Is becoming a member worth it?

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  1. mattyice Active Player

    I just started playing over the weekend and this is what I've been looking for. The injustice games never did it for me, the fighting style was weird to me, was never a mortal combat fan. I've noticed that almost everything that is needed is locked and you need to become a member to have it. Certain packages, extra storage space, even the power sets.

    So is it worth the money to have the access?
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  2. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club


    But even with a Subscription you will need to buy a few things like an extra Armory..... a Teleporter and other stuff like that.

    But you do get 500Loyalty Points/Daybreak cash every month with your subscription.

    So you can save those 500Loyalty Points/Daybreak to buy an extra Armory or a Teleporter and other stuff. ;)
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  3. E Clip Dedicated Player

    You will get many different opinions about this. I can speak for myself, imo yes its totally worth it to subscribe. If 15$ is not a lot to you, give it a go, you'll get 10$ of value returned to you in form of marketplace cash and replay badges. So basically you're paying 5$ a month to rent DLCs, storage space, powersets, access to all your ingame cash and many other things which are unavailable to free and premium members.You can purchase these things separately without subscribing which will make you a premium member, but you'll have to drop a lot more upfront (check the marketplace to see how much each of these things cost) and you still wont have access to all your ingame cash, but you will be capped at 2000$ which can be quite a nuisance later on when you progress. (make sure to select DCUO from the 4 tabs to see the benefits specific to this game)
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  4. mattyice Active Player

    Thanks guys, another quick question...

    How would you guys recommend spending the first months 500 loyalty? I honestly wouldn't have any idea how to properly use it and I don't want to waste it.
  5. E Clip Dedicated Player

    I would hold on to it to be honest. Perhaps you'll want to buy an extra Armory, perhaps you'll want to unlock even more bank/inventory space that what the membership grants you. Maybe you'll want to save up to buy some more expensive stuff on the marketplace that sells over 500 cash. So just hold on to them, they wont go away after 30 days, you can decide what to buy when you really need something from the marketplace.
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  6. mattyice Active Player

    Thanks, I didn't know stuff in the marketplace was that expensive (haven't looked at it because didn't want to be tempted to buy stuff without a membership). Hopefully the extra space will be enough so I won't have to purchase anymore.

    Another question, sorry. I have a couple items like "pages of the book of oa". if I collect them all do I get something special or what?
  7. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Yes. I believe those are collections you referenced. Completing collections in game will rewards you with various items including, styles, marks of victory, base items, rare styles, auras, and much more. At end game, some collections give Omnipotence Gear, which is the strongest piece of gear for that certain content. Also, save your Loyalts Points/Replay Bagdes until you get more fond of the game. Once you do, youll know exactly what you would want to spend it on.
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  8. E Clip Dedicated Player

    I believe that's a trash item that you can sell to any vendor for cash. If you are unsure about some items, always google it. There are many collectibles in the game, such as briefings and investigations (blue and green exclamation marks that you can find in the world) and collections (yellow question marks). Whenever you see some of these interact with them. The yellow question marks will drop a collection piece and you should use those from the inventory to collect it.Completing collections grants you items, styles and feats. But its too early to talk about them, so dont worry about it too much, just keep leveling and collect whatever comes your way. You'll be busy with these things later on, for now its not that important to waste time on these things.

    Another thing to keep in mind as you progress, sometimes you will get a gear piece that wont increase your stats, but look under style (when you hover over a gear piece) - if its green it means you havent collected that styles, so equip it to collect the style and then unequip it.

    If you're on EU server, I'd be happy to show you thee ropes and help you out, but if you're on US server I cant help you, but perhaps some of the other forum members might consider lending you a hand.
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  9. Twilight-Man Well-Known Player

    Welcome to the game BTW ☺
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  10. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Here's a list of some of the items that have no use other than to sell to a vendor.

    As you can see, "Page of the Book of Oa" is on there. After a while you'll recognise what's trash and what isn't - usually they are grey, and the item description says, IIRC, "Sell this item to a vendor for cash". Don't try selling them on the Broker - nobody will buy them, and you'll waste your selling fee ;).

    BUT. Later in the game, some R&D items begin to appear that are grey in colour.

    They only come from Salvaging gear. Anything called [something] Essence is *not* a trash item (the item description will tell you this, but if you've got used to selling or deleting things that are grey, you can get caught out. I did.). The same goes for anything called [something] Scrap(s).

    The Scraps are only useful if you're crafting gear that needs them, whereas the Essences are absolutely essential, and in large numbers, for a number of things in the late game.
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  11. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    I would save them to buy either a second Armory.... or a Teleporter.

    Both can be pretty usefull.

    But each cost more then 500 Loyalty. So you will need to save your Loyalty until you have enough to buy either.

    Unless you don't mind spending some money in the Market Place??
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  12. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    If you want to buy stuff in the Market Place..... there are sales a couple of times during the year.
    Sometimes a Summer sale..... Chirstmas sale... etc.

    So you might want to wait for a sale.... unless you don't mind buying some stuff now... then buying even more stuff once there is a sale. ;)

    The last sale we had was a pretty big one.... some items were very cheap in the Market Place thanks to that.

    The "pages of the book of oa" are junk items. You can sell them on the vendor for a few $$$. Which some already mentioned. ;)

    There are collections that you can gather to get certain items.

    For example there are collections that you can gather that will give you the Mister Miracle cape.

    And there are various other things you can get gathering collections.

    For example you can get Amenities for your Lair gathering certain collections.
    Will try to make a video about how to get the Amenities gathering collections soon. ;)
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  13. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    One last thing...

    If you're a PC player, you need to remember to *CLAIM* your 500 MC each month - it doesn't automatically get *GRANTED*. You do this from the Marketplace tab in-game... the relevant button is in the top right.
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  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    depends on the question if the price is worth it to you just to get rid of the cash cap...
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  15. 6ix9ine Well-Known Player

    sure if your liking the game you should see it without the limitations

    Beware things go back to normal after your legendary expires

    -Cash cap will come back to 2000 / Your money you earned will still be saved in the escrow
    -your inventory will be reduced again
    -your content goes back to being limited


    The good

    -You get to keep the gear you earned
    -you get to keep your styles
    -you keep all your sp you earned
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  16. mattyice Active Player

    I currently have some items that in the description read "R&D component" but they are mostly green. I have been saving them hoping to find a way to use them but I haven't had any luck finding a use for them... any suggestions on that?
  17. mattyice Active Player

    Good to know, I'll probably try it out for a month and see what it's like then go from there. Thanks for the heads up.
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  18. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    i would say subscribe for a month and test the game out, if you like it keep subbing, if you don't then move on to the next game.
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  19. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Wow you got a group of class acts in these responses.

    If you're a gamer then you know how communities can be.

    We have the mix but as you can see there are a lot of good people

    that play the game too. Welcome aboard!
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  20. mattyice Active Player

    Yes I know, and thank you to all who have responded. Posting this I was worried about someone just making fun of the new kid and not really helping but I have a lot of respect for all of you. I appreciate all the advice you've given and questions you've answered.
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