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  1. ALB Committed Player

    This is what the people did who took advantage of the money glitch. You all used information that the system was screwed and started selling off items for high amounts.
  2. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Insider trading implies secret knowledge that others aren't privy to. While you might can argue people were being unethical by exploiting isn't insider trading.

    Edit: And one more thing...prior to official confirmation something hinky WAS going on with the extra cash, it really was supposition that there might be something wrong. The vast majority of people just saw large amounts of money for their items and went for it.
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  3. HurricaneErrl Well-Known Player

    It's 100% confirmed there were glitches being used. You don't need a dev to tell you that. But whatever makes people feel better
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  4. Illumin411 Committed Player

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    If that many people playing this game are that naive, there's probably a few Nigerian Prince's out there that are looking for them. good to be true
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  5. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    I was one of the people who just thought it was inflation, because of there being a new reason for older players to spend money they've been sitting on. A bump in artifact ranks to 200 that cost even more XP than it took to get from 160. I made and spent several billion just playing the game and selling catalysts, collections, and seasonal event stuff. Every new capsule release, or additional content vendor rewards release, was several hundred million easily.

    If I was able to make that money without cheating, I figured that older active players who didn't have to spend money catching up buying stuff from older less-played content and capsules would have been able to save up billions. Again, the crazy money fiasco happened when there was a plausible reason (an insane jump in artifact XP needed) for people to go crazy with money. I also believed that this game was too old and the development team was too perfect, that there was no way a money exploit/glitch that hadn't been already discovered and fixed could be a thing.

    This wasn't a case of "it's so obvious" or "if it looks like a duck" for some of us. I asked for evidence, none was given other than "look at the prices," which could happen in cases of inflation. When some hard evidence and confirmation of the cheating/exploi/glitch was finally given, I promptly accepted it and changed my mind.
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  6. EconoKnight Loyal Player

  7. Chia Death Level 30

    I don't know... if you thought the devs were "perfect" in any way then I'm willing to attribute your unwillingness to accept that the hyperinflation was due to a money glitch as poor deductive reasoning skills or terrible judgement.
  8. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Meh...there were several of us who gave as much 'evidence' as can be gathered without someone actually knowing how the glitch was done (which you couldn't talk about anyway for fear of a ban hammer). It was very clear and spelled out in several posts.

    Mathematically it didn't work, the brazen selling of gold in the trade chat, the fact that NOTHING rare was available in the broker (scooped up immediately), blatant selling of worthless items for unheard of prices (1 Nth detector 1 billion....1 billion for Simple material, a single exo or ancient vellum, etc...) basically flaunting that the seller was able to 'waste' the money to show off his unlimited supply, changes in the gold seller rates and policies....prices in the broker were only a part of it.

    Yeah, that's not concrete evidence, but it's hard-packed gravel at least...and was enough to support the argument that there was a glitch. As it turns out...there was.

    Scenario: If a woman had a knife...pointed it towards you...said she'd cut you...and had a guy behind her with a cut arm bleeding....but you didn't actually see or know for a fact she had been the one to cut him, I'd bet you would believe her without evidence that she'd do it....or would you ask her to prove it? Personally the rest of it would be enough evidence for me, and I'd believe it.

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  9. Illumin411 Committed Player

    People think prices tripling in a matter of a week or two is normal inflation!?!?!?!? We were already experiencing hyper-inflation at the time when Metal I dropped and that was at a rate that saw prices doubling in 6 months, which had nothing to do with a glitch but rather just greed and general economic ignorance. But what's been happening recently couldn't be further from normal inflation.
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