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  1. Hussler New Player

    Why every time there's a update gadget get tampered with. Since the beginning of this game, unlike any other power gadget get screwed. Make it seem like everything about it, is over powered. Gadget does basic damage nothing outrageous like ,Rage,celestial,hlight and few others, but this one power get tampered with the most. From the sticky,to distract to turret,decoy, every power in both trees got screwed with. Now this update coming make Bat man power look like a big old sissy.. I've hold my ground with GADGET since the beginning 2011 and it's time throw in the towel being a Bat man fanboy. No Bat man No Dc for me. Bye
  2. TheDark Devoted Player

    The only thing that was seriously hurt in GU36 was the fast pace of Gadgets. That's it.
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  3. Hussler New Player

    You obviously didn't read all the patch notes
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  4. TheDark Devoted Player

    I did. And I have access to test.
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  5. General Powers New Player

    Do not argue with this man; he is a respected veteran of this game and is very knowledgable when it comes to Gadgets.
  6. Hussler New Player

    When you say fast pace, you mean by reducing the speed or reducing the damage caused I see both.
  7. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    Its true that Gadget's went through a lot of changes through out the years but even with GU36, it still as viable as any other power.
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  8. Hussler New Player

    Animation looking like huntress, school girl throwing softball. Yeah you Wright , just viable.
  9. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    I said viable, i didn't say you have to look good doing it lol
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  10. The God New Player

    That's a pretty ignorant sentence in my opinion. Just because someone is good at something, doesn't mean we shouldn't argue/disagree with them, because they might be making a mistake.

    About the topic. Dmg from photon blast was brought in line other finishers(nerfed) and dmg from gauss grenade was nerfed but it'll be doing bigger dmg to frostbitten enemies, so at least gauss in my opinion will be as good if not better. But yeah, I think it might've been slightly nerfed than what it was before. I'm not sure though, as I haven't got Test Server.
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  11. savageprime New Player

    He probably wasn't meaning The Dark is a all god knowledgeable person. Maybe just that he is more knowledgeable than the average gamer and if anyone is brining an argumentative point to the forums you may want to bring stats/facts rather than personal opinions cause to thosenlike dark who read patch notes like a passion lol and have direct access to test have more insight into the game than us mere mortals do.

    Also in my opinion The Dark is a reputable and respected poster is all. I do agree that everyone has the right to debate with anyone cause heck you can find post in these forums where I debate with the likes of clutch over pvp lol so no one is safe from me and my words.

    I would like to ask you though why is bringing photon on par with other finishers is a nerf per your words?
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  12. The God New Player

    Because it used to be stronger. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing or something.
  13. savageprime New Player

    Oh ok. Just not used to people using the term nerf as a good thing so I was confused I see.
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  14. Quantom Boy Committed Player

    The fast pace combat, was what made gadget a top dps power. Now it's been slowed down and had it's damage powers nerfed it's pretty much a meh power now.
  15. savageprime New Player

    Welcome to my life as ice. :D

    Seriously though gadget is not worst because all powers were adjusted by this. As I can tell mental is currently the only power that can or will heavily benefit from WM but hold tight young one cause at least gadget changes are already in the pipeline. Now us ice users on the other hand....not so much.
  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    I don't understand how after posting base numbers of the damage with a PI active someone thinks a powersets is "meh power." Relax. It's still good.
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  17. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    If you try to play Gadgets the same way you did prior to GU 36, you are probably going to be disappointed in its damage output. There are enough changes in the pipeline that I'd recommend people toss out any preconceived notions they have about Gadgets DPSing and try out new rotations. Setting up your power interactions and clipping your powers in the right order is very important if you want to get maximum damage output. If you are working Weapon Mastery into your rotation, you probably aren't going to notice the animation changes.

    Gadgets is still awesome. You just need to rethink the way you are going to DPS.
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  18. RiskVsReward New Player

    Pretty much this with any class^ Soon it will be just boring WM rotations with a power at the end. That's how every class will play.
    People complained that we didn't see our cool power animations due to clipping. Well now we won't get to see our power animation since we'll primarily be using our weapons for damage. Gonna be looking more like Spartan warriors instead of super heroes and villains
  19. Hussler New Player

    Sure not looking like Batman ,I understand the photon balance. But my sticky too. How many times has sticky been tampered with.Daze??? Could at least leave sticky along.
  20. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    This is a good thing. It's a fun power set with lots of variety. I enjoyed messing around with 'new' load outs on test. I think UG36 is a refreshing change that puts new spark in the power set and it makes me dazed with excitement. Photon blast with empowered channeling is still my good 'ole death ray too.