Is Core Strength mod out of line for healers and trolls?

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Joker, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Joker New Player

    I feel healers and trolls in PvP have begun to hit way to hard to be considered just a support role anymore due to the core strength mod taking off the damage limiter for their roles and in the trolls case adding 10% and that coupled with the Vit/Precision & Resto/Precision mods with a 131 PvP weapon makes them hit harder than T3/T4 pvp Dps in some cases and continue to play their role with ease, i would love to hear what others think on this? I got a mission in a missive today that will never be completed "Defeat 5 Healers in Lair PvP Battle"
  2. BadHansel New Player

    Yippieyyeah as a tank :D
  3. Spidersting Committed Player

    Actually i think this mod is fine. It could go a long way to evening out the 5v5 deathmatches where no one on either side gets a kill. Granted those matches are rare but more dmg for support is never a bad thing IMO.
  4. Gunny New Player

    TANKS get a nice little facelift with this mod in 5v5's :) I like
  5. Talve Dedicated Player

    For trolls i do not think its out of line. Its the same 10% that dps themselves gain from the mod.

    For healer in a proper 5v5 matchup you will be sitting in animations most of the time anyways. You do not have time to wait for queued up attack and clip it. Your there you react instant and because of damage output of a proper team in 5v5, you will be mostly sitting in animations anyways.
    In 1v1 and smaller the fact comes in that hey -> you got a nice flat damage % increase. But at the end of the day -> its damage %. There is no flat increase in healing.
    And compared to damage dealers, whose precision is miles ahead of healers, that 10% boost means actually more to damage dealer than that bigger % on already small healers damage in general (unless your trying to play some kind a hybrid). Its increase in main thing you should be focusing on, not secondary.

    In general i actually feel that biggest benefit comes to DPS tanks. On their already high precision and tankiness you get a huge boost to damage, at least in 1v1.
  6. recespieces31 New Player

    Seems fine to problem is trying to wade through 8-12 pets just to attack a player...ha ha
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  7. Fourth New Player

    All mods are poo :T
  8. Drathmor Devoted Player

    This ++ hate all the pets in pvp now some groups spam the crap out of them but I love the core strength mods finnaly dont mind running healer as much since I can still bring the pain
  9. Yallander Loyal Player

    The mod isn't game breaking and as a healer depending on if you are primary healer or back-up it can help add a bit more burst to down targets. It's not like healers/tanks get the damage modifiers on top of the increased damage. The best thing I think is that it still requires the player to actually land attacks vs the pet spam many teams are bringing to PVP now.
  10. Kroye Loyal Player


    Controllers would probably be better going Penetrating Strikes or Extended Supercharge.

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