Intermittent Access Issues - July 15, 2014

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Well-Known Member

    Yes, Ive been playing DCUO at the hotel for a week. They have the plug-and-play set-up. Just plug -in your HDMI cables and your on. Wifi is up. I couldnt get on starting Tuesday morning. Ive tried changing the DNS for primary and secondary to but I still cant get in. Just wondering if I was doing something wrong.
  2. XxAngelxOfxDestinyxX Member

    Finally the day has come that I will no longer play DCUO. Ever since they brought the game to the ps4 and shared the servers with the ps3, it all went downhill. Every day there is something wrong with DCUO and the devs do NOTHING to fix it. I am so happy to say that I'm finally done with this game. This is the last time they will take any more money from me. I gave DCUO to many chances and I am done. I'll be taking my business somewhere else where devs care about their players and not about money.
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  3. FaLeX Well-Known Member

    try using opendns ip...


    (when you test....make the primary & secondary same IP)
  4. Skullwhimpers New Member

  5. Helios The Eternal Flame Well-Known Member

    What is an opendns ip ? Im trying now.
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    We deeply regret the recent service interruption that is currently impacting all SOE games. As a thank you for your patience, we will add two days of membership time to all members’ accounts. Thank you for playing DCUO.
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  7. not_again Well-Known Member

    This is great Mepps! I hope you also extend the seasonal 2 days as well. Hopefully this will become a new trend with extended downtime going forward.
  8. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    No, thank YOU Mepps.
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  9. Echephyle Well-Known Member

    That's horribly irresponsible. It's like forgetting to pay rent or property tax for a month. Something a large company like SOE should never do. Somebody is getting fired...
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  10. Echephyle Well-Known Member

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  11. Seth Grey Well-Known Member

    EU PS3

    Still having trouble loggin in guys:
    Error message says:
    Unable to download key configuration files. Please try again in a few minutes.
    (Code 1046)

    I keep pressing x and at least after the third time I get the terms of agreement (every time I try to log in). I press agree at the end of the says cannot connect or something. I press x again and then I get logged in.

    This keeps repeating every time I turn on the game.
  12. WalterlightOmega Active Member

    i renewed today would it go on the end of next month or will it be now before current one starts?
  13. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    It should be before the next one starts if your current one is still active.
  14. DCUO Post Well-Known Member

    Will the seasonal event be extended too?
  15. Magician Well-Known Member

    Mepps, I'm a lifetime legendary member - adding 2 days does nothing for me.

    Any other ideas please?

    BTW, I still can't get in
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  16. FESTER665 Well-Known Member

    Instead of extending the seasonal, just shoot me 10 sand dollars and we'll call it even....

    Hopefully I'll be able to play after work tonight.
  17. JoshuaBagwell Active Member

    Again nice adding 2 days for everyone effected but again its giving everyone the same thing my friend is legendary and even though I can get on he cant. Still think future thanks you should go based on level of payment
    free, premium and legendary should always get the same thing and same amount
  18. Schimaera Well-Known Member

    So let's recapitulate: I get two additional days of my all-access subscription which I won't even realize since I'm already "legendary"?
    I will however get the two days when I un-subscribe, after the all-access time passed....which is....probably ... only gonna happen when I quit playing - because that is somehow the only reason I would un-sub that comes to my mind right now?


    not o_O
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  19. WockaFlockaPhil Well-Known Member


    When trying to enter a ticket, the website at HELP.SOE.COM, you're forced into an infinite redirect loop.

    Just an FYI

  20. ncgreenlantern Well-Known Member

    The two free days of legendary is a way of giving you something without giving you something .
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