Is Hybrid DPSing just an utopian dream or can it be done?

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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I remember pre-revamp all the rage was that Hybrid was going to be the way to go and now I haven't seen anything or heard of anyone going Hybrid. Is it even possible as things stand now?
  2. myandria Item Storage


    That depends upon who to talk to. Stay tuned...
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  3. L T Devoted Player

    That was more or less killed by people who wanted play from the tray to rule.

    Is it possible? Sure. You can probably put together a decent hybrid rotation with most power sets that won't completely embarrass you. But you'll do way better with either full might or full precision.
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  4. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    It would require an artifact that gives significant buffs for a hybrid loadout. Until such an artifact exists, it's just not viable in raids. I do have a hybrid loadout I use mostly for solo, duo and open world stuff. There are a a fw alerts it works well with as well.
  5. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    as with most things depends on the skill and awareness of the player trying it and the content being run. I used to battle tank everything in the game but it takes great support backing you up
  6. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    To that point, my main is currently Electric and I was tinkering with it some yesterday. It looks like a struggle to say the least but I have a few ideas I wanna test this weekend.
  7. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Some people like play from the tray because it's easy button mashing. You hit a tray power and a big yellow number comes out. Some people couldn't even understand the difference between might and precision which I feel is one if the many factors that led to the continued dumbing down of the game.

    Some people cant handle the multi tasking of having to manage putting different color numbers up.

    With my ice loadout I used my imagination to use a combination of pet damage (orange), precision (white), and might damage (yellow). Sometimes i use a dot, and other times i use a burst.

    Now if we're gonna talk about hybrid, you need to clarify semantics.

    There's the term hybrid which means using a combination of things for a synergistic affect i.e. "I like peanut butter....and I like I should put them together."

    By theory, it's common sense that a hybrid loadout should be able to have the most potential of doing damage than flat out only precision vs only might. You're getting the best of both worlds by mixing 2 already good things.
  8. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Now the next question would be: which concentration of each damage could/should I have?

    There's whats theoretically best and whatever people want to do for fun etc.

    For example you could have a mid range loadout that uses gadgets' stealth and flurry. You could either go heavier on the precision side or.....go heavier on the might side using precision as a more supplemental damage. So there's all kinds of combinations and powers you can use.
  9. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    To me it would seem like changing the 10% might buff in Hybrid to say a5% precision 5% might buff would make it more viable as opposed to having to be either Super vs WM. Hybrid as stated before technically is a mix of both as such the buffs should benefit both. I only was asking because as an Electric Dps ST dmg is lacking and I was trying to tinker with maybe losing some overall dmg to bump the ST dmg especially in Elite. At this point I'm just trying to work out artifacts (Venom) and arranging augments SP to get the most precious without a huge lose on might.
  10. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Its just weird after doing say Shattered Elite and being top ovr DPS but seeing the prec guy having 40% more boss dmg.
  11. not_again Dedicated Player

    There is nothing weird about it. You are an electric dps that should excel in multi target damage. The precision dps will excel in single target damage. What would have been weird is if you were the top boss damage. That is the beauty of the game right now is you get to specialize in the type of damage you do.
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  12. Mazahs Loyal Player

    What's weird is not understanding ST vs AOE multi-target and coming to the forums to express this
  13. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I didn't once say, I didn't understand. Not once.
  14. Mazahs Loyal Player

    adjective, weird·er, weird·est.

    involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny:a weird sound; weird lights.
    fantastic; bizarre:a weird getup.

    Here ya go...
    Its just weird (uncanny, bizarre, strange)......after doing say Shattered Elite and being top ovr DPS but seeing the prec guy having 40% more boss dmg.

    English is a weird language....Right? Well, you get the point
  15. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I'm apologize English Professor, let me rephrase. It makes me feel weird considering that even against powers that are better on ST than Electric is I was able to still top them on total and Boss dmg 90% of time. Is that better?
  16. Brit Loyal Player

    In my experience, Hybrid DPS is basically the option for people who don't want to make multiple Armories.

    A Hybrid user could switch on the fly between their Might Rotation and their single target Precision burn. Their AE damage will be inferior to a purely Might user, but far superior to a purely Precision user. Their single target will be inferior to a purely Precision user, but superior to a purely Might user. Hybrid was designed to be somewhere in the middle.

    The problem with Hybrid is that any DPS could accomplish the same thing by using two Armories, which would allow them to switch out their skill points as well as their loadout, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Pure Might and Pure Precision will situationally be better. Hybrid will be more flexible than playing purely one or the other, and depending on the Raid it could potentially surpass them, but really only if there were a fair spread of single-target and AE portions. But all three will lose to the DPS who maintains two armories, switching back and forth between AE and Single-Target to always be what is optimal for the situation.
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  17. Revoemag Committed Player

    That not precision dps... that's just flurry spam...

    Precision dps still isn't viable without those 2 broken weapon combos... and even then you still need weapon mastery combos to get even close...AM and WM are suppose to be gone yet we still need to do those cross weapon combos to even have a chance.
  18. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I agree with that, I was just hoping to maybe get ideas on how it could work and use those along with some ideas I've considered to make it work for Electric.
  19. L T Devoted Player

    Ok so with quantum using hand blasters

    Time bomb/weapon buff Solar Flare/sing SF/lift SF/a-wave repeat. Not great but kinda fun. More fun than 1-2-3-4 anyway.

    With Fire I've done okay with inferno/stoke flames - staff downward smash/flashpoint. I think 2-handed 5 tap can line up with flashpoint's cool down also.

    For Electric you could get some dots going and clip hand blasters with eBomb and vBlast I guess. Never tried with Electric. Melee probably doesn't work because the cool down of Electroburst is too long.

    Note that the rotations with fire and quantum aren't superior to full might pftt.