Introducing...ASTRO CITY! (USPS/PC)

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    We are a new hero league formed a little over 2 months ago and looking to build our foundation of players. We desire to partner with creative, active, dedicated, mature (18+), and preferably experienced players who love DCUO and the world of Astro City comics.

    Why Astro City and not another DC/Marvel iconic league? Because these characters are diverse, fresh and fun takes on the traditional superhero archetypes we know and love. We respect the DC and Marvel iconics but we also have a desire to stand out from the crowd and not be 1 out of a million popular iconic characters in DCUO.

    Vision and Goals

    The League was formed by a small group of friends as a getaway from the unnecessary drama experienced in other leagues that ruined our overall enjoyment of DCUO. We intend to maintain a laidback attitude and structure for Astro City. We want to grow in number enough to form League only teams to schedule regular alerts/raids, feats & style runs, and PvP (for those interested). There are no official officer ranks in the league at this time other than “Steward”, who will oversee the league and keep it on course. Titles are given based on whom your character is associated with from the comics (i.e. Winged Victory, Confessor, N Forcer are all assigned as “Honor Guard”, Blue Knight and Street Angel are “Dark Age”).

    We picture Gotham City, Metropolis, and Central City as various neighborhoods within Astro City. Several of us have already designed personal bases for our characters to enhance the feel of our ingame Astro City world. There are plans to make additional bases unique to the various neighborhoods within Astro City (i.e. Bruiser’s Bar & Grill, Butler’s, etc…) in the near future.


    Be Active; we know everyone has a life outside of DCUO however we encourage you to play as often as your schedule allows (at minimum 1-2x a week) and teamup with leaguemates as much as possible. Help each other grind out those feats, explore different parts of the game, share resources (base items, tradeable gear, etc..).

    Be Considerate; we all want to enjoy ourselves ingame, so do everything in your power to maintain a drama-free environment and help build and maintain a good reputation for the league. How you carry yourself is just as important as how you play the game.

    Be Iconic; the characters from Astro City have very distinct styles and we want to represent that in every way ingame. Players should look as iconic as possible with their respective character; it’s okay to tweak the look a bit considering available ingame costume options but the look should be true to the overall look and feel of the character.

    Be Engaged; Mics are required, you don’t have to use it at all times but it helps in tough raids/alerts and makes it easier to everyone to get to know each other. We communicate offline via our kik channel “Astro City” and all members are expected to join and preferably use an avatar of your character and name so we can easily identify you. Also members should be Legendary in order to access all available alerts, raids, and zones.

    Be Original; NO DUPLICATE characters within the league. We will keep a log of unused characters available for use and ones that may come available should any member decide to vacate their roster spot or switch out for a different character.

    Be Patient; Real Life (family, work, holidays, drama) interferes with everyone’s league from time to time, so don’t overreact if the league is not buzzing with activity every night. Use that time productively and work on other aspects of your character.

    Naming Policy

    Since the characters of Astro City aren’t as mainstream as DC or Marvel we don’t expect to encounter the same creative challenges others may face when trying to obtain an original name. Therefore, please use the following as a guide:

    -Always strive for the correct spelling first (correct use of capital letters a must; i.e. winged Victory not allowed)

    -No use of extra letters (i.e. Samariitan)

    -No use of numbers in place of letters except for 0 (zero)

    -L’s for I’s and vice verse are allowed

    -All CAPS spelling is allowed

    -“The” allowed before a name (i.e. The Confessor, TheConfessor)

    -“TM” for trademark is allowed after a name, but has to be all caps (lowercase “tm” not allowed).

    Please check with me first regarding any additional allowable name variations I didn't cover; also I have several reserved Astro City names (both male and female) to offer players interested in joining.

    For those interested but unfamiliar with the series, it was originally published by Image Comics from 1995-1998; with additional runs in 2003, 2005-2010. As of June 2013, the monthly series made its debut with the DC imprint, Vertigo.

    Please checkout wikipedia’s entry for Astro City and for more information on characters and history of Astro City. The stories offer fresh and alternative points of view from your typical superhero storylines, I highly recommend checking out past and present issues on or anywhere comics are sold.
    Visit our Wavedox page to see a list of our current roster. Feel free to reach out to me for questions and. I play most nights after 7pm PST until 10pm. You can message me here or ingame @ M PH or @ Street Angel (the L is an uppercase i).
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  2. Icon Level 30

    Our Current Roster consists of:

    M PH (M.P.H.)
    Confessor TM
    VVinged Victory
    N ForcerTM
    Blue KnightTM
    Atomicus TM
    Street Angel
    Stormhawk TM

    You can reference the following link for a list of additional Astro City heroes:

    We highly encourage those interested to research their characters background and pics by searching google images as well as for more information:
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  3. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad One looked up your league for a potential enemy and his advice to you is get those skill points up. 88 average skill points for a league does not cut in this great game.
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  4. Adalil New Player

    Hello there!
    Astro city fan here :D (and newbee too)

    My first character, Surprising Jack, is as close as I could get from Jak-in-the-box (for some reason, only one space allowed).
    I don't think I'll read this often so, contact me somehow? I'll PM my steam id
  5. Hamurabi Jones Committed Player

    Nice! Love Kurt Busiek's work.
  6. Misanthropic Man New Player

    I realize this is an old post, but I was curious if you guys are still around and active?
  7. Icon Level 30

    Unfortunately this league desolved years ago. I still have a couple alts that I play from time to time. Would be great to get it started again but I doubt there's enough interest to make it viable. My main toon in the league is, The Infidel (lowercase L for the i in Infidel); the other 2 in the league are also my alts.
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