Invisible players in pvp

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Mighty, May 9, 2015.

  1. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I'm off to work, but if you'd like later on I'll try to get as many of my league members queuing as possible and you can just AFK in our teamspeak, then when it happens we'll just move you to the right channel and give you a yell or something if you'd like. Granted that's not going to be until like 10:30 est.

    If not I'll toss you a PM on the forums if the bug does happen and hopefully you're still around then.
  2. taylor0987 Well-Known Player

    This happened when I was running the new T7 Alert and during the old Nexus Raid. So it is not just a PVE thing.
    I am on PS4
    In the T7 Alert, there was one player who was invisible to me during the beginning. He re-appeared, and then he also disappeared on the last boss. I do not know if the other players also did not see him.
    In Nexus, there was one player who appeared to be spamming his powers in one location away from the NPC's, but he saw himself in the midst of the action.
  3. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Alright, my league and I PvP'd for about 4 hours or so last night and couldn't manage to find this bug once. How often are you guys seeing it? Please let me know if it is PvP or PvE that you're seeing it in, because trying to find it in PvP isn't proving reliable for myself.
  4. DevDirt Developer

    I was on last night waiting for Enquirer's guild to repro the issue. They played many matches on USPC with no invisibility repro. So this seems to be somewhat rare. I am still investigating what is going on.

    It is still going to be very useful to debug the issue Live when it occurs. If someone has the issue occur, please stop the other player, PM me, and if I can get to it I will. If you don't hear from me in 10 minutes or so, then I must not be around to investigate.

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  5. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I'll see if I can reach out to a couple of friends who do PvE regularly, even on the playstation, just to see if I can get them to PM you if anyone notices anything.
  6. Deity Supremacy Well-Known Player

    This might affect more than just pvp. I was with a friend doing kahn. I was mental at that time is it helps. Than she couldn't see me at all. She saw me cast powers but not me. It'd be more relavent in pvp though since you need to see one another.
  7. taylor0987 Well-Known Player

    I've seen it happen at least twice in PVE. See my previous post in this thread for more detail.
  8. DulcesS Well-Known Player

    - Yes, they are visible once they leave the instane.
    - No, it's random, it may happen in an instance and in the next one it doesn't; happening once doesn't mean that it's going to happen in the next match.
    - No, I couldn't see any green point (my group member was invisible), so I guess the opposite team wouldn't be able to see his red point in map. It happened in ps4, we were 4 players and all of us on ps4 and on Temple of Isis 4v4 arena.

    I'm going to say, that this glitch may has something to do with pets, as he was a sorcery healer and had his watcher over there; another friend told me that day that he had been having the same problem with sorcery players while he was playing batcave 2v2. I also watched a video on youtube of a invisible nature player who had 2 pets, swarm and robot sidekick.
  9. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    I forgot to mention, when it initially happened to me, my league mate could see me in the spawn doing all my actions when I was really on the node according to my PoV. I've also noticed people not inside the spawn seemingly attacking thin air, I can only assume on their screen, they're elsewhere doing what I'm seeing them doing in in place.

    I was invisible in the batcave last night, it was the first instance I entered and had to relog because I couldn't be seen. I wish I had more information to give, this bug is really obnoxious when it happens.
  10. HealerT New Player

    This is not just in PVP we have had multiple instances of people in our raids disappearing. It has happened in Halls of Hades and in lockdown. We are unsure of a cause but are trying to recreate it...
  11. Mighty Committed Player

    I'm getting it in PVE now, too. I've seen it happen to three players - myself included - in Happiness Home. Makes pickups a real feat.
  12. Heero Blaze Well-Known Player

    Ran Intergang Crime Wave and had invisible partners. First was our Tank during the Metropolis section. He appeared during the Bank area and remained visible for the rest of the instance. Our Controller went invisible after the Android battle (before the final boss fight). His toon's image appeared frozen between the Android battle area and the final boss area, but the map clearly showed he was in the final boss area (he took damage normally, activated switches, etc. in the final boss area). This was on USPS.
  13. Pack_Mane Well-Known Player

    I ran star labs last night and seen this happen in 2 different matches.
  14. COMBATICUS Dedicated Player

    It seems it's on pve side as well. I ran both duos and alert t7 everyday since it was available for legendary players. It seems that once in awhile one of our grp players just goes invisible. Can't pick him up sometimes can't heal them either. Had ppl complain including myself to why they not doin pick ups. And they said we cant see where u are, ur invisible when.I was standing right next to them lol
  15. iBlaZe New Player

    It is also in PvE. Was running NGN on hero side, and was in party chat with my mate who was solo troll at the time; one person went in before the others and got one shotted but then after reset the boss randomly killed my mate who was standing on the edge of the door for the 1st boss.

    After that we went in and he was invisible, was still able to put out pot and everything but we couldn't see him and when he went down no one was able to pick him up. After he respawned everything was normal again but yeah.

    This was on EUPS and happened last week Saturday/Sunday
  16. NesT New Player

    I see this in PVP Legends arenas, but only 2 times

    The 2 times was in 4v4 in Chemical Ace and was the same player (sorry no remember her name)

    I am thinking about some lag or connection problems, but thinking better since Gu47 i have some image ****** and a strange sound (sorry is very hard to me to explain in english) in all parts of the game....(PvP, PvE..) is not so much and i can play perfectly but this not happens before
  17. Turtle_526 New Player

    This is not just a PS3 issue, I have had it happen to me once, I don't know how it happened and don't know if it's reproducible but i just queued into a 2s Ace legends map and on my screen I was fine, nothing lagging everything looked normal but I noticed I wasn't getting attacked and then figured I was invisible to the opponents. This also has happened in pve, after queuing into an instance league mates would look like they are standing at the start point but are really next to me or with the group the whole time. I personally don't know how this is happening but it is and this needs to be fixed for PvP ASAP. I have had the experience on both ends and can say personally that I am not frustrated at the other player, unless they know how to reproduce it and continue to do so, but more frustrated with the game mechanic. I was invisible to other players and was expected to throw the match and was called glitcher/cheater on versus when I didn't do anything. So fix this ASAP because I'm not going to throw a match and expect other to not want their marks from a win just because this is broken.
  18. Curtain Active Player

    I just got out of a 4 v 4 Legends Temple of Isis. I ended up the invisible person. My league mate said my toon was just sitting at the spawn while I was able to move freely. I could still be hit by attacks indirectly, but no one could see me. We won, then one of our opponents sent me a tell calling me a hacker and that I was "reported".

    We also encountered this the day before in a 5v5 Pit Legends match the night before. Opponent was just sitting at spawn on our screen, but in the air doing damage in reality.

    I am on PS4 BTW.
  19. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    I just finished running Ace 4V4 PVP arena with league and they noticed that I was invisible.
    Idk how this happened to me but they told me its a random bug in PVP.
    This is crazy and needs to be fixed.
    An enemy sent me a tell, calling me a cheater.
    I don't want to get a bad rep because of bugs in a faulty PVP system :mad:

    I'm on PS4 btw
  20. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I totally forgot to post this a week ago when it happened to us during a HB scrim. Seeing the toon doing all the animations in the spawn point was surprising.
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