Is it a feeling or is the community uninterested in the game or the latest DLC?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tolly, May 1, 2022.

  1. Tolly Committed Player

    I find that the more it goes on, the more people don't seem to be as motivated on DCUO, on the EU it's no longer crazy on the LFG, the leagues are less and less active if not dead, it doesn't seem to want to play together anymore.

    Regularly active players are not there anymore, even on weekends the activity is really low, while it is when it could be the most active...

    I have the impression that nothing really keeps players on DCUO anymore, it was already more or less the case before, but now, frankly, it's getting worse and worse...

    I still manage to stay on the game, because things still manage to keep me on the game, but now, the more I see what's happening on the game, the more I wonder if I'm not hurting myself for nothing by persisting in the DCUO adventure...

    What are your feelings? Well, opinions certainly differ between EU and US commu, but I think it's worth mentioning, in any case!
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  2. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    I don't what it is about this DLC but i'm just not interested in it - It feels like past Monthly DLC or an event.

    Used a few replays but that's it just log in for dailies
  3. ghosts Well-Known Player

    I'm enjoying the episode and having fun with it with my league. I heard most people from EU play on US server now, most of my leaguemates are europeans
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I typically play every day, three characters. For the past several episodes I try get my dailies (and/or weeklies) done as quickly as possible so I can log out as quickly as possible. The game, to me, has felt more of a chore than a game. Things I used to enjoy to play or chase in-game I now either avoid or just completely ignore. I let my sub lapse last month because I have no reason whatsoever to subscribe when all the major benefits were made free. I'm probably going to take a break in August depending on how the next episode looks.
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  5. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Right there with u, 22 characters a day is breaking me down, at least the last dlc wasnt so scattered. So many games I could be getting done instead of playing rehash universe.. it’s getting to be a chore indeed
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  6. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Negative feedback in this thread aside, it is also getting to be nicer weather in most areas, so people are probably out more and on their computers/consoles less. I'm not trying to trivialize the negative feedback because I definitely understand the sentiment and agree to an extent about the repetition being too much, but the game also tends to get like this in the spring and summer months based on my previous experience.
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  7. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    I think it's a perfect storm of a bunch of things.

    I think people have been stuck inside for the past 2+years.
    Now that the nice weather is here.... people want to go outside.
    Only a few crazies like me still stay inside playing games. ;)

    Usually population goes down during the Summer... and usually by July 4th population drops like a rock until late August....
    but it would seem that Summer starter wayyyyy early as far as DCUO is concerned.

    Also people are tired of the Metal content.
    So even though we only got this DLC a few weeks ago.... people are already tired of it.

    Also there is lots of reused stuff in this one.... which does not help.

    And having only the one Raid probably does not help either. :(

    Despite all that... I was a bit surprised to see only 2 Phases yesterday for the Doomed Washington map.
    Heck as I write this.... 2 Phases only in Doomed Washington. :(

    Metal Washington has 16 Phases right now.... but barely 2 of them FULL.

    And sadly..... since House of Legends..... content has been...... lacking. Sorry.... the only word I could think of. :(


    Early Summer break + Tired of Metal + lacking content = people seems to have decided to take their Summer break from DCUO earlier then usual.

    I mentioned this before.... lots of people have been unhappy with DCUO since House of Legends.
    We have been needing a HomeRun to make people happy once more.... and sadly..... we did not get the homerun we needed. Quite the opposite with the Legion of Doom.

    And seeing the rewards for the Spring Seasonal..... it would seem that we will have to wait for the next DLC hoping for that Homerun.

    Hopefully we will get some good Black Adam Shazam good stuff with the next DLC???

    Guess we will have to wait and see. :oops:
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  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I just find the daily content is too slow most times. Which means I burn out more. Prices all being higher also seems to mean more grind on more alts which also burns me out.

    Having to say 'BLOCK THE BEAM' 100% a week running the raid doesn't help.

    The whole 'metal' burnout can't be helping either. I'm almost looking forward to some 'aqua' content, assuming it's coming...and I hate the fishpeople stuff generally.
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  9. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    I’ve been mainly focused on my base building. So while the episode is all fine and good, I mostly just use it as a means to an end and thus only go in once a week while waiting for the next seasonal or two.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    It's not just a feeling and I think you're exactly right and I'll tell you what I think the problems are, some people won't like what I say, some won't agree with it, but whatever, it's still my opinion and having played since launch I've been through everything to date, but here goes.
    • The content in this DLC is too recycled, too quickly and from a story perspective it feels too much like the last DLC, as a result, it feels like we've just been playing the same game now for too long.
    • This feeds in to earlier feedback I gave, this metal story line has persisted now for 2 years and it's become exhausting, people are over it and they're horribly disengaged.
    • The game more widely has become utterly and completely unfriendly towards "alts", the developers make playing alts a full time job, you cannot gear up properly, you cannot get augments, you cannot get artifacts, you cannot get allies on them, unless you "grind, grind, grind, grind, grind" or "pay, pay, pay, pay, pay" and it couldn't have become utterly more obvious and the shortcuts to building alts are non existent, or simply not good enough.
    • The content in this DLC is an over-tuned mess at earlier levels, now some people won't like that I've said this, but it #$%^en well is, just go look at some of the event stuff and you'll see, go look at the last boss of the event duo compared to the other two bosses, go look at the last boss of the event duo compared to the entire event alert, go look at the event raid, it was even worse before I had a rant about it in testing feedback and the only reason I noticed was because I doubled back to some event stuff and had a look, it's ****in crazy.
    • The content has massive amounts of overlapping mechanics, resulting in an RNG type feels rather than a methodical ones, personally and this is only my opinion, but I haven't disliked a pieces of content more, since probably "Unholy Matrimony" or "Darkseids War Factory" but that's just me and that was mostly for similar reasons. It's not just the raid that's guilty of this however, go look at the duo again and Brimstone, hand clap, red volcano, ten red volcanos, cone, 10 cones, 6 handclaps, 12 adds, 6 more handclaps, here have the the whole floor red, oh you just broke out from one hand clap, here have another 10 hand claps, "break out of that sunshine", "oh here block" nah just kidding don't block, have an add block break you, oh better yet i'll block break you, blow you up and then make all the floor under your corpse red again just for ***** and giggles. I don't know who developed that instance, nor does it really matter, but "god ******* damn". at this point I think that elite duo's harder than the elite alert and holy **** don't get me started on that alert anyway, I'm gonna end up digressing too much.
    • The grind for things is increasing to insane levels, earlier OP items were 46,000XP to level for example and this new back is about 184,000... That speaks volumes in itself, I mean honestly, just what the hell?
    • The mess that is open world, those weekly missions are still too easy to miss, I mean you've got one on the roof and the others tucked off to the side, why can't they just be more obvious on the path or out front or something, why are you trying to slam them at the back of a wardrobe behind a virtual pile of jackets, It feels like I'm half way to Narnia before those things become obvious and a new player will only have an infinitely worse experience, no wonder they're not sticking around.
    • Your PC game is crashing every 30 minutes - few hours and the devs have done absolutely nothing about it, this couldn't make for a more negative experience that just makes you not bother logging back in, why bother with everything else.
    • Everything incredibly desirable or cool from a cosmetic perspective is locked behind the RNG gambling loot wall that is "time capsules and booster bundles", the quark vendor is ridiculously over priced and at times inconsistent, the vendor rewards mostly feel like the "reskinned" knock offs just good enough to make it look like this point isn't true and the direct purchase marketplace is an absolute wasteland it borders on being almost worth of outright deletion from a cosmetic perspective.
    • PVP remains broken, imbalanced and zero ***** given about it - nothing more needs to be said, it's awful.
    This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but the fact this is all happening, is just pushing more and more players away from the game.
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  11. Proxystar #Perception

    Absolutely do not blame you.

    It is without doubt, in nothing short of an absolute sense, that they destroyed "membership" it was sold as a "enhancement or "re-work" of membership", but honestly it's everything but.

    They ripped away everything that made membership worth paying for from an "exclusive" sense, gave it away for free, then simply made membership a "monthly prepaid micro-transaction" effectively prepaying for some seals and other goodies.

    Again, it's an economic transaction, but it's not a membership anymore it's just a "purchase of some virtual stuff".

    They couldn't even keep the monthly style exclusive, it's that sad.

    I'm sorry to be rough on the situation devs, I really am, but sometimes you just need brutal honesty, that membership re-work is an absolute mess and it almost seems like it's had the opposite effect on your player base, rather than retaining members, it's just pushed a bunch away, at least from an anecdotal, player observational perspective.
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  12. ALB Dedicated Player

    I agree with every except PvP. It's not I don't agree. I just don't care for Pvp.
    Idk understand why they made this DLC so grundy. I don't remember, was we able to share op items across accounts the DLC before last?
    Only ask, because DC got a habit of introducing things in one dlc that's good and then going overboard the very next DLC.
    I'm on PS4, and I literally waited for a hour to get into a elite alert. Got in and froze. Went through this 3 times with the same group reinviting me.
    I don't understand why they don't make artifacts and allies account bound.
    Both are about 309$ each? That's just insane.
    Overlapping mechanics is just artificial difficulty. Devs are trying to please a crowd that stack artifacts swapping, with electric and Gads prec users. Until they fix SS, Turret clipping, and elec SC, it's nothing they can do for that part of the community.
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  13. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I am personally enjoying this episode for the most part, perhaps more than the last episode.

    On EU server I am seeing more players playing with their league mates or friends so LFG does appear a bit quieter. And there are a few more active leagues now than there were in January.

    Even though I don't understand why we go to Earth 3 for the alert the alert is overall for me a touch better than the alert from last episode.

    My main enjoyment is in the raid (more so elite) and it has the right balance of tricky mechanics yet being doable at the same time in its present state. I am looking forward to Elite Plus coming out.

    Of course this is from my own experiences of the episode so far. I also appreciate for the most part the minimal bugs and relatively clean launch so my impression of the episode is a lot better than previous launches for a while.
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  14. Lucifoxx Active Player

    Yeah. I'm one of the few people who are tired of the metal storyline [imo its not even that great]

    As much as I love Batman [I grew up with Batman stuff] I am sick and tired of Batman stuff getting pushed. I'm very glad next episode is focused on a different character.

    Mind you. I wouldn't mind returning to Atlantis imo. Its one of my favorite zones in the game next to Metropolis.
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh man, don't even get me started on the perpetual imbalances with powers such as gadgets, flavor of the month broken stuff that just fuels in to elite content and things like survival mode.

    The persistence and utter lack of punishment that comes to speed hackers and those that run with them - is another issue.

    Powers remain broken for too long, objectively imbalanced for too long, while the devs seemingly remain too busy developing the next set of capsule auras to give a **** about actually fixing any of it.

    Take a look at the weapons for example only 2 or 3 are really viable but instead of buffing the others and balancing them properly to make them equally viable, they're just as likely to nerf the top 3 and call it a day, destroying all of them in the process and making everyone switch 'might'.

    Unfortunately too the players know it, so they simply can't be bothered playing or buying in to it any more, especially when investing in artifacts that take time or money.

    I mean actually now we're talking about it, here's another piece of brutal honesty, that EOG artifact, has single-handedly, ruined this game, it's nigh on impossible to nerf it too, for that very reason "time and money to build" but that entire artifact single-handedly, ***** up so much ****, if there were any artifact that should be nerfed in to the ground to never be seen again, it would be that artifact.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why they nerfed venom wrist (citing it was overpowered) yet that thing is sitting there entirely untouched while it virtually causes massive imbalances in every piece of content where its over-used by every player, their dog and an army of 10 monkey's.

    Not to mention from what I understand the green circle is broken and moving with the player rather than staying in the circle, talk about broken risk/reward, when you've got every single player in the game leveling up one thing to the extent it becomes the epitome of meta, it's probably, because it's "broken" :D if we're being absolutely honest with ourselves.

    I mean when you've got people stacking certain powers to beat the hardest content and then telling everyone else it's fine, while ignoring the fact they've stacked FOTM stuff and worse yet, pretending like they're not, then you've got a real mess on your hands.

    I better run though, I feel like I'm about to get lynched.
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  16. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    My interest has been steadily dwindling since HoL launched, for a few reasons. To be fair, a few of them are beyond the developer’s control.

    Mounting frustration with the very concept of an MMO. I’ve never enjoyed being punished for the actions of other players, but having a mechanic like the Mxy turrets in a piece of daily content caused my frustration to reach critical mass.

    Content not being play tested properly. We all know about the horrendous mechanics overlapping in the new episode but it goes back further. For the Ultra-Violet Nightmare bounty, they took an enemy (the snake) that has only ever been an add and made it a giant boss. Leading to constant
    un-telegraphed projectiles and a flame breath attack with an enormous AoE, both of which absolutely wreck non-tanks. Sometimes it feels like they have ideas but don’t really think them all the way through.

    The last two factors combined leave me feeling like I have practically zero control over whether I live or die during a fight, which gives me little sense of accomplishment for doing much of anything.

    I personally don’t really care for the game’s current art direction. It’s not bad in any objective sense, but there’s a few things I like about older styles that we just don’t see anymore. A refusal to fix a lot of weird clipping issues with said older styles compounds the issue. I’m constantly wrestling with just how much I’m willing to put up with.
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  17. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I say.... CLAMP IT CLAMP IT CLAMP IT! That will teach them. It's the answer to everything :D
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Haha, the clamp actually isn't the issue. in fact, in a form of true consistency within my views I still think that's been one of the better changes, despite for years being opposed to it.

    I think there's work to do in the area though, because although it hasn't fundamentally made the content harder than what is reasonable it has made it more tedious compared to what people were previously used too and that part I'll acknowledge.

    With that increased tedium you're going to get (most likely) and increased level of dissatisfaction from the players when, despite not being difficult, what once took them 5 minutes, now takes them 15.

    You need to offset that tedium with a greater level of reward, it's why I keep saying, omnibus needs to reward, quarks, it needs to reward stabilizer fragments, it needs to have more exclusive rewards.

    The weekly journal reward boxes need to all be changed to daily rewards, rather than weekly rewards to get the content more active and better rewarded, every day, not just reset day.
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  19. Siramez Well-Known Player

    it has been what, 3 weeks since its launch and I have been doing less content (mainly duo and alert) everyday and im slowly getting burnt out (this was never the case for ep42), im guessing its because they reuse content, not really providing anything new. ep42 and 43 almost feel the same, just reskinned. like lorax said, it became a chore (it already did since few episodes ago) but this particular episode just doesnt feel right. Maybe i will play more once elite plus comes out but i dont see myself playing more now.
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  20. ALB Dedicated Player

    EOG not OP. Purple healing ray artifact is. EOG on its own not terrible, but a solo heal who can run 3 SCs because of purple healing ray artifact make it op. You can just watch for mechanics and spam the 4 player heal. I was scared of solo healing elite anything until I was told about that.
    Try it if you don't believe me
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