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  1. L T Loyal Player

    I started working on a guide for the various Supercharge abilities... and found that some are more Super than others. A friend suggested that it would get more attention/discussion if I posted here instead of the guide section.

    I tested every supercharge on the test server in front of league hall sparring targets, using the same character who was CR166 with 7443 might. I got at least 10 samples from each of the 50% supers. For the 100% ones, I got one sample on a single target, but the rest of my samples were on multiple targets, scaled to adjust for damage splitting. None of the numbers looked out of whack, so I believe the numbers are valid and that all the supercharges split normally. I took my best guess at calculating base damage numbers for all the abilities-- I think it's now 200 might per % increase, and I'm assuming sparring targets have 20% defense in those calculations.

    I'll break this into multiple posts for 2500, 5000, 10,000 cost supers. Form Changes and self-buffs are a special case-- I'll just summarize those.
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  2. L T Loyal Player

    50% Supercharges

    TL;DR -- most of the 50% Supercharge abilities are pretty balanced, but there's a few that stand out to include on your load-out bar.

    Ice and Atomic have decent burst options that cost 5000 supercharge. Word of Power is a special case, but I included it here.

    Some bursts don't hit right away. You have to wait a few seconds for the damage to register. Those generally do more damage:
    The Earth Supercharges above are pretty strong. Quantum is just OK.

    Most 5000 cost supercharges do some kind of damage over time, which should net even more damage:
    Gadgets and Celestial are really weak in the short-dot category. Ice is a winner.

    Longer DoTs should do even more damage...
    Celestial's other supercharge ability is just as weak, as is Sorcery's. Carnivorous Plants would be weak if you don't use it from Gorilla or Wolf Form.

    Finally there are single-target and other none-of-the-above type abilities:
    The single-target options for Water, Sorcery, and Ice here are really strong. Most Rage players love Berzerk , but Mangle is a strong move also.
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  3. L T Loyal Player

    100% supercharges

    Both of the 100% burst abilities are decent-- but Nature's needs to be used from a form change.

    There's a lot of variance here-- Fire and Quantum have the only really good options. Bunker Buster can be hidden away in Stealth, but doesn't get any sort of bonus when used that way.

    Now for Single-Target abilities and other outliers:
    Bolt Barrage doesn't seem to be getting the same Projectiles-can-miss bonus that Fireball Barrage gets. Earthquake Is really strong when you do all the combos. Dehydrate makes for an awesome boss killer. Grand Summoning is only really good if you don't have mods and a lot of skill points.
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  4. L T Loyal Player

    25% Supercharges

    They're all bursts. The movement ones are just ok. Dehydrate rocks single-target damage-- but it's hard to use exactly 2500 supercharge with it.
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  5. L T Loyal Player

    Form Changes / Self-Buffs


    Not much to say about these. I didn't really run any rotations with them, just made a note of the damage.

    Nature's 10% damage bonus doesn't seem to ever go away, though the Crit bonus from Primal Wolf does.

    Mass Hysteria's pets did about the same total damage as a 50% burst ability from Atomic or Ice, but you have to adjust it for being CR based. Assuming 60% of your might comes from gear it does only a little more damage than a 2500 cost super. As with other summoned pets, the more skill points and better mods you have, the worse they look.
  6. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Your broken images makes me sad.
  7. L T Loyal Player

    You can't see the puush images??

  8. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Did you fix it? I can see it now.
  9. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    I applaud you for your hard work LT. I myself have quantum running through my veins so to see "Temporal Vortex" be under performing hurt a bit. Oblivion is really nice with huge mobs so I can't complain there.
  10. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    Do you still use your electric toon?
  11. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Wolf Form costs 2500, not 5000.
  12. Newel Loyal Player

    wow grand summoning and earthquake
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  13. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Not as much as I would like but he makes an appearance now and then.
  14. L T Loyal Player

    Oops. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll see if I can update the image on puush
  15. L T Loyal Player

    I found a lot of this surprising as I put it together.

    Wow Ice. Ice has a few really strong supercharges, including one that's both a self buff and a form change.

    I never see Polymorph used, but it should be effective in boss fights.

    Rage players seem to be sticking with Berserk, but Mangle looks like a pretty strong move to me.

    On the negative side there are Mental and Gadgets, neither of which have what I'd call a good supercharge but at least both have the option of hiding it away in stealth, making it sort of a bonus.

    On the really negative side there's Celestial, which is probably better off with Clown Box.
  16. spack2k Devoted Player

    Channeled SC are only an option if one plays without a troll because u regenerate power while executing assumed one plays with the right focus, the higher stats and crit% gets the higher ones dmg output of loadout rotation increase incomparison to Mangles channel duration for example, add Berserk to the equation and last doubts vanish.
  17. Newel Loyal Player

    Could you please try berserk and venom together in a supercharge combo and use other rage powers to see how devastating that is seriously I want to put that to the test
  18. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    As an ice dps I usually use Blizzard but I do like Freeze Ray in some very specific situations. Floating above the Bat bosses in ZooE for instance, you can dump a lot of damage out at one target fairly quickly. I'd be curious to try Deep Freeze though, that's not even on my radar :eek:
  19. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Your right on with atomics SC. I see most dps running the 100% SC. Not sure if they just follow YouTube or what. I call atomic burst, the atomic biggun. I've seen crits over 100k, and more if the NPC's are grouped just right. There is a downside to this SC. The cone of damage can be blocked. Plus is the tank keeps moving them away from you, or outside your cone, you can get zero damage. PUG earth tanks spamming that stupid pull, lol. So there is risk reward vs some of the other SC like grand summoning that you drop and get full damage just from tapping triangle on the target.
  20. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Great post. Not remotely surprised by Entomb standing out over the rest of the 5000 sc's. Being Gadgets and Celestial, I've found it unbalanced since revamp, but never quite like Berserk and Circuit Breaker were so it was never that big of an issue.

    I don't find the delay in the 5000 supercharges warrants this big of a damage increase over the quick bursts. The difference between Entomb and Atomic Blast for example is significant and very noticeable if you've played both powers, yet timing and hitting them both is not that much different. And it's not because the difference in supercharge damage is there to make up for any weaknesses in the powerset either (which shouldn't ever be the case anyways), as Earth is already a top AOE power without Entomb, while you can make a case for Atomic being borderline top tier if that.

    The thing with Clown Box is that it hits well, and better than Gadgets' and Celestial's supers, but you can't DPS while you are in that form so you are losing out on the damage that you could have been hitting for in your normal rotation while another super like Asphyxiation Gas, Atomic Blast, Entomb, Cursed Idol, etc. is out. So taking in to account that lost damage, it's not much better than most supers and I'd still take Cursed Idol over it for Celestial.

    It's obvious there are still a few supers that are still unbalanced, whether it be they are too strong or too weak, however it doesn't seem too bad. In some cases I believe it is a good thing as it does (even though it shouldn't have to) close the gap for powers that have seemed behind like Quantum with Oblivion, Sorcery with Grand Summoning, and Ice with multiple supercharges as you've outlined. The only case I can think of where it does the opposite and enhances an already top tier DPS power is with Earth and Entomb.

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