Is nature the strongest dps?

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  1. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    If you actually think that atomic is average at best than you have no idea how to use atomic.
  2. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Enlighten me please. I would desperately love to know... But please don't tell me that the secret is to run the eye of horus on it while flurrying
  3. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Lol who said anything about precision... you keep talking about things you’ve tested yet don’t seem to know how good certain powers are.
  4. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Okay yes... Miscommunication I guess. I was talking about strictly prec. Regardless... Are you talking about hallway adds? Elite? Ranged? Melee?

    You didn't specify under what circumstances, under right ones and semi squishy adds in hallways or in regular, sure. If running with infinite supers dead melee with healers you'd beat most powers in regular except for maybe rage, earth and something like muni running biggun or water running call of the deep. On range aoe single target you won't keep up with most powers and will probably get wrecked by earth running entomb+neo combo since it's got better single target and better supercharges. In fact, on single target you will get wrecked as atomic might by pretty much all powers that have decent 5k supercharges because in addition to them they can also run neo without losing it's value. Pop neo, pop entomb you ain't beating earth with infinite atomic blast that is semi weak at best and doesn't even remotely make up for atomic's weak single target or aoe. Most of if not all might single target powers have at least 3k+ on atomic, it's a fact.

    On ranged aoe it might just keep up with most, not nature. On pure single target, ain't no way it keeps up with most powers because most powers 1)Hit harder on single 2)Have better 5k supers and 3)Can run Neo+Another super such as entomb, fireball barrage etc... Not to mention electric's circuit breaker, gadgets or mental running 4 supercharges in stealth or hell.. even ice running ice elemental with blizzard inside the form to get 10% back from the blizzard which is a 5k super. And yes, I've done the testing and know exactly what I'm talking about. Atomic blast is great but circumstantial melee centric and infinite supercharge dependent on hallway adds with its aoe. On aoe ranged or melee you ain't even close to beating nature running neo+gorilla or wolf so I have no idea what you are talking about. End of discussion
  5. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Fair enough on the miscommunication. Yes it will not beat out the top powers when they know how to use their power. However, atomic can definitely hold its own when used right too. Both on ranged and melee. Atomic has above average supercharge regen (not as high as electric thou) which helps it build its sc pretty well to use with atomic blast (the 5000 cost sc).

    On melee it can not beat earth or rage. That’s because those powers are designed to shine in those ranged. And on aoe range it will not beat electric because that’s where electric shines.

    Atomic does very well in both elite and regular adds. I’d argue that it does better in elite than in instances where things die fast because the aura will drop faster (because things die before you can use a full rotation to reset your aura).

    As for the precision side, I’m not to big of a fan of atomic. I have to retest it when I switch my main back to atomic.
  6. GoDeacs Well-Known Player

    Fair enough... It's really just about getting first to the adds in the hallways and blasting them 3 times before earth or rage get there lol. Atomic is definitely better in elite on semi fat adds but not too fat like volatiles in PCe because other dps's will actually get a chance to drop their stuff too
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  7. Top Stooge New Player

    Thanks for the post and all the feedback. - Top Stooge
  8. gemii Dedicated Player

    Nature wolf form melee in heal role with full dps gear and eye of gemini is better than most might powers dps rotations sad but true.
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