Is nature the strongest dps?

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  1. ALB Committed Player

    Beast nature dps
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  2. zor ile Well-Known Player

    pretty ill
  3. gemii Dedicated Player

    Yes if you have a nature healer
  4. ALB Committed Player

    He didn't have a healer. What other power is doing 47k st?
  5. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    Here we go again. Let’s not overlook that he is standing still in front of the sparing target the entire time. Yes this is parseing really well but it Isn’t destroying prec, and I’m taking about top tier prec guys.

    On certain bosses it will keep and on others it will fall behind.
    Lady death hawk, hawk man, or any fight where u have to break from dpsing for a mechanic or a boss becomes invulnerable it will fall behind. There is a wind up to this and by the time you are in wolf there’s been 3-4 flurry shots have been fired off.
    Dme last boss where you can keep the rotation going it will be a lot better.

    What about the electric or rage prec dps(or gadgets), which most top tier are, standing in that circle? What about the beserks/ circuit breakers that are able to be fired off every time they come off cool down? What about the prec buffs the troll is giving?

    You said in your last post you don’t care about nature, but it seems to me you have a personal vendetta against it. You don’t see how this is buffing the entire group, just the numbers in that parse.

    Keep on with your crusade #NerfNature
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  6. ALB Committed Player

    Prec is doing 47k dps? Show me the video? Fyi, I have no crusade and can u plz stay in topic. I'm giving props and you seem to be the one on a crusade
  7. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    You didn’t comprehend 1 word I said.

    Nature sparring target champion #Nerfnature
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  8. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    The only prec dpses that could keep up with this would be nature, electric, rage, and maybe atomic (gotta test something first). This is because of how the supercharges work for electric rage and atomic. On nature I do similar damage on sparring targets and would do more in a raid setting because of the troll buff. But to be fair I did state that nature can out dps most prec dps which is impressive lol.

    Nature is a power that is amazing for prolonged fights regardless of if it’s prec or might. However it’s a power that doesn’t enjoy running lower level stuffs because things die to fast for the build up time lol.

    I actually loved this video. For boss fights it means that a nature dps could feed the healers and dps SCs. I use a similar loadout (not super speed so can’t use tornado pull and don’t care enough about the scoreboard to switch) but in dps role. Completely skipped my mind to try it in healer role lol. And like in the video I also use trans over heat vision. Makes me wonder what else I overlooked.
  9. gemii Dedicated Player

    Yeah but he’s not sitting in elite doing this non stop as he is in the video. As far as end game elite yeah last bosses pce he can get away with it and last bosses dme as well.

    Sparring targets give you an idea what something is capable of but when you go into elite where you actually have to start moving around more, blocking, etc etc most might rotations start to slow down In damage

    Regular content ok different story.

    That seems to be a issue when discussing powers on here. Everyone will run to a sparring and say (SEE LOOK) but how many players go into elite content and show off the same numbers.
  10. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    But he did 47k! No other power can stand still in front of a sparring target for 5 minutes and do that damage By itself!

  11. ALB Committed Player

    No one do the same damage in sparring targets that's done in elite, but 47k on ST is crazy. That's not even the damage cap with nature might. Top is a monster, and even under similar circumstances, the average nature dps won't produce same numbers, but damn, 47k is the top st dps
  12. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    If I just spammed green circles next to a electric/ rage prec dps while the flurry shot the sparring target, you think they wouldn’t parse higher than this?
    What about the prec troll buffs in content?
    Plus he had a soda and probably an omega while have a 253 utility belt. That missing 20 might or so, he’s capped.

    There are 2 questions above. Could you try to actually address the questions.
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  13. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    Both Gadgets and Celestial might can reach those numbers on single target sparring targets as well
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  14. ALB Committed Player

    So that's 3 might powers that is stronger than dw st?
  15. ALB Committed Player

    Can all might powers hit that on 3 sparring targets?
  16. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    I’m sticking to my guns and saying that other powers need to be buffed. No reason to get nature or prec nerfed
  17. ALB Committed Player

    Can all might powers hit 47k on 3 targets? Consistently on 60 sec parses?
  18. NotObsidianChill Dedicated Player

    no powerset can in content, even nature. There isn't anything where you can just sit in the same spot for 1min and never interrupt the rotation. I'm not saying that nothing is wrong with nature or prec its just that there are underlying issues besides just adjusting a few powersets.
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  19. Nautical enthusiast Well-Known Player

    I’m not saying nerf anything. Just saying it’s not op and not the best in every situation. Aoe range nature is the best power. Elite adds, nature Is better than doom spin in my opinion. St boss damage prec is king. Sparring target doesn’t always translate to content.

    It’s kind of hard to have a conversation when every question is responded to with another question.
  20. ALB Committed Player

    Nature can. The same player was hitting 90-140k in one of the elite raids.

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