Is becoming a member worth it?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by mattyice, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Controller Loyal Player

    I'd say yes.

    I've been subscribed now for around 5 years (Jan 2013) and have enjoyed DCUO. Took small breaks to play Fallout 4 but ended up missing playing with Human Beings and always come back.

    Been Hardlight mostly but recently got an Atomic and a Water toon to end game and love those powers as well.

    Before DCUO I'd easily spend 60$ a month on XBOX games so now I spend a bit less on the subscription and still get some SC from time to time.
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  2. mattyice Active Player

    That’s interesting, I’ll definitely have to look into that. I’ve been wanting to try atomic, quantum, and light. Thanks for mentioning that, I hadn’t even thought about it.
  3. mattyice Active Player

    I’ll play video games from time to time but I’ve never really stuck to one specific game franchise. I’ve always wanted to play a game that’s pretty much exactly like this one. I’m a huge DC fan and I love the open world aspect, the thing that I don’t like about the injustice games is the mortal combat style fighting. That always bugged me. Also creating your own superhero is a lot of fun to me, it’s a way to mix and match powers that you don’t see in the anywhere else and some of the combos are really fun. For example, I have a gadgets, dual wield and super-speed character I’m using now and I can’t think of any character in the DC universe who fits that description.

    But finding this game, not only thoroughly enjoying it but to see that people are still actively playing this years after it’s been released is amazing to me. From what I’ve gathersd on here and in game is that the creators drop new content periodically so there’s always something to work towards if you want to. Or you can just run around and do your own thing.
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  4. Red Batern Well-Known Player

    The membership is, and has always been worth it. I say this being premium. So then, why am I premium? It's quite simple actually....

    By this time next year, at the rate I'm going, I'll be pursuing my doctorate. I don't need the temptations. Rest assured though, I'll be subbed this summer lol. Just trying to self regulate. Keeping my GPA where it is is difficult enough and I know my limitations. Just being real with myself.
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  5. Road Kill Active Player

    I like PVP so my answer is NO, it's not worth the sub because they snub the PVP side of the game. But if you like fighting robots who anticipate your moves and vice versa which in my opinion gets old real quick, then go for it. There's nothing quite like fighting real players than opposed to the artificial AI.
  6. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    It's probably worth it if you plan on playing the game regularly and thing seem a lot fresher since you're new.

    As you may see in some of the other threads; not everything is fresh and rosey. I've started in 2011. Past month was the first time went from yearly subscription to monthly as i'm debating to whether or not to continue with the game.

    Try a monthly if you like the benefits and still find it enjoyable then go longer. No need to unnecessary lock yourself in.
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  7. Super_National Well-Known Player

    Not knocking you, let me say that up front, but I've never personally been a fan of PvP where gear plays a role. Whether it is in WoW or DCUO, I just never understood it. I mean, Legends PvP is different, but I'm referring to normal PvP.

    Usually, I'll play an MMO to see the story, team with others, and do the group instances. For PvP, I fire-up games like Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm.
  8. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    Everything you need to get to 30 quickly is free
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