Is it a feeling or is the community uninterested in the game or the latest DLC?

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  1. GameIsGreat. Well-Known Player

    Props on doing that research. Not gonna question it as I don’t really care, but if true….wow. Whales are about the only thing keeping them fed.
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  2. Solarbound Committed Player

    Not a feeling at all. It's what's been happening for the past several years towards the game's overall activity, slowly depleting more and more. I mean, another DLC filled with recycled content? Mind you, recycled content from the exact previous episode. Yeah, people will easily become unmotivated to keep playing when nonsense like that happens. It's pretty much inexcusable at this point. DEVS have to do better. Simply put -_-
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  3. LLSmoothJ Active Player

    Remember when you completed the style feat for episode purple gear which unlocked reduce prices for the gear pieces at the episode vendor it included the gold gear as well, thus making it easier to obtain the gear for not just your character but for alts as well (Provided they have the feat unlocked)? Good times...

    While I enjoying this for what it is (Though it's slowly dwindling to the point of another burnout), I'm already sick of Metal and at this point I'm just in it for WW gear (And possibly hairstyle). I remember when people complained about too much Lantern content. At least there were breaks in between for other stuff (New Gods, WW). And while there have been other character focus in between (Likely to promote certain movies coming out), it's still about Metal.

    Personally I'm hoping for some (Teen) Titans content, but we're more likely to get content focused on the new "Death of the Justice League" storyline.
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  4. myandria Item Storage

    Kerrygold Irish Butter For The Win!

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  5. Proxystar #Perception

    Coming from a heavy agriculture focused country I find it kind of funny a distinction has to be made on that butter that the milk is from gass-fed cows, as opposed too...

    LOL :D
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  6. fm0987 Committed Player

    Didn't bother to read all 6 pages, but maybe it's because each new iteration of dlc follows the same cookie cutter copy/ paste formula? Except for a different skin of paint, you always know pretty much exactly what to expect. After the initial journal entry, I mainly just do the raid and weeklies after that, login for daily rewards. Don't even bother with the duo or alert.
  7. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    I didn't read every page here, but I did skim through.

    I looked last night and I've been on this server (xbox) 652 days.
    In that time I have been on day 1 of every episode since wonderverse, and every major game update.

    In that time we have these major powerset changes:
    - the solar amplifier 'fix'
    - the nature nerf
    - the doomspin & flurry shot nerfs
    - power generation from controller or heals generated from healer were added to aggro succesion mechanics
    - the SC revamp (Pt 1)
    - introduction of allies
    - introduction of stat-clamp
    - bot/trinket clipping fix
    - the power/SC cost change

    This alone is not easy to keep up with. And is so unbelievably divisive. I do believe in some of these changes/fixes/additions, but not all. I can imagine there are definitely players who have left after each of these, who never plan on coming back.

    On top of the game changes we have had some serious bugs/glitches/exploits too.
    Two particularly bad examples:
    - the xbox series x/s black screen bug from valentines 2021
    - the artifact exploit of dec 2021
    Although we were compensated etc, a bad launch is a bad launch, regardless of scale either. That's actually why I listed those two, to show weve had 1 small, relatively niche bug (still game-breaking) that could've easily been avoided, as well as 1 huge, server-devastating exploit that was a nightmare to track, and everything in between.

    This episode launch was relatively clean, still required a myriad of fixes post-launch, but was, for all intents & purposes, clean.
    Other episodes have launched with more problems and similar levels of cleanliness, but I'm highlighting this one as it was what spurred this thread on.

    Although launch was good, the amount/diversity of content was awful. One niche artifact and one good ally was my biggest qualm. With this episode, I legitimately budgeted and set aside money to level what was coming. As soon as DMB & M.e.r.c.y. launched on test I was there to try them out. I was so unbelievably unthrilled that I almost overnight spent that money on other games (wonderlands to be exact). This was also accelerated when DMB didn't even launch with the episode.

    My biggest worry now, is the game is going to stick to doing lacklustre, but clean episode launches, with minimal true expansion of powersets, artifacts & allies. Content will be added throughout the episodes lifespan, again making each individual release equally less enticing to play at launch.

    If DCUO do plan on continuing this cycle, there needs to be much much more content on launch and more added throughout. Extend an episodes lifespan organically by making it a more thorough experience. Multiple raids, multiple alerts, multiple duos AND at least one solo. Multiple gear sets, multiple renown tiers AND factions. If you wanna posthumously launch additional difficulties, challenges, rewards etc, then at least do it to an episode that has depth. If an episode was 6 months in lifespan, lets say there are 3 renown factions to complete, the first one for basic elite, the second for standard-moderate, the third for moderate-critical, attach varying amounts of renown based on the contents theme, enemies and objectives. With multiple instances in every format (solo, duo, alert, raid) and adding additional mechanics, challenges, rewards, this becomes a much more appealing grind.

    Where the base game absolutely delivers, is there are legitimate threads and storylines to pluck at as you make your way through. You are outright encouraged to explore, and are rewarded in doing so. That's what an episode needs to be, and thats what almost every episode i've seen launch is not. The stories are overshadowed by awful cutscenes and meaningless themes. The significant themes are made meaningless by sheer convolution.

    Case study: 31st & Legion.
    Awful cutscenes, awful story, no game continuity, hard to follow. So the teen titans have went to the future? And Mordru is there, or whatever. Why? Dunno.
    Case study: Metal-related episodes.
    You took one of the most iconic crossovers in history, on the scale of infinite crisis, and this is what it came out? Really?
    A lot of the most important moments from that storyline are just left in the dust (watchmen anyone?), you don't explain AT ALL the move from The Batman Who Laughs, to, The One Who Laughs and what's worse still, is what's there at times things with no relevance in the comics (Batmage & shadows made it in but B.Rex didn't). This is exactly why the orginal Dune flopped, they tried to fit too much in and skipped all the necessary stuff.

    All of this I understand is pretty much impossible with their staffing levels atm. And I apologise for where I become semi-ranty, I am a huge Metal fan.
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  8. zNot Loyal Player

    I disagree with „worst“ dlc,this is the best episode to me since years,yes because i value raids the most and in this episode the devs did such a good raid.

    I think most of the complaints are due to lack of staff if we had a second raid and more new content there would be way less complaints but im happy we got atleast 1 very good raid as opposed to having 2 raids but them being super rushed and underwhelming.
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  9. ¬Eternal Level 30

    It's the speed hackers that have pushed me away from this game after 10 years... Seeing certain leagues on EU server completely abuse this the past few months.
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  10. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Yep yep, that's what I use :)
  11. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Exactly right! That's why I think we will see what they are capable of really doing with Ep. 44. I'm pretty much satisfied with how this DLC turned out even though we only got 1 raid but it is an intense raid just like a raid should be. When I first started playing in Jan 2014, no one was ever able the finish a raid the first time, sometimes it took literally leveling up gear to beat the raid latter on. I dare say that such a raid as what we had back then would be scorned to death by today's players. "No way I'm waiting a week or longer to finish a raid!" I can hear it now lol.
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  12. Reluctant Well-Known Player

    Do not worry, we can trust DCUO, Look, the game went free to play, this shows that they are willing to sacrifice for the community!
  13. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I have a differing opinion on that direction as someone who has kept a paid yearly subscription since 2014. Free costs someone something. There is precious little that is truly free in the world of commerce.

    I would love to see a study, if one could be made, as to the percentage of those who complain about the game and make demands if they are free to play players or paying members. I think it would be skewed to the free to play side.
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  14. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    I haven't seen the fourth one. From what I understand Lana Wachowski only made it because they were going to make one with or without her or her sister.
  15. Tolly Committed Player

    Bravo daybreak you kill the game with this difficulty and the tanks that you martyriser on this game, the tanks do not answer any more to the call to make of the elite, what good creates a difficulty of this level if there is not the community to answer it?

    on the EU server it's becoming a feat now if you can fill an elite group these days...

    DCUO is becoming the worst MMO experience of recent times...
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  16. The Drama Club Level 30

    For this specific episode, for me it's:

    1. Metal fatigue: I wasn't a fan of the comic series and attempting to capture the scope of that storyline in this game was an overreach. The Metal Part One episode was so miserable that I took a year off from the game, skipping Part Two and BOP. If this wasn't the last part of this story arc, I'd likely take another break.

    2. Lack of continuity/poor story telling: The current episode makes no sense. Despite being linked to HOL and Legion of Doom, none of the story elements of those episodes connect here. No World Forger, Monitor, Anti-Monitor, or Rip Hunter. Would've been nice if there had even been a briefing or investigation that said 'Because you went back in time and suffered through Inner Batcave again, you know how to hack Batbots to stymie blah blah blah.' For me, having an immersive storyline increases my playtime and provides a purpose aside from grinding gear.

    Also, Brainiac, Future Luthor, Future Batman, Per Degaton and Professor Zoom have all had in game storyline surrounding rewriting reality to suit their whims. None of that is mentioned or referenced here even in passing. Would've been fun to connect this storyline to the greater DCUO game continuity and history even in passing.

    3. Defeat 30 'x': The repetitious nature of the dailies is mind numbing. I miss the days of having a variety of daily missions, each of which contributes to advancing an element of the story. The Jimmy Olsen missions are a step in the right direction, as are the 'Complete 5 dailies to get a side mission,' but again, they feel like busy work with no larger connection to the story.

    As for the game in general:

    1. Aside from playing current content, there isn't much else to do.

    Legends PVE? A miserable grind that pays out marks that are capped at 250 and have nothing else to spend them on. No new Legends characters released in years. The only part of the game that's worse than...

    Omnibus runs? Also miserable unless you make your own group. At this point I no longer care about the reward boxes. Nothing they contain is worth spending 30 plus minutes in the Clocktower raid with a bunch of randos who may or may not be qualified and capable.

    PVP? Back in the day, PVP was a lot of fun and a great way to spend time in the game, especially in the first few years when there wasn't a much content as there is now. Broken for years and intentionally left to wither on the vine. Not fun.

    Base decoration? Probably my favorite part of the game and what I spend the most time on outside of dailies/solos/duos. That said, the last two episodes have featured no new base item drops, just recycled items that I already have a ton of in my inventory. The new stuff requires episode marks, which is fine as the episode reaches EOL.

    2. Allies and Artifacts inhibit the progression of alts and reduce playing time. My goal is to get at least one artifact on each of my toons to 160. I have four main characters (DPS/Tank/Troll/Healer) and only have 160 or higher on two. The newest of those four is my munitions character I created when that power set was released. I'm no longer willing to spend real money on seals or artifact XP after the December debacle and the punitive measures devs took, so there's not much incentive for me to put a lot of time or effort on my secondary characters.

    I play the game to pass the time, but the recent episodes and the current state of the game are certainly making other activities look more attractive and enjoyable.
  17. LexxCorp Well-Known Player

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Finding myself logging in less and losing interest. If ever I log in, can't wait to finish the dailies and log out quickly
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  18. zNot Loyal Player

    What are you talking about lol

    EU server is just not as alive as US,let me know when you find a buff troller or eog spamming healer that will be harder then finding tank,(good) tanks dont wanna bother to tank for groups who have no clue how to play their roll play better and you will find tanks instead of complaining. There are tons of tanks your group probably has extremly slow burn so no (good) tank sticks with your group, get better stop pointing fingers,its elite deal with it that is has difficulty and isnt a 10 min raid cakewalk like low skilled players with low arts want elite raids to be lmao.

    The devs need to work on balancing the gap between groups but (you obviosly wouldnt mention it since you just complaing blindly) so tanks are more willing to join lesser skilled groups like yours,tanks rather play with groups who have tripple to double the burn your group has,not my problem get better or pray the devs will balance the meta.

    i as a tank dont want things to be low difficulty on elite raids because YOU arent capable of performing well to attract/play with decent tanks go be urself a tank instead of crying the best part of this episode is this elite raid and is what keeps the endgame community active now im tired of dumbed down content because YOU cant perform to compete in Elite raids.

    I would consider myself a good tank and have tried the elite raid with many groups,too many noobs with low arts and wrong arts no sense of movement but they expect tanks in their group to be godtier skilled,max arts,never dying yea dude keep on dreaming. Now im running with experienced players and its easy.
  19. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    For me its the timing. I've entered my "busy season". Game play is going to be limited for me until next winter. Mostly I'm going to just be focusing on my main with my top two alts getting the trickle down effect.

    I am a little bored though. Don't really feel a sense of urgency to get things done. No need to rush. Even if I just play a little every day, do the dailies and weekly stuff by the time the next dlc comes out I'll have the gear and stuff all collected. Pretty sure even if I took a break from now til the next dlc I'm already overgeared anyway.

    What we need is more random. Don't know how to pull it off but things need to be more unpredictable. Off script. Random villain attacks and encounters, different bosses and sub bosses, different paths that lead to different encounters. We need that feeling of "anything can happen" instead of knowing whats coming.
  20. Tolly Committed Player

    3/4 of the EU server population is incompetent for the elite.

    People are so bad that they need to have this artifact to be good, what's the point of having 50 artifacts if in the end only 1 or 2 are useful? The worst thing about DCUO is that in order to stay in the race DPS are forced to play precision, in this case, what's the point of making a superhero game, if in the end, playing the weapon is stronger? The devs are completely ruining the experience of the game by restricting everyone, if they could play a little with their community they might notice the stupidity they are doing on DCUO and especially if they could look at what's going on on the other servers it would surely help the GLOBAL community.

    It's all well and good to criticize me, but I'm not the one making 8 players, you're asking for players with experience in the instance and it comes as if some had in mind that it will pass thanks to the other members, yet the guys are 500/600sp full art 200 and increase full, but they can't play...

    Because today, this is the real DCUO community, at least the one I see on the EU server...

    I'm ending my subscription to DCUO because it's becoming a mess and the community is disappointing in every way!

    It's really a shame to see a game end up like this, even though it was so good at the beginning, the devs are forced to restrict the players because they can't find any other balancing solutions....
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