Is it just me, or are League Halls a waste?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Anarcho-Captain, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Villain Smasher New Player

    OP I feel you man. I bought this game 3 years ago for $60 because I saw the commercial and thought it would be cool to create my own superhero and fight with Superman and the Justice League. I had no idea it was a MMO or that I would have to fight bizarro a million times, or how to spec as a tank when I was fire, or even what a tank did for that matter and why people were calling me squishy.

    And even after I finally got competent at the game, between the grind, having to deal with a-holes in game, the bugs in game, etc...It gets old fast. This game becomes a job. A job that you pay to work. And who needs that.

    I've taken several long breaks over the years and it does seem to help for awhile. Maybe it will help you. Some people can do the same old monotonous thing over and over and over again. Some can't. I know I can't especially if there is an avoidable headache attached to it.

    Take a month off, comeback and see what it does for you.
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  2. Octantis New Player

    I took a break to play Rift again after discovering that it went F2P also, and checked out the forums to see what had changed in 2+ years; surprisingly their forums' discussions are very similar to DCUO's. I think using forums for venting is just a gamer-thing. Honestly I think the mods should just delete obvious rants that have no constructive feedback, and Devs should be more blunt in saying, "No, that idea is stupid."
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  3. Investigate911sheep New Player

    If you don't feel like grinding for a league hall, then don't. It's that simple. You haven't had a league hall the whole time you've been playing. If they are a waste then be happy in the public HQs
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  4. I Keeps Aggro New Player

    Before this update I was bored chasing stupid styles like mayan hands. Now I have something to do gaining prestige. I'm at 5.5k individually my leagues top guy is 8.4k. Got him in free agency from house of el best pickup of the season lol
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  5. Arcpope New Player

    I agree with the OP.

    This game out of all the mmo's I have played , has NO depth .

    There is a reason why games like W.O.W have been around for 11 years .
    There is literally too much to do and not enough time in the day to play it.

    Now I understand it's a casual mmo , it's why I play it.
    But we need depth , that way it's not always about getting gear and replaying the same alert over and over and over....

    Jobs , rare or legendary weapons, crafting ,titles , farming money or items . This would open up the game in many ways.

    I have one foot out the door. For me I'm waiting for a better mmo and then I'm gone.

    I know a sinking ship when I see it.
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  6. L T Devoted Player

    Although there is an element of whining, actually I think the Captain hits on several weaknesses of the game. He raises really good points.

    If you have a league with 400 people in it (very few of whom you know) you already have a league base or you're very close to it by now. If you have a small league with 10-12 people (20-40 toons) (most of whom you know and have fun playing with) your probably still far far away from earning enough prestige for a hall. Why favor huge leagues over smaller ones?

    Weapon Mastery is easier to figure out than clipping, but it does lend to a repetitive play style. I like it and I hate it at the same time.

    As the high end of the power scale grows lower tier content is becoming too easy, and this is hurting newer players also. I always found Gates fairly easy, but on level Prime and the FOS series were really challenging. Today if you have a CR100+ character with you (and many of them go back and queue these for the feats) they can practically solo the content, making it not challenging at all for lower tier players. And don't even get me started about duos.

    And finally along those same lines there's the grind. Not sure what can be done about it but it gets complained about enough that it really is a problem.
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  7. Twilight Man New Player

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  8. I Keeps Aggro New Player

    Friends in game help alot. Met some really cool people from all over it doesn't feel so repetitive when you talking/playing.We talked about the NBA for 2 hours and killed 5000 reapers in CC at the same time.
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  9. xColdFront Committed Player

    DLC 11 would not be possible or work without league halls so this post is stupid. Sorry
  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    A lot of people seem to be stuck on this mentality that they're "far far away from getting enough prestige" for a league hall. That's only true if your league consists of 6 or less people who log in very infrequently or don't run much content when they do log in. The scenario you posted above (which I conveniently highlighted in red) is remarkably close to my league. We have 312 members total...from the time i've joined i've seen maybe a maximum of 20-25 on at once. As of the last two weeks we've had maybe 10-14 on at various points of the day or night that I play with regularly. We've managed to accrue 95k Prestige since last Wednesday...that's with all of the problems the USPS platform had last week and 99% of us being in the T6 range (we have less content to run for max prestige compared to lower tiered folks). If people spent more time running content and/or maybe recruiting lower levels who can earn more prestige and less time on the forums complaining about how it's such an arduous grind, they'd be halfway there already.
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  11. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I think its just you
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  12. MENTaLCAsE XIII New Player

    Not me... bub
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  13. TheRealDeathern New Player

    I am Deathern, and I support this update, it is a primer for the next DLC, and many of its features, were needed when the game first started.
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  14. TheRealDeathern New Player

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. My small league, around the same numbers you quoted above, have amassed enough prestige we should have our halls around Thursday... if your small league is active and plays content, then they should be doing pretty well on prestige. If this isn't the case, then perhaps your league either doesn't play enough, or they aren't running the right content.
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  15. VintageWine Dedicated Player

    You're just bored my friend. Which it's okay, it happens, even I gotten bored for awhile in the fall and came back in the winter. It was fun that way for me to take a break.

    Plus, like the others say it is an MMO. It's a grind, I didn't even know that it was an MMO at the time for when I first started playing this game, however, I still tired to have fun.

    I also know a lone wolf in the game, he claims to be one, lol. He doesn't make groups are anything, he just ready up and wait, he doesn't talk unless talked to, even though he is in a league he does have a few of the people that he clicks with and likes to run with them.

    If you want, find a league cause honestly some leagues aren't for you and don't expect to click with everyone, some people are in a league, yet have their own clicks in the league, hopefully you understand what I am saying.

    + try running legends PvP for fun. What I mean is don't go in all serious, just have fun with. Legends PvP will never bore me because it's fun for me to run as someone else, I don't know if that would work for you.

    I don't think you really see league halls as pointless, you're just bored with the game in general.

    Your ranting doesn't change anything. Like I said try joining a league and try to start a conversation in group chat whenever you can.

    Whenever I help people or anything, I always tell them to friend me of they want to.

    Have fun gaming. :3
  16. frrrreeezze2 New Player

    What you have written has made me decide to stop playing dcuo its fun but ive been playing this game for almost a whole year now
  17. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    I've had the game since launch & am well aware of how mmo's go. You say it takes 4 days to get 70 MoF. Okay, that's 4 days of the same thing over & over again. Do that with anything else & tell me you're having a blast. Watch the same movie 4 days in a row for the same length of time (meaning, maybe watching the movie 2 times a day for 4 days, depending on the movie you pick)... which you've already seen anyway.

    But it's not just that, I don't feel like anything in the Amazon Fury DLC is anything special. It's not fun. It's annoying that it's so ho-hum. I never cared for Wonder Woman & Circe though, so I'm hoping that THAT is my problem. I had fun with Lightning Strikes. I had fun with Fight for the Light. I had fun with Hand of Fate, etc etc etc. But at some point, it seems you can't just throw the same things at players & just change the names or something & expect it to be interesting, let alone fun to do for 4 days straight.

    I'm thinking it's the DLC. Cuz I still enjoy running Oan Sciencells. Why? I should be tired of it. But then again, once you shoot past that tier, you don't need to run it anymore. Not to mention the fact that it really doesn't take long to shoot past that tier. The first few tiers are pretty quick work.

    We'll see what happens when the next big DLC comes out.
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  18. Anarcho-Captain New Player

    That's just it though, I don't have a preference to "lone wolf" it. I'd love to run w/ a league. But all the leagues my toons are in don't seem to have any kind of methods or organization skills etc etc. Basically, it's a mess.

    Next you'll say: so get in a "real" league.

    Whatever that means. You can't tell by the names, description, forum post, or in game chat posts that it's gonna be a "real league." And if you're in a league full of people you see on a day to day basis or something along the lines of real human contact aside from the game, I don't have that. All the people I know aren't really that into comic books or superheroes, so they see this game as a bore before they even really try it. I had a friend try it out & he got out of the Brainiac ship & just quit. When I asked him what happened he said: "once I got outta the ship, I was standing outside the police station & everyone was just standing around like they didn't know what to do." So he went & played GTA V instead.

    What I don't get is how GTA V seems to have some kind of amazingly easy system where you can just buddy up with people all around the world & it's no problem, whereas DCUO seems to be "hit or miss" until you find a league that actually works... then knock on wood in hopes that they'll still be this way in 3 months. If not, rinse & repeat until you get it right again.
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  19. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    Apples and oranges, but I get your point. If the game is boring, don't play it. There's little to no point in waxing philosophical about it, if it's boring you, it's boring you. Life is too short to justify playing a game that bores you.
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  20. Humane Committed Player

    It's the nature of an MMO that you have to grind the same instances over and over again to get gear. If you are tired of it then simply take a break.

    As for leagues, it sounds to me that you have simply been unlucky, and from the sheer amount of toons you have, you seem to have been extremely unlucky.

    I have made many friends through this game, we talk about various things through team speak even if we aren't playing at the time, and I honestly wouldn't still be playing if I didn't have these friends in the game.

    Bottom line, keep trying to find a "good" league and if you do, your entire perspective of the game will change.
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