Is it worth returning to?

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    Who is this everyone you speak of who acts like ALL of these SP are impossible to get.?

    That's fantastic.

    Well, don't let it get your attention too much because we'll see what happens. I mean, we're going to see what happens. You know, I told you. When it comes to the TC, SP, some of the collection and set styles. CR and SP. I mean, so you're going to have average stats with that. Having a lot of SP can give you higher impact. However, a significant amount of stats comes from gear as well.

    You mentioned before that we are on the brink of catastrophe there. Reinheld said: ↑
    “it's not rocket science. Oh, and you also need to forget about 'but I want it noooooow!'. Down that path lies madness and the poor house. Same for those 200 artis that will be trumped every 3-6 months with a new DLC and Arti set. Find some that work for you, work on those and disregard the new shiny one that works a tiny bit better or a little differently. Getting in this game to be the 'best' is playing into DI's design. The game can be fun, but it can also be a nightmare if you make it so.”

    That said, if you don't aim for elite raids then you don't need to worry about maxing your stats either. I don't want to discuss things.

    I did the math – and the General Time capsules strike, 78,76. This is far greater than expectations.
    So yeah.
  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    There are a lot of people (so yes...not 'everyone', but many) who act like ALL the TC feats are insurmountable. They are not. Some are (without tremendous luck or many billions of dollars spent in game), for sure...but many are not. You don't need them all to be functional, and if the player is just returning to the game(as the original post would imply) he could work on the 100's of NON TC feats first before worrying about topping out those last 78 or so. Those who are discouraging just coming back due to the feats tied up in TCs are not really presenting the full picture.

    BTW...don't get me wrong, I hate the TC system....I just realize it's here to stay and have worked around it as best I can without spending additional cash. It is doable.

    I'm not sure what you mean here? It's kind of a jumble of thoughts. Something about getting my attention, then seeing what happens, then that you told me, although I don't know we've discussed the TC subject least not in a while. BTW....the difference between 39 and 78 SP is not really 'a lot''s 39...39 out of what....535 now?...540?. I know for a fact there are many who A) can beat elite and B) can probably whoop my butt who have way more than 39 SP less than I do...some even with 'average' stats, which today is probably like 350-380 SP or so. They do fine because they are good players. Believe it or not, but actually knowing how to play, how your power works, and having the ability to NOT worry about being top of the board can make some good players regardless of CR/SP...and none of those things cost money...some can even make for an enjoyable time on the game.

    Um, never said 'we' were on the brink of catastrophe....didn't say catastrophe at all really. What I did caution against for the OP was the 'need it now' mentality we all can get in. If he does come back getting 200 (or even 120) artis will take time...getting those SP will take time, and playing 'keep up' with those who need those things is a recipe for a terrible time (and expensive at that) in this game.

    Good day though.
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    We haven't crossed the 100 mark yet. When that list was made it was 65.something and since then there have been a total of TWO Time Capsules released. There's no way there was 30+ skill points added within the last two TCs. Let's not exaggerate here.
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    My phone is literally about to die. But half of this text is probably gonna be about.. yeah. But hey, as long as it's long!

    Well, I’ve — I’ve looked at it very strongly, and in this particular case, I’m dealing with returning player or players* and all of the people at the return to mmo. And it’s always tough. See where I’m going here? But when you talk about people that did what this particular person did, “I spend 0 on caps, gotten all the feats except the Neon. I've worked through about 75% or 50% on a different account. And if the player is just returning. She could work on the 100's of NON TC feats first. ”
    That’s tough also. So we’re going to see what happens.
    Right now, they have a stay, I believe, right? They have a stay. And that’s what’s going to happen. Okay?
    Think about it. New and returning players that want to play an mmo have to completely level a character twice before they really get started in that mmo.

    I'm not necessarily sure what my purpose in writing this was. It definitely became a much longer post than I intended it to be. Though, admittedly, I found it relaxing to write this lol.

    That’s a fantastic thing. Thank you very much. That’s a — that’s an equally incredible statement. You understand what you’re doing now, so that’s great. But let’s not go into TC system.
    And serious statement. I mean it.

    Well, if you look back on it, this was an conversation that should have never taken place. I appreciate it. Thank you. Good luck with everything. Appreciate it. (Applause.)
    And 535 SP that is a lot still, but we want to be up to 39 SP, so that’s good.
    He may end up coming back so yeah.

    And well, that’s what I meant when I kiddingly said — (applause) — that’s what I meant when I kiddingly said, brink of catastrophe, because to want something very much: Unpleasant is about to happen. you really know it —

    That’s what I meant. And great job you’ve done.

    Have a good evening
  5. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm guessing you are not a native English speaker/writer as some of your sentences are hard to follow and all over the place (Hey, I'm not throwing shade....I can only speak/write in one language...sometimes sketchy at that even). Not that there is anything wrong with that, but at this point I can't even tell if we are agreeing or dis-agreeing. I'll assume agreeing and leave it alone.

    I'd guess by now the OP has enough info from both sides of the argument to make up his/her mind on coming back.

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  6. Batrederik Dedicated Player

    I didn't write it as a form of native English speaker or anything like that

    I would have preferred not to write it. And I sometimes think I would have been better off not knowing some of the things I now know. But yes, let just leave as it is.
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    This thread keep going, despite the fact the guy hasn't replied, nor seems like he checks this thread. :confused:
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    Yeah, it's a bit odd, maybe he is just taking a vacation. Perhaps he is deep in thought, or busy, or traveling. Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened ^
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    That's usually how it goes with a lot of these threads. I would hope that the lack of response is because the OP is actually checking the game out and deciding for him/her-self...which would be for the best. ;)
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