Instance Types, I need help...

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  1. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    My League was having a hard time with newer players in the Throne of The Dead raid with the Essene mechanic.

    I'm trying to put a list together of instance type like so....

    Instance Types

    Normal (Tank and Spank)
    Puzzle (Throne of the Dead Pre Nerf, Deathstroke Supply Drop etc)
    Scripted Boss Attacks (Boss does not respond to tank for a bit Stompa Granny Goodness Raid)
    Burn Check (Hawkman Monster)
    Special Adds (Suppressor in Phoenix Cannon)
    Can't remember some instance names...

    Can I get some help building this list?
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  2. Kestral Committed Player

    Um you might be over complicating this.

    Maybe just tell people if it's a Burn or Mechanic focused raid /section. And then when you get in tell them the particular add to focus if needed.
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  3. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    That's what we were doing, just trying to break down the Mechanic focosed raid thing a bit... seems like that where the problem lies.
  4. Staggiie Level 30

    I actually like this idea. I wouldn't mind having a list like this for my own leaguemates. It gets tiring repeating mechanics to everyone when we run things.

    Which tier are you wanting to start at? Or are you doing ALL raids? I'm max renown in everything so I can help :)
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  5. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Well.. I understand the "Burn Check" and "Tank and Spank" won't help any individual person really so... I guess starting from Tier 1 Kandaq (The Rock) would (IMO) first entry.

    So to simplify maybe just Raids that have:
    Puzzle (Throne of the Dead Pre Nerf, Deathstroke Supply Drop, Kandaq (The Rock) etc)
    Scripted Boss Attacks (Boss does not respond to tank for a bit Stompa Granny Goodness Raid)
    Special Adds (Suppressor in Phoenix Cannon / Clocktower)

    Starting from Tier 1, again... pretty sure I missed one in Tier 1.

    What I was getting at with "Burn Check" was maybe don't ask to form a group as a DPS if you don't have the burn to DPS that instance.
  6. Staggiie Level 30

    I gotcha, yeah, the good burn is a MUST in those types of fights. Like you said, Hawkman in DM because he will destroy all the rocks and you can't hide from the one shot anymore. Trigon in COUe will fill the field with tentacles and they become too much to handle. As well as the eyes become too much for the tank to handle eventually if the burn is slow. FGSe Grail will fill the field with spinning hammers until there's no room to stand. Ultimate Soldier will have 9000 adds out. Etc etc.

    I will work on a list and short description of each raid when I get the time. Love this idea!
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