Do you really want a generic response every month of "we are working on the next episode(s)"? You know they are working on things, but they sometimes can't tell you what it is yet for legal reasons. DC may have several steps in their approval process, like concept, initial design, and final design before something can go public (especially if that content is tied in with something going on in the comics, movies, or TV shows).

    We know the next few months is the death of Superman (with details dropping soon). I believe one of the Devs mentioned a new episode coming in July, and another dev mentioned another piece of Aquaman content in the works (I believe they said for later this year). The July content could be the Aquaman content, but part of me thinks the Aquaman content will be closer to the release of the movie release date.

    As for QoL updates, new game additions, etc., we may get hints for these (like Mepps's recent comment "you never know when you will want to rank up a new artifact"), or they may play something close to the vest, to give us a nice surprise. So there could be something just around the corner, maybe even ready to go live without warning.
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  17. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    With all the radio silence maybe some players need to make a youtube video and hashtag #sayhelloDCUO

    Maybe their idea of "how big 2018 will be" is just simply all the QoL changes in the works mixed in with their content and time capsule releases.
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  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player


    I didn't even log in this weekend. Played Fortnite with buddies all weekend. It's sad to say that I enjoyed pvping on the same map over and over again, just to not have to run Starro crap again.

    This DLC is a wash, and not happy we possibly won't see new content until June.
  19. Wallachia Devoted Player

    When I worked as a volunteer moderator in World of Tanks forums, their community manager taught me something I never forgot:

    "The more words you give, the more words they will have to distort".

    I think Daybreak is coming with something pretty awesome, but they don't want to fall for this. I don't know, I'm losing my hype about DCUO anyways.
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  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Which I definitely understand, but complete silence isn't the way either. I tried not to bring up other games in this thread, but there's more and more competition coming to consoles that will grab people's interest. Not to mention two superhero MMOs coming to PC soon (not naming them), they may even decide to put those on console in the future, who knows?

    I just want to make sure a game I love playing has enough artillery in their arsenal to kick back, and anyone who feels that way would be discouraged by the extended silence this year.
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