Is legendary membership worth it?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Protofreakification, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Protofreakification New Player

    I'm premium right now and I was thinking about getting a Legendary membership.What are some of the benefits?
  2. Zizzi New Player

    Free Promethium Box opens
    More Inventory and Bank Space
    No cash cap
    They give you money back in the form of Loyalty Points or Station Cash, which you can use to buy things like Legends characters or Lairs.
    Access to all DLCs

    If you play a decent amount of time then yes it is worth it.
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  3. Nitefelina New Player

    150 replay badges a month, 500 station cash. These are if you are reoccurring.

    Open all of your boxes, have acess to all of your money, and get w/e new content that day it comes out.

    All for the cost of mowing your neighbors yard one day.
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  4. Little Sister New Player

    Totally worth it. I was Premium once when my Sub lapsed and I cried myself to sleep every night.
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  5. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    I agree with what everyone else has posted.
  6. Spicoli New Player

    It's 300 replay badges right?
  7. Im Charlie New Player

  8. Dump Truck New Player

    It's 500 loyalty points a month. 500 loyalty points will buy 150 replay badges - or you could save them for two months and buy 350 replay badges like I do.

    Basically, every two months you are legendary you get ten dollars worth of marketplace items of your choice via loyalty points. Plus you get all the other benefits
    - All access to DLC's
    - First access to DLC's
    - Lockbox keys (but I swear the drop rate is higher when Freemium)
    - No cash cap
    - Larger inventory space and more bank space
    - Priority que times (when logging into the game)
    Everything but a jelly of the month membership - all for the cost of mowing your neighbors lawn.(thanks ermike)
    (I don;t know where you live that it costs only ten bucks to have your lawn mowed - in NJ it's twice that to pay a 12 year old to do it)

    What I suggest, wait until your inventory is full of lockboxes - then go legendary.
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  9. neptunesBeard New Player

    That's a little too

    Personally OP, I don't see it being worth it to pay for every month. I'll get it once in a while but not all the time.
    I have all the DLC though so I can still run everything the legendary people do, and for a lot less money.
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  10. Nitefelina New Player

    No 150 or $5 worth. 500 sc, aka $5. So yes 300 if you spend your 500sc on 150 more. So each month you get $10 back in marketplace money or item. You basically spend 5 bucks for the rest.

    Go sell some lemonade today and im sure you can enjoy the other 27 days or so before you need to sell some more.
  11. Enzan Committed Player

    Yes and no. The Benefits are nice, but when certain deals come out, you'll end up missing them.

    Examples are the 50% off deals, as well as the one last December, where if you had Legendary status that year, you'd get one month free. If you were Legendary at the time of the promotion, you wouldn't be able to buy the half off DLC, or get that free month.

    I personally would do it one or two months for the full Power options, and Gear from CC, than hold off till you actually NEED Legendary. I can live off 2000 for repairs and such. Not to mention I bought Hands of Fate and Home Turf, so I have enough to do without Legendary. I plan on buying Origin Crisis, since it IS the only DLC worth the full $10.
  12. Spicoli New Player

    Been Legendary since day one and I love it. Would not play any other way.
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  13. Octantis New Player

    Here's a quick story from moi as it totally applies:

    Was legendary and lost the sub on PS3, so I dropped to premium. Figured meh, I'll make this work; after all, daily Vault runs would yield nothing I didn't already have, and lockboxes were only dropping colas non-stop. So I pressed on, bought the DLCs, no biggie.

    PS3 broke, so I moved to PC. Lo and behold a PC account was different and I was no longer Premium but completely Free. Made it into T3 content and geared up into T3 Duo stuff (even did some FoS) before buying FFTL and Lightning Strikes during a bonus day for the market place. Awesome, I'm Premium! More inventory and character slots and access to Mod1s, wooo! Bought all the other DLC and now up to 83 still in Mod1s.

    However, this time around I spent my free time collection and style hunting rather than just farming Marks like I did on PS3. Occasionally I'd check the broker for missing collections, but most were out of the price range of $2k. So what did I do? I proudly shout out that I found the Superboy Plaque Rubbing and Rann/Thanagarian War Plaques, that's what I do! Every collection that costs a million or more I found by myself. But now I'm pretty burned out of collections, and also looking at the fact that I may need Mods better than 1s to get a spot into T5 when it hits.

    So what do I do? I say eff it and get a Legendary membership for the month to wrap up loose ends. I have 7 lockboxes waiting to be opened and what do I find? Colas. Yep, the boxes still have colas in them. Oh but now they each had a Mark of War, too! Sweet. Oh hey, there was also an epic 78 DPS neck there, too, a blue aura, and the Noble Warrior chest. Whoop whoop. Immediately I head to the broker with my $750k in tow and buy buy buy. Completed 6 or 7 collections and meta collections, too. Head to the R&D place, buy 8 of each interface II-IV. 15 min before server shuts down, quick! To the Vault! What's in there? Nothing I don't already have. Honestly, is it too much to ask for the Biomech Belt? And getting the Superboy Hoodie on my alt I never play (and in fact use as a bank) is still cruel, DCUO. Shame on you.

    Lesson learned? Promethium Lockboxes are so-so in terms of worth. Got a necklace, an aura, and a new52 chest along with the usual boat load of Colas. Daily Vault? Nope, not worth it. Maybe when U25 hits and Checkmate Operative/Informant are in there then it might be, but right now no. What's the best part? The cash cap. For $15 I get 30 days of unlimited escrow as opposed to the cost for just 7-day unlimited. In addition, I get Loyalty Points/Station Cash if my sub renews next month, so my subscription pays back 33% of its cost every month.

    Worth it? It's debateable. I got along fine without it, now I just feel I'm being spoiled.
  14. Nitefelina New Player

    If you are like me and basically just subbed from the start, beyond worth it. If you have bought most or all of the dlcs then you have to think about how much have you already put in, and how you are now negating it some what. I know people say if you own the dlc you have it forever, but if I can't afford my sub, then I can't afford to play anyways.
  15. Ionic Wonder Active Player

    I got a year's sub and do enjoy the freedom, when it runs out I plan on just getting the DLCs that I feel are imperative to have (that I didn't already buy prior). Aside from all the other benefits it's nice to access EVERYTHING and decide what is and what isn't worth while to ya. Get a month and try things out, if it's worth it to you get a longer sub for the savings.
  16. Mr Extraordinaire New Player

    I purchased DCUO on Disc when it came out, from that I have been a premium member since my first day playing. It took about a year, but I finally decided to give Legendary Membership a try and purchased a 3 month sub...then I became addicted...I now have secured the next 6 months of Legendary Membership status, and I plan on renewing it again in a couple months. With Legendary status I feel like I am poor if I have any less than 3 million in-game cash on me. My inventory and bank are full, I've made 16 characters (some just for storage in their banks), open all boxes, all the DLC, in my opinion it is totally worth it...if you play often enough. If you have considered getting Legendary than you probably play enough for it to be worth it.
  17. Hallows Eve New Player

    I don't think it's worth it. I can do everything a legendary can and I only have to spend $10 for each dlc.
  18. Mr Extraordinaire New Player

    Sorry but you can not do everything Legendary Members can do, I say this because I know first hand. I was premium...and now Legendary.
  19. Hallows Eve New Player

    ok I can't access the broker or open lockboxes but I can do anything else.
  20. Ilunis New Player

    Legendary. I've had it since launch on PC and don't regret it.

    Do not ask how I have it.

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