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    Long time no see DCUO. Just came back to the forum again after about another year long break. A lot of new content etc? Is it worth grinding out a new fresh toon. Thanks.
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    The pros and cons of new toon grinding.

    As always, you get to try a different power set / support role without having to use a power respec token.
    If you already have an existing toon fairly high on the food chain, new toons get the benefit of being able to get it's skill points via replay tokens. With the upcoming changes planned making SP a more significant aspect of the game than in the past, you'll likely use this feature at some point to stay up to speed with the harder to get feats. Focus on those that require long investments of time and avoid using the replays on feats that you'll get when just running content to completion.
    IMHO, I've always felt that 6 toons were almost a minimum requirement for players to be able to experience the most out of the game...1 for each hero/villain mentor and 3 different movement styles. Each mentor starts with a different story line up to LVL 15 and different final pre level 30 missions. On the PS there are trophies awarded for all of these and they are part of achieving the Platinum trophy for DCUO.
    You'll also find at Tier 4 that the missions and story lines vary greatly and there are unique feats for each faction.

    Grinding up a new toon with foreknowledge of the content isn't all that tedious as far as CR is concerned until you get to Tiers 4 and 5. Solo ques will start to take longer as so many players seldom go back to much of the content and the solo missions require you play as iconic characters. If you're not fairly adept with the characters, they can get a bit frustrating at times.
    Finding a league that supports alts is a plus. Forming balanced groups and targeting specific feats is far easier, but again, blind ques can often result in 8 people with a few who don't understand the mechanics or are imbalanced in powers. That can lead to players leaving, groups disbanding and long times in instances.
    Soon the best gear will be in the vendors at the highest levels so grinding marks will again become important to progression.

    Coupled with mainframe maintenance and utility belt expenses, the game becomes a bit less alt friendly. Keep the focus on your main character for long term feats like farming exobits and the like (duos completed, alerts completed, bottle duos, etc). Also, buy all the mod plans you'll need and keep them on your main. Spreading plans across multiple characters can get a bit confusing at times and you'll save $$$ on replicating plans for support roles.

    Bottom line....there's no rules. If you enjoy playing the alt, have at it. If you get to a point where the time invested becomes a chore, you can always go back to an alt when time allows.

    Hope this helps.
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