Is PSN Down?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Echephyle, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Echephyle New Player

    I can't connect right niw but was able to last night.

    Keep getting ce-33987-0 or nw-31201-7 on my ps4 when testing connection
  2. JoshuaBagwell Committed Player

  3. Dexella Communications Manager

    The teams are looking into this and working on it now.

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  4. Seth Grey New Player

    Luckily EU PSN is working fine. Just logged off 5 minutes ago.
  5. WickedRhys Well-Known Player

    im on eups (ps4 if it matters) it said cannot verify license closing in 15 minutes or something like that, so i restarted ps4 to see if that did anything i come back and cannot connect to psn, then saw the psn is having connectivity issues, check link.
  6. Seth Grey New Player

    May be the machine does matter. I'm on ps3.
  7. WickedRhys Well-Known Player

    and you are connected to DCUO?
  8. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    i gotta notice from psn on my ps4 saying the system is down so yes id say its down
  9. Seth Grey New Player

    Was. I logged off about 10-15 minutes prior to my last post.
  10. Locarthemanbeast Committed Player

    Perfect time for GU 38, I'm I right.
  11. WickedRhys Well-Known Player

    seems to be the way it is at the moment, if their is any connection issues then the ps3 can connect but not the ps4.
  12. areacode8O8 Committed Player

    On ps4. Says under maintenance. My friends list won't even load up
  13. WickedRhys Well-Known Player

  14. winter13 New Player

    I still can't connect to the PSN. Been that way since I got home 45 minutes ago.
  15. Ace1 Dedicated Player

    A game update must be near...
  16. Akroma New Player

    if the ps4 logins were down every time an update was near we would be on update 100 by now.
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  17. Volkenraider Loyal Player

    Think you forgot a zero :p
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  18. MercPony Devoted Player

    Its affecting the entire PSN not just DCUO ;)
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