Invisible players in pvp

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Mighty, May 9, 2015.

  1. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Whoops showed our TS Info in the original video. Edited it to cut out that part:
  2. Pack_Mane Well-Known Player

    I've ran into this issue at least 3 times over the weekend.
    Once during a safehouse recovery arena match where I was invisible
    Ran into a hero who was invisible during star labs arena
    And finally I scrimmaged a leaguemate in a legends match and he was invisible.

    Although I did notice in the legends scrimmage I could see his body in the spawn area but it never moved

  3. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    People are Invisable on Dcuo [IMG]well Here you go [IMG]
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  4. majosea Dedicated Player

    that means [IMG]
  5. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Oh no well you know what happens next
    .[IMG] [IMG][IMG]
  6. Battle Man Committed Player

    Just to support this bug fix and hope it's handled soon, I had the same experience just yesterday.

    It felt dirty to be seen as a cheater and getting hateful tells and in versus chat for something I have no control over.
    So I just left the combat area and said it was not my intention to cheat.

    This is very frustrating for someone who loves to play Legends.
  7. hardstyle83 New Player

    most likely is a bug. on Legends ace chemical 4vs4, 3 of us could see and the one playing on ps3 couldnt.
    he restarted Ps and it was all good... for a few rounds
  8. Three Rivers Well-Known Player

    This glitch is getting annoying... people are purposely exploiting this in PVP arenas and legends to stay in spawning area but to move around the entire arena somehow?

    I've seen it happen in: 2v2 batcaves legends, 4v4 ace chemicals legends, 1v1 lair battles. probably being done in all PVE arenas but those are the ones I was working on at the time lol.

    I've sent numerous names to DevDirt in game.

    was able to actually knock out an opponent once in a 2v2 batcave arena by spamming my AM loadout. but can't be done in legends PVP at all.

    seems to have something to do with entrance door, was in lair battle 1v1, and the opponent kept running back to front door after every round to glitch the invisibility.
  9. SKUMBUCKET Active Player

    i too have also seen it happen to me in those arenas as well, i have a name also if interested.
  10. Graviton Well-Known Player

    My entire league is on ps4 and we , myself included , encounter this quite often.

  11. Graviton Well-Known Player

    I'm not seeing it on pc , but and my entire league seems to encounter it every 3-4 matches in pvp and every other raid in pve......If it is of help, this started with gu47 and I'm on usps ps4

  12. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    This issue is also present in PVE as well.
  13. Msstat1c Committed Player

    The invisibility thing is pretty annoying. Although I will say, there is something comical about how I still try and chase around the invisible player. It's like I can't help it, my thumbs just take over. I mean can I be invisible just once. Seriously though, invisibility is bad for ball.