is it worth it to max out artifact and augs?

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  1. niehlsbohr New Player

    is it worth it to max artifact and augs? My understanding the purpose is for elite content and hardly anyone playing it. I tried it once and awhile and decided not worth it seeing some maxed out artifact users couldn't even beat first boss plus hard as hell to get team together and not to mention people running elite are salty as hell.

    I'm a replay badges guy and I heard it costs hundreds of dollars to level augs to 23 and artifacts to 200, So what do you think level of artifact or augs to be comfortable cruising through regular raid?
  2. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Artifacts that's all subjective, augments yes as it has a 50 point feat for rank 23.
  3. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    To level a augment to 23 it cost around 300mil in-game cash, probably cheaper now, that's for XP and boons.
  4. Sammy Active Player

    Augments are cheap. just playing normally you can get them maxed. no need to go crazy.

    Artifacts are more expensive. it does cost about 100-120 an artifact if buying everything. The honest answer is if you can clear normal content without too much difficulty. If you find it a struggle, then do what you need to. if not, then don't worry about it.
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  5. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I only take my artifacts up to 139 each, there is a feat for 160 but I have that feat already so my current artifacts will remain at 139 each.

    If you buy everything for artifacts based on what friends have told me it cost around 300 cash to get to 200 on 1 artifact, so 900 total for all 3. But imo 160 is more then enough for anything in this game.
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  6. Proxystar #Perception

    It doesn't cost hundreds of dollars unless you're impatient.

    People keep bandying around this figure of $250~ whatever it is and it's simply not true unless you're for some reason choosing to level up an artifact from zero to 200 with absolutely no in game work.

    Artifacts are leveled up over time, what they will cost you however, are seals, you'll probably need on average 4-8 seals of preservation to get the artifact from 0-120 (possibly 140 if you are lucky) and 4 seals of completion for levels 140, 160, 180 and 200.

    the completion seals are required there because of how low mathematically the success rates are.

    An artifact is therefore going to cost you ~$25USD for the seals required, the only reason it costs more is because you're choosing not to farm Nth Metal by actually playing the game, whatever reason that might be.

    There's feats and progress attached to these things, they're always worth just passively working on, but at your own pace.
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  7. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    True you could work on them slowly but when you're playing with friends or a league and you're a support role you kinda need your stuff in line sooner then what a DPS only person can do it. Nobody likes a ill-prepared support role.
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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    True, but if you're just running regular content you could probably get it done easy as with even 80-120 level artifacts.

    Remember you are allowed to take second healers and the like as well, it's only the community that self imposes this 5-1-1-1 mentality ;)
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  9. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    If you mainly run regular content there are only very few artifacts even worth leveling up to 200. These are: Strat. Card, Claw, Rao and Page of Destiny. Keep in mind that rank 200 is not needed at all for regular raids since that contents difficulty is balanced around rank 80-120 artifacts.

    Elite content is balanced around artifact lvl160-200.

    For adaptive augments - if you only play regular - its simply a nice QoL to take less damage from certain sources but never a make or break in regular content. The stat increase from rank 0 to 23 is also very miniscule.
  10. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I know, I would push for at least 120-139 artifacts, reason being is this is where I usually get my 3 artifacts and never have issues but I know everyone plays differently.

    As far as getting multi roles for a raid only way your doing that is if you're in a huge league that runs both roles on all characters.

    Tried doing pcr and out of the 7 DPS' that was in the group the 2 that could go troll and tank, switched, but the tank was basically doing avalanche and other DPS abilities and 0 shields as tank, had vit/prec/resto/dom bottom augs and who knows what the top 2 augs were.
  11. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Not all Artifacts are worth maxing past 160 so it depends on what you're running.
    There's no excuse to not have your Origin Augments maxed since they're so simple to keep up with. You're Adaptive Augments you only need to max one for the feat unless you run elite then you'll need them both maxed.
  12. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I havent ran elite yet and have both top augments at rank 23. It gives almost 2x the stats that bottom augs do and all the additional perks are doubled.
  13. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    That's great but all maxed isn't necessary for regular content and we'll be replacing them in a couple months for the next episode.
  14. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    And if you're even more patient/inclined, you can wait until they're on sale and buy how many ever you think you'll need or wait for the occasional freebie. The costs involved as always correlated to how patient/prudent you are. Sure, you might not have a new shiny RIGHT NAO, None of them are required to complete content. It only adds padding. In essence, everyone needs to git gud and chill out. LOL
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  15. Brit Loyal Player

    With even a set of 3 artifacts at the 120 range, you are fully prepared to run basically any content in game. Even Elites don't require 3 Artifacts at 200. How do I know this? Because I still don't have all three artifacts at 200, and I have been able to consistantly run all elites for several Episodes.

    What people end up spending tons of money on is chasing the Meta. "Oh. This new Artifact came out. I want it. I want it high level, and I want it right now. I'll take my existing 200 Artifact, feed it to this new one at the rate of half XP, and then I'll buy a bunch of Nth Metal, buy Catalysts, buy Seals, etc. so that I can have it right now."

    Point blank, chasing the Meta is not nearly as important as people seem to believe. Since both you and I are Healers, I'll keep it in the context of that. Strategist Card and Transformation Card both were considered very good for the HoT breakdown of Nature. Supposedly the new Purple Healing Ray is also awesome and incredible (I haven't even looked at it yet). Some people will feel some overwhelming need to have these new Artifacts.

    In contrast, I still use a 200 Orb, 200 Fang, 160 Page combination that is slightly less ideal, but gets the job done good enough. Could I swap out Fang and Page to something slightly better? Yes. But the overall performance difference is going to be relatively small. We're talking about marginally small differences. The new stuff will pretty much always out-perform the old stuff. It's designed that way intentionally, to try and trick people into trading up so they keep spending. But many of us realize that dropping hundreds of dollars every Episode to max the new stuff is just silly, when it's only really going to be a 2-3% improvement. No Artifact out there is going to double someone's healing or DPS. Nothing is truly that make-or-break. For the most part, as long as you're not using from the list of worthless garbage ones, any of them can be used and it'll get you within a stone's throw of that max potential.

    Right now there are absurd numbers of DPS trying to ditch their Solar Amplifiers and swap over to the next thing, when the reality is that the Solar changes did not alter single target DPS whatsoever; it only had to do with AOE. The boss burn will see little or no change. But they want to panic because a different Artifact will give them less than a 1% total increase, for the low low cost of "Pay hundreds of dollars because I need it right this second!"

    My advice is basically, choose 3 Artifacts and stick with 'em. They will max out cheap and easy on their own, provided you're not constantly flushing half the XP down the toilet and resetting all those Catalysts and breakthroughs to chase the latest fad.

    But hey, some people need to have the new iPhone the day it comes out, and some of us realize "My old one works just fine. I haven't even dropped it and cracked the screen yet. No way am I paying all that money to replace something that doesn't need replacing."
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  16. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    forgetting people by nth metal in the market place to level up faster
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  17. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I only rank mines up to 120 considering new artifacts keeps coming out and they always seem better then the previous one. Don't want to waste my time leveling something up to 200 to be consider useless down the road.
  18. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    Just replying to the part about replacing page: don't do it. That's the only healer artifact that should be considered a must. I can't even explain how clutch it is in the elite Zues fight. Just constant 1 shots being saved by it. Purple is pretty crappy by comparison. Eye of Gemini is what everyone wants every healer to be running for the new elite but isn't truly neccessary, the dps just want it.
    Now back on topic: if you aren't interested in current elites, 120 range is fine. I recently started an alt and have 6 arts for bother roles, 4 at 120 and 2 at 100. No money spent, main sends over all the nth he can. They don't take long to level up. My main is all about elite so all 6 are 200s and both roles have maxed upper and lower augs. Alt catches up slowly. Alt can run anything regular, in elite he would be beat up pretty bad/ not a true help to the team.
    Also, don't think just because everything is maxed that elite will be a cakewalk. Plenty of people find that out real quick. Right now, there was a lot of cheating to get thru elite and more recently it has become "buff troll only, nature healers spam eog" and that's the only way people seem to be getting thru it. It does work but that's what everyone means by "chasing meta".
  19. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    I max out me basic Augments & me Artifacts are all at 160. I have no interest in getting them any higher. episode Augments, I max out the one for the feat, & that's your lot. the one guaranteed way to cheese me off in this game is the breakthrough system. the least I have to do with all that nonsense, the better. so. Artifacts - 160'll do you. basic Augments - max 'em out. episode specific Augments - eh, 'sup to you, but I can't be ar*ed with 'em, meself.
  20. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    To be fair, I tried nature and without trans/strat and its night and day, I originally switched when I had a 169ish demon fang, 139 orb and 130ish manacles.

    Was terrible struggled in event raid at cr314 or 315. I have trans strat page now doing same thing I was before when I originally switched and its 1000% better as nature heal. The sheer amount of HoTs that pop off allies is nuts and the speed they roll off is insane.

    I have been able to keep a friend alive while he melees hydra now 3x. I wouldnt even attempt that before with my old artifact setup as nature.

    Point is sometimes you should upgrade to a new artifact because it is actually better like in my case

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