Is it worth now again!?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by PhilTheWind, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. PhilTheWind Well-Known Player


    It's that tread again. Just saw on fb the free 100 cr thingy. So has I usually do at this time of year (I know, I know it's bad).

    Is the game still fun to play, new raids/duos/alerts and such. Is the population declining/growing (I'm a villain)

    I've had so much fun with this game. So I'm trying to get a friend to join me and with the 100 cr thing he might just join if it's worth it.

    Again thanks for the replies and suggestions and insight and everything you guys do.

    Good luck and have fun! :)

  2. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    naw wait til the revamp is going live to come back, my advice is follow the updates they are doing on the revamp .
  3. Neidler123 Dedicated Player

    What an odd question.
    Nobody knows but you and your friend
  4. PhilTheWind Well-Known Player

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the answer! I really appreciate it. Ok so ill check put the stat revamp to see whats up with that!

    Again thank you and have a nice Day!

  5. CountryBoyof74 Well-Known Player

    Well I had taken off for almost a year, And yet DCUO kept billing me. Lol. But I decided to jump back in and I'm currently enjoying myself very much.
  6. Alpha Well-Known Player

    I just came back from another six to seven month break and I'm enjoying myself. Although I must admit I do feel lonely without all my old running mates.
  7. gemii Dedicated Player

    i came back to get used to the new gear system and stuff i think its worth coming back right now just to get your feet wet.
  8. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Make sure that you go into account and turn off the automatic billing and that will not happen.
  9. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Ever done an Elite raid yet, Phil? If so, be careful.

    Was starting Unholy Matrimony Elite and already some poor woman was berated for her low CR. So, I made them roll for a better Troll because I was, in no way, interested in running with snobs who weren't gonna give someone a chance.

    Take this with pride, abandon runs with those who won't give others a chance. Make them lose an important asset because their elitist mindset is getting to them.

    Apart from that, don't be afraid to run them when you do. They're fun, mildly frustrating, may want you to kick your own teeth in, but dang it, they're rewarding once it's completed.
  10. Marvin_Mayhem New Player

    I just came back on after being off for at least two years (if not more... the last thing I remember was the update after Home Turf LOL). I'm glad I put it back on, even though I haven't done much but re-establish my old character from my PS3 to PS4. Seems like there's still a lot going on and I'm slowly getting back into the groove. I think I'll have more fun on weekends when there are more folks online.