Investigation and Briefing Locations [WIP]

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    Note: This guide is not complete. There are still some Investigations and Briefings I haven't acquired. They're arranged pretty much in the order they're normally encountered.Every location the orbs can be found is in here, except "Gorilla Bomb Components. The are 2 or 3 that are inside the firehouse, but I've never picked them up in there, and don't have screenshots for them. For the sake of completeness, I may someday get the screenshots, but that day is not today.

    For quick lookup, press "CTRL-f" on your keyboard, or whatever the mobile equivalent is for searching within a page, if you're on a mobile device.


    Magic Hero (Chinatown)
    Crystalline Soul Fragments
    'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode I

    Magic Villain (Chinatown)
    Confiscated Arcanum
    Sins of the Father: Episode I

    Meta Hero (Little Bohemia)
    Gorilla Bomb Components
    Survival of the Fittest: Episode I

    Meta Villain (Little Bohemia)
    LexCorp Genome Database
    Legacy of Krypton: Episode I

    Tech Hero (Gotham's East End)
    The Precipice of Fear
    Arkham Unleashed: Episode I

    Tech Villain (North Burnley)
    Falcone's Finest
    Gotham's Gang War: Episode I

    Brainiac Incursion sites
    Brainiac Incursion

    Science Police Precinct 8
    Trigon Tainted Artifacts
    Sins of the Father: Episode II

    Metropolis Metrodome
    Against the HIVE
    Beginning of the End: Episode I

    Cape Carmine
    Viva la Lucha Libre
    Gotham's Gang War: Episode II

    The Watchtower
    Watchtower Holographic Tokens
    The Hall of Doom
    Hall of Doom Holographic Tokens

    Tomorrow District
    Signs of the Beast
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode I

    Metropolis General Hospital
    The Doctor Is In
    Legacy of Krypton: Episode II

    Amusement Mile
    Pernicious Pictures
    Punchline: Episode I

    Magic Mentor Mission (Chinatown)
    Artifacts of Themyscira
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode II

    Meta Mentor Mission (Little Bohemia)
    STAR Materials Handling
    Legacy of Krypton: Episode III

    Tech Mentor Mission (Gotham's East End)
    Power Armor Integration Circuits
    Punchline: Episode II

    Tomorrow District
    Azarathian Sin Gems
    Sins of the Father: Episode III

    Tomorrow District
    Lunar Silver
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode III

    Tomorrow District
    Gorillatech Schematics
    Survival of the Fittest: Episode II

    North Burnley
    Rose By Any Other Name
    Arkham Unleashed: Episode II

    Frozen Heart
    Arkham Unleashed: Episode III

    Robinson Park
    Twisting the Titans
    Sins of the Father: Episode IV

    Historic District
    No Man Escapes
    Dying of the Light: Episode I

    North Burnley
    Enigmatic Puzzles
    Punchline: Episode III

    Suicide Slum
    The Atlantis Chronicles
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode IV

    Gotham University
    Ritual Canopic Jars
    'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode II

    Knightsdome Sporting Complex
    Ghost In the Machine
    Beginning of the End: Episode II

    Glenmorgan Square
    Amulets of Memory
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode V

    Tomorrow District
    Oaths of Light
    Dying of the Light: Episode II

    Magic Mentor Mission (Tomorrow District / Historic District)
    Creatures of the Shadowlands
    Hearts of Darkness: Episode VI

    Meta Hero Mentor Mission (Hall of Doom)
    Infiltrating the Hall of Doom
    Legacy of Krypton: Episode IV

    Meta Villain Mentor Mission (Watchtower)
    Infiltrating the Watchtower
    Legacy of Krypton: Episode IV

    Tech Mentor Mission (Knightsdome Sporting Complex)


    Ace Chemicals

    Area 51

    Arkham Asylum


    Gorilla Island

    Hall of Doom Armory

    HIVE Moon Base


    OMAC Base

    Oolong Island


    Stryker's Island

    Update 1:
    Batcave: Inner Sanctum raid

    Gotham Museum solo

    Update 2:
    Old Gotham Subway solo

    Brainiac Subconstruct raid

    Intergang Penthouse solo

    Update 3:
    League of Assassins Stronghold alert

    Update 4:
    Outer Caverns alert/raid

    Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm raid

    Update 5:
    Fortress of Solitude: The Avatar of Meta raid

    Update 25:

    Kevin Conroy Memorial:

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    Episode 1: Fight for the Light

    Episode 2: Lightning Strikes

    Episode 3: The Battle for Earth

    Episode 6: Home Turf

    Episode 7: Origin Crisis
    LexCorp Cloning Records
    Luthor's Metropolis
    Nexus Protocols
    What Could Have Been

    Episode 8: Sons of Trigon
    The Path to Perdition

    Episode 9: War of the Light Part I
    Rage of War
    STAR Labs Mist Project
    Tales of the Sinestro Corps

    Episode 10: Amazon Fury Part I:
    Ancient Accords

    Episode 11: Halls of Power Part I
    Glimpse of the Fourth World
    Gods of Old
    Meet the New Gods
    Mister Miracle's History of Urgrund

    Episode 12: War of the Light Part II
    Consumed By Greed
    Emotional Entities
    Luthor's Orders
    Star Sapphires

    Episode 13: Amazon Fury Part II
    Leave of Absence
    The Nexus of Brainiac
    The Real War

    Episode 14: Halls of Power Part II
    Darkseid's First Born
    Residents of the Happiness Home

    Episode 15:
    The War Around the World
    Wartime Spy Notes
    Indigo Tribe

    Episode 16:
    In Blackest Night
    The Bride of Blood

    Episode 17:
    An Exceptional Antiquity
    Trigon's Arrival

    Episode 18:
    All Light Dies

    Episode 19:

    Episode 20:
    Imps Are Imp-ortant!
    A Light In the Dark

    Episode 21:
    The Legend of Hawkgirl
    The Legend of the Atom

    Episode 22:
    Last Sons of Krypton

    Episode 23:
    A House Divided

    Episode 24:
    Darkseid, Terror of the Universe

    Episode 25:
    Myth or Legends?

    Episode 26:
    The House That Wayne Built
    Kandor Reborn

    Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III
    The Games Gods Play
    Ixion's Tale of Woe
    Trials and Tribulations
    Tyranny of Typhon

    Episode 28: Age of Justice
    Doctor Sivana's Ultimate Terror
    Horrors of War
    Justice In Time
    Time, Time, Time...

    Episode 29: Riddled with Crime
    Gang War Rumors
    Mystery of the Man-Bat

    Episode 30: Earth 3
    Forever Evil
    Grayson's Fate
    Memoirs of Earth 3
    Mirror Image: Justice League

    Episode 31: Deluge
    The Black Tide
    Court of Aquaman
    Mera - Queen of Atlantis
    Origins of Insurrection
    Starro Crossed Lovers
    The Starro Report

    The Death of Superman

    Episode 32: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
    Family Honor
    The Rebirth of H.I.V.E.
    Terra Incognito
    Titans Among Us
    The World According to Gar

    Episode 33: Atlantis
    The Black Eulogy
    Call Me Kaldur
    Heraldry of Atlantis
    The Lost Crystals of Power
    Rise of the House of Rath

    Episode 34: Justice League Dark
    Batwoman's Research
    History of Mordru
    Magic Artifacts
    Magic Locations

    Episode 35: Metal Part I
    Batwoman's Research
    Precious Metals
    Stacked Deck

    Episode 36: Metal Part II
    Barbatos: The Bat God
    Battle Lines and Frontlines
    Batman's Inner Demons
    Hawkgirl's Quandary

    Episode 37: Birds of Prey
    Birds of Prey Background Dossier
    Pulitzer-worthy Research
    Source Wall Sorrows
    Unlikely Allies

    Episode 38: Wonderverse

    Episode 39: Long Live the Legion

    Episode 40: World of Flashpoint

    Episode 41: House of Legends
    Safe House Tours (slightly out of date, as it includes the gear repair vendor)

    Episode 42: Legion of Doom

    Episode 43: Dark Knights

    Episode 44: Sins of Black Adam

    Episode 45: Shock to the System

    Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed

    Episode 47: Brainiac Returns!
    Cadmus Experiments
    Justice League Member Red Tornado
    The Moments Before
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    Just this week I finished the classic game investigations and briefings feats. Nice to have this. Good work !
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    This is awesome, thank you.
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