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  1. Flair Well-Known Player

    So can someone give me some concrete information about how insidious insight and other similar armor buffs work? I've heard all sorts of rumors about it but I can't find anything official. I know they are supposed to help with rare loot collection drops, but do you need to be wearing the whole kit for the best effect? Do they just need to be in your inventory? Will unlocking the feat keep you at a full bonus? Can you get more than 8 points for any set? What about getting the bonus while in your off role? Will wearing the OP gear like the bellt help or hurt your chances of getting rare drops?

    All of these questions are related to advice, rumors and guesses I have heard while playing, but I can't find anything official.

    If there are any reliable threads on the matter, could someone link them please?

    Also, is there any other way to increase the chances of getting these rare collection pieces to drop? I know its intended to be hard, but I want to make sure I have the best chance of getting them. In my opinion, the more we work the content, the better chance we should have of getting them.

    Thanks for any relevant input!
  2. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Ok so the vendor gear AND the time capsule gear. You wear 8 pieces to get the feat. It can be a mix and match.

    You do NOT need to keep the gear on. Once the feat pops, you're "registered in the system" and you will start getting drops.

    I had like 4 pieces of vendor gear and 4 pieces of the new batman gear, got the feat and removed the batman gear even though it was a higher cr by 1, but my 179 gear had the mods so i just switched them back out once the feat popped
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  3. ObsidianChill_DCUO Well-Known Player

    I really should have paid attention in previous episodes but at least with this ep29 the insidious insight feat has zero impact on your abilities to get OP hands collection drops. I have usually always had the TC feat before I start raiding like in AoJ and I saw plenty of OP collection drops the same as I did with the previous episodes I would pretty much over the course of farming get every collection at least once except maybe some of the really rares.

    This EP there were tons of op collections on the broker when no one had the full gear set, I farmed the full riddler gearset in a couple days and then the proceeding 4-5 days saw only 2 collections from 500 Marked Bills worth of farming, which is crazy.

    Unless someone can prove otherwise there is no way this insidious insight feat is working correctly.
  4. Flair Well-Known Player

    This is my hunch as well. I have and wear the full set yet I have gotten one piece of the OP hands collection to drop since the EP released.
    It would be so nice to get some better clarification on how this system is supposed to work from the dev team.
  5. Flair Well-Known Player

    Not doubting your here. This is what I have been led to believe as well. Would you by chance be able to point to any official sources to confirm this?
  6. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    The only ones who can "prove" anything are the Devs. The way it's supposed to work, you get the 8 points from vendor or TC gear, pop the feat and then you get a chance at collection pieces (which are NOT guaranteed). This time around, the TC were released a week after the episode dropped....but some people who had gotten a piece or two of vendor gear were receiving OP collection pieces even though they didn't have the insidious insight feat yet. Now, considering that the episode was riddled with bugs upon release, it should be pretty obvious that this feature was not working as usually intended.

    To the OP, you only need to wear the 8 pieces of gear that provide the 8 points required to pop the feat, and this can be any combination of vendor or Time Capsule gear. Once you have the feat, you're supposed to get a Chance to receive OP collection piece. You don't need to keep wearing the same pieces, there's no special procedures you have to follow to increase drop rates, no lucky underwear or whatever silly superstition you might have been told. Nothing we players do will ever increase our odds to receive a collection piece, and while using replays can increase your odds to some degree, there is no guarantee you will get a collection piece. Such is the nature of RNG in this game in particular and in all games generally. Drop rates are and have always been notoriously low. Some people may have been luckier in the past and are now finding themselves with little luck...that's how it is around here. Again, short of replaying the content with the same character, there's nothing you can do on your end to increase your odds. And before anyone gives me any undue grief, i'm not telling you to go and replay, just letting you know how it works. In the end, only you can make that choice, and if you do, you have to own it. Good luck.
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  7. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    This is how it worked in the previous two episodes since the OP collection system was introduced. You'll likely not see a response from the Devs because players here can easily answer the question (as ThePhilosophy and I have done). Anything you hear beyond what was said here is just silly rumours, superstition and general mis-information. Right now you're have a luck dry spell just like many other players. Maybe this weekend will turn around (they have been known to tweak things in the background without saying anything).
  8. ObsidianChill_DCUO Well-Known Player

    yea and my impatience to get the OP hands cost me 700mil to get all the collections this time around :rolleyes: it was a fraction of that the previous few episode releases. Around 60ish GCZ completions and only 2 hand collection drops
  9. Flair Well-Known Player

    I really don't intend to prod you here Khal, but what I mean is how do you know what you are saying is correct? Did the devs talk about this somewhere? If you did not hear how this works from the devs themselves ( as you imply), then what is your answer based on? If you did hear it from the dev team, then can you cite where? Thank you kindly for any help!
  10. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    Episode 27 gear loot development update dcuo 2016

    Now, it was later clarified that once you got the feat it was no longer necessary to wear the gear in order for the collection pieces to drop (or continue to drop). Unfortunately, I haven't the slightest clue where this was mentioned, so searching for it would require the patience of Job to find. The fact that i'm no longer wearing any Fallen God gear (Vendor from Episode 27) or Shim'Tar gear (Time Capsule gear from that period) and can STILL receive OP collection pieces from that episode is all the proof I need to know you don't have to wear the gear after the feat is popped.
  11. light FX Steadfast Player

    Obviously people have answered your question. Here is a link to what i posted yesterday about the rare collection for these hands. Will give ya an idea about just how low the drop rates are for some of these collection pieces. Its post #18.

    And because a few people here n there have been lucky and had this specific collection drop does not mean the drop rates arent very low. Of course some players will get lucky and have certain ones pop up. Even if the drop rate is .1% it will eventually pop for someone. There is a difference between rare and almost impossible to obtain. I have a few league mates who got the street cred feat the 1st day the TC came out and they havent seen a single OP collection drop. The TC went live 30 days ago.

    I myself had 3 OP collections drop in an hour before the TC gear even came out and i had only 1 piece of vendor gear. Imo something has been wonky since day 1 with the OP collections for this episode.

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