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  1. Slim Tortilla New Player

    If this game wants to make money, increase the attainability and retainability of new players. Most of end game players, such as myself, already have all the artifacts we need on either 1 or 2 toons and arent spending any real money on this game unless its for a power respec token. (I dont even subscribe anymore). I propose that on the yearly character skip token you allow new players to Skip to the max CR of the 4th most recent episode (in todays case it would flaspoint I believe). Secondly, award all the same skillpoints that the character skip already includes but add every LPVE, PVP, and every feat associated with episodes 1-7 (Dont bring up the people that “worked hard” for their LPVE and PVP feats they’ll get over it plus those forms of content are completely dead). Thirdly, award all new players enough nth metal to increase at least 4 artifacts to level 80 (make them non tradeable nth metal if you dont want people to just transfer then to their main toons). This will remove some form of grind for new players who will now have 200+ skill points and artifacts to at least contribute in regular content. In turn, new players will feel relevant to the game and contribute some money towards membership and maxing out artifacts. Please feel free to provide any more helpful insight. Thank you
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Also give them
    and a pony.
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  3. Slim Tortilla New Player

    Is what im suggesting so outrageous? Seems quite minimal and a way to increase the player base
  4. Limey Committed Player

    Changes to CR skips isn't going to attain or retain new players at all, said new players don't even know what theyre getting regardless. Which is a bigger problem than player retention, player ignorance. What they need is an actual in-depth tutorial explaining to players how to actually perform their support role. And what stats are important to that support role so we see less rainbow augment lineups and mixed DPS/support role gear.

    But thank you for your suggestion that is clearly more about PVE feats you don't want to grind, and PVP feats you aren't able to attain or don't want to grind either, than it is about new players.
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    First I want to say I have and will always be against new players having access to a CR skip. Just as you said it puts them too close to end game with several disadvantages.

    Now I do agree that the CR skip should have more feats attached but I wouldn't go as far to say all LPvE and PvP feats. Maybe just a few basic feats from those two groups to start. I am against awarding episode feats for free not because "we worked hard" for them but because that would just kill queue times even more. I can some what agree on you with artifacts. A CR skip should come with a choice of three artifacts preset to Rank 80. If you give them the Nth Metal directly they'll just waste it or delete it.
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  6. Slim Tortilla New Player

    A better tutorial would definitely help but lets not act like this game is hard to comprehend.
    I could care less about attaining the feats. I have about half of the LPVE feats and pretty much all the big feats from episodes 1-7 buts its ok, small minded thinking like that usually keeps you at the bottom of the totem poll in both life and this game
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  7. Slim Tortilla New Player

    I believe any number of feats that help new players get to that 200 SP range is what will really help. I only suggested LPVE and PVP as they are both forms of content that arent really ran at all. A couple of preset level 80 artifacts is actually a wonderful idea.
  8. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Don't underestimate DCUO's player base that get confused at the most basic concepts like jumping or looking at a map or reading the chat box.
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  9. TheOccultist New Player

    For me, the most unnattractive thing in this game for new players are the Skills Points by Feats and the time/grind needed to upgrade our Artefacts, we have multiples artefacts, in our build we can use more than 3 based on sircumstancies and this makes almost impossible to achieve.

    For a new player Skill Points is another problem, imagine someone starting and realizing that to unlock 200-300 Skill Points he need to complete +1500 feats.

    Now imagine if this new player realize that need to repeat every single feat for every character he have? And levelup +3 artefacts for every character? How long it will take?

    It wouldn't be so bad if feats were an Account achievment instead of single character as it is now.
    My idea about SP is to feats be account achievment and every 1 or 2 Combating Rating you gain 1 skill point, in that way someone that levelup to 200 CR will have an extra of 85 SP(if earn 1 SP by 2 CR) or 170 SP(if earn 1 SP by 1 CR), *Till lvl 30 CR dont count.

    And for Artifacts, i see 2 solutions, increase alot the nth metal drop or make Artifacts account bond even full upgraded. Then you will be able to share some of your Artifacts to your others characters and improve more your variety of build possible.

    I play this game for years, my account have 10 years and i have 8 characters, but im forced to focus into only one cause all this thing i mentioned above. My main character have only 192 SP, theres so many things to do in this game, collections, briefings, investigations, styles, feats and levelup CR, its literally impossible to do all this things for each character. I would like to play more my others characters but i dont have time enough to complete those things all over agan.
  10. Tolly Committed Player

    That's the big mistake you're making, it's completely stupid to quickly get a new player up to high CR if the basics aren't up to his CR (SP, artifact) it will be a player thrown out and probably insulted and rejected because he doesn't have what it takes.

    It's not the CR that needs to be raised, because nowadays, the CR has never been as easy to raise as it is now in DCUO, but the SP that needs to be solved, because players today spend less and less time helping new players with their SPs, players don't want to waste their time on long or tedious SPs that need to be done x number of times.

    Artifacts are also a hindrance, because you are also judged by the level of your artifacts, too many players still try to come in elite when they have nothing prepared for that...
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  11. TI99Kitty Well-Known Player

    You know, there used to be a better tutorial, but it got thrown out in favor of "rush to the Brainiac battle and have the mentors do most of the fighting." I really miss the old tutorial, because it ran though all the basic combat mechanics, and made you do them, as opposed to just putting up messages that are easily ignored.
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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I think they cater a little too much to the new player and the hardcore players. There isn't a lot of focus on retention of casual players, who probably is the majority of the money the game gets. Oh well.
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  13. JLAxPOWER GIRL Level 30

    Honestly the game needs youtube video integration. This would allow for tutorial videos to be created and hosted offsite without consuming too much resources to script in. What's more, videos can be created easily by staff on the dev team (for the sake of 'officialness'), hosted on YT for a double edged gain - it appears on YT and in-game, hitting two birbs with one stone. Heck, imagine going into a raid and then a tab adjacent to the feats tab (that was added to the duty menu while in instances) that gives players tips on the instance mechanics.
  14. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    This has been sadly neglected. I'm at a point where I log on, do the seasonal, dailies in Kahndaq and the Black Adam alert, and I'm done for the day, 20-25 minutes and I'm out. I need to have something that engages me on a daily basis that isn't going to cost me, but yet advances my toon. I have in the past set arbitrary benchmarks, like 333 nth metal or prestige or so many source marks, but after awhile, it just becomes a chore, so I'm in , and I'm out.
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  15. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

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  16. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Its not so much the devs needing to invest in new players

    Its the current playerbase needs to stop being so hostile and unwelcoming to newer players.

    The toxicity via the players is palpable.
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  17. Dene Prince Devoted Player

    "How do i get to Gotham?" lol
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  18. Taerah Active Player

    good idea
  19. Dene Prince Devoted Player


    This game gives SO MUCH for new free players - once they are in, if the community treats them like dirt then no amount of "free stuff" is going to make them want to stay
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  20. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    Look no further than how some treat others like dirt here on the Forum. It should stop. People forget that too were once new. I will also add that this is not a new occurrence, I experienced mistreatment back in 2014 when I first started playing and would have quit completely back then if not for my sister.

    Some people only feel good when they are tearing another down.
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