is renown broken for metal?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by gemii, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. gemii Committed Player

    im getting 150 and with the boost 187. i thought it was more that you usually receive or am i drunk
  2. TheLorax Devoted Player

    Did you use the boost right before you consumed the renown?
  3. gemii Committed Player

    yup 150 regularly collecting it and 187 with the boost
  4. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Yup it's broken you should be getting 183.50 the renown boosters only give 25%. 25% of 150 is 33.50
  5. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    My mistake 32.50 not 33
  6. TheLorax Devoted Player

    25% of 150 is 37.50

    150+37.50= 187.50
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  7. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    Your right. My math was off. Binge drinking with league mates lol
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  8. TheLorax Devoted Player

    Never drink and arithmetic. :D
  9. Wonder Wiccan Committed Player

    We were running elite and taking a shot everytime someone dies. One guy passed out. One threw up. And I got on some very "unique" talking points that made my other leaguemates question the legality of my job. ;):)
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  10. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    There are three kinds of people: those good at math and those who aren't.
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  11. TheLorax Devoted Player

    I see what you did there
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