Is it worth coming back to game 2019?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by STORMBORN, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. STORMBORN New Player

    Can someone tell the pros and cons in the game right now? :)
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  2. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    pros: most things which were paywall rng just a year ago thanks to capsules is now easily achievable and it looks like the devs are improving on largescale content amount and quality with atlantis and the upcoming (justice league dark?) episode.

    cons: we got a cr 210 skip and it's made the community more toxic and inexperienced at later tiers. ordinarily a cr skip and free episode would be a pro for me 0_o.
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  3. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    Completely agree with the Pros quoted, the Devs are really working on improving game content on all levels, we're even starting to see some much needed UI love given (albeit small steps).

    Power and Stats revamps have brought a blurry line between "best" and "worst" powers for specific roles, opening the field to more diversity of character build and powers.
    Augments and Artefacts have helped to close the gap on Skill Point dependency for relevancy, without removing the relevancy.

    In short, the PvE experience in the game is, in my opinion, one of the best places it's ever been since game launch (some may disagree, but that's the beauty of OPINION)

    Sadly, the Cons are also fairly accurate, the CR210 boost was a great thing for experienced players for their alts (I finally made a Tank toon with mine), but it has lead to a number of new players using the boost prematurely before they truly understand and appreciatethe way the game mechanics and powers work.

    PvP is still an area that needs much love, but due to a number of factors this will be a long time coming, and tbh, has been discussed to death on multiple platforms.

    TL/DR - IF you PvE mainly, come back, try it out, you'll love it (or not) but you'll have fun finding out for yourself. If you PvP mainly, honestly, install something else.
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  4. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Pros and cons. Would help if you could describe what you did enjoy from the game lol.

    Anything pvp related, you can forget it.

    Pve though, if you enjoyed the different dc universe themes of the content and story then yeah. If you enjoyed the mechanic system of content, then forget it.
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  5. TANK69 Well-Known Player

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  6. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Players views are way to subjective. Give yourself a time frame. Play, decide for yourself. The forums can give you alot of fake news. You've been warned......
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  7. Zoe· YouTuber

    You just need to start for yourself. Do the leveling missions 1-30 and see how you feel about the game now.
    Powers are mostly balanced for PvE. There is a lot of new content. We got teasers of upcoming content,
    you can find it in the gazette - server is even more active now and US as always a active server.
    Some stuff I recommend you read about such as augments and artifacts.
    Augments replace the old R&D system and artifacts are very important now days.
    Stats matter now which is much better then before. PvP is in bad shape, and we all hope to see a major fix
    to it but unlikely to happen anytime soon.
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  8. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    To be perfectly honest, since I formed a solo league so that I could get the benefits of a League Hall without league "drama" and pug 100% of the time I find the game MUCH more fun to play. While there are MANY nice people in the game, the toxicity that often pops up in leagues really put me off. In short Game, GREAT, player culture, not so much
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  9. Hus New Player

    I came back after about 5 years of absence (2011-2014 and now returned). Been playing for 2 weeks.

    The amount of new content is staggering and will keep you busy for a while. I think its worth a shot. ive been back and addicted for the past two weeks and havent even reached atlantis raid content yet.
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  10. Crn Well-Known Player

    Yes it is, Atlantis content is by far one of the best episodes released in my opinion. But, the best thing to do is log in and check it out for yourself.
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  11. Brit Loyal Player

    If you tell us the reason why you left, or at the least a rough timeframe of when you left, we can happily tell you the state of whatever those individual issues are. Depending on what those issues are, your mileage may vary. (For example, if you left because you were unsatisfied with PvP, there have been no improvements).

    Without that information, the best I can tell you is that I currently am playing myself, so that evidences that I feel like playing right now is 'worth it'.
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  12. DaPhun48 Well-Known Player

    The simple answer is no! No it’s in no way shape or form worth coming back. Most of the people stating all the benefits etc have invested time and money.

    This game is developed to be a money trap! If you’re not into spending RLM on it - then just no! Believe me... you’re missing nothing but the game slowing being speed-hacked and exploited to death.

    The only thing that remotely keeps this game in existence is the social aspect of it. If you got rid of all the kids... absolutely it may be worth a go. But the mongrels infesting in now have brought the EU network to its last breaths. So many left because of the toxicity and with DC cash grabbing EVERYTHING.

    No means no! Just like if a girl says it that way.

    Good talk!
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  13. AV Loyal Player

    I just came back after being gone since Amazon Fury Part I and I'm loving being back, if that helps.
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  14. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    pve: average, nice scenery but can get repetetive with the groups you pick up.
    pvp: waste of time if you're looking for a fair match, but if you're one of those exploiters who win off of broken powers etc. welcome to DCUO
  15. Capitaine Courage Active Player

    No, and it's not because it's a bad game as such, but Daybreak Games is almost dead, they layed off 70 employees in December (the second round in 2018 after the first round in April), Planetside Arena will surely fail (it's alreday reported) and be the final nail in the coffin alas, which will probably jeopardize every lincenses they have left.
    It is quite sad indeed.
  16. ALB Dedicated Player

    It's something ingame called artifacts. It's tough on returning players unless you don't mind spending money.
    Still take awhile to fix exploits
    Game is still unbalanced.
    Imo content take too long to drop
    More open world missions
    Event endgame raids for leveling alts
    Cr skip for alts
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You got banned didn't you?
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  18. BƖack Dedicated Player

    Depends if you're PVE or PVP player. If you are pure PVE player then i believe it is worth to give it a shot. If you are both PVE & PVP player i also think it's worthy to give it a shot especially because of PVE, eventually you will have to completely avoid PVP aspect and focus only on PVE content.You for sure won't be bored there is really lots of lots stuff to do in PVE.

    If you are pure PVP player like me then don't even touch the launcher and waste your time for installing, just look for another MMO. That aspect is completely broken in DCUO. I am currently on hiatus because of PVP state and how long it has been that way and honestly not even thinking about coming back. I'm currently playing other MMORPG for PVP.

    But if i was you i would just enter and try it myself this is best solution imo.
  19. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    It's all up to you to decide that not anyone else. Just because someone likes something does not mean that you will like it. Unless you are a follower and cannot make decisions on your own. I would try the game out and see for myself..
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  20. STORMBORN New Player

    Thanks all! I wanted to hear all other opinionos about the game right now. Ofc i already playing to see on my own. I'm both PvP and PvE player. Already i can see pvp nothing changed... (After many years :( shame) :( But hoping for pve to hold me on :)
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