Individuals [EUPC] - PBG SpeedRun - 3:28

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  1. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    Individuals [EUPC] - PBG SpeedRun - 3:28

    [DPS] kAiSeR007
    [DPS] iNface
    [DPS] Satla
    [DPS/Tank] IcyBar
    [Troller] CommingFall
    [Troller] Lanttu
    [Healer] The Elektron
    [CheerLeader] King Nero


    Hey there! Some months ago we did a similar video (4:55) and we wanted to beat that time after all the changes in the game (spin chop nerf and new tactical mods). All begun with a test run, just to know what were capable of, and we tried it with no sodas and got a very nice time, 3:55. So after a few more attempets we dediced to go for a better time. We went with IcyBar as tank and we did 3:38, but after that we realized the tank wasn't that useful so he went dps - tank geared and get the definitive time.

    Trollers were awesome, they managed to handdle all the power comsumption perfectly, our healer a beast; he solo healed without any problem. And for the DPSs the same, all are very good players, in each try there was a new top DPS, even though Satla is very used to be first :p. Anyways, i would like to thank all the players involved, and not also the names up there, also the others which supported us in TS or helpped and participated in the other tries (Lady Marmalade/Doktor awesome and Maiden EU did with us some very good tries also).

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  2. iNface New Player

    w00tw00t ;)
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  3. King Nero New Player

    nice im on the list also :), i knew i could make it :)
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  4. Noxx New Player

    Oh no you didn't :p

    Awesome guys, grats across the board!
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  5. Mordafaca New Player

    YEPIEHHHH KAIEH MORDAFACA!!!!!!!!!! congratz
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  6. kAiSeR007 Dedicated Player

    This biatches from ody did 3.26, next time tell before i post things hehe. Gratz guys, really impressive!
  7. iNface New Player

    hahaha this is WAR! :)
  8. LORD_SHOCKA New Player

    Solid run, good time for sure.
    Makes me wish i played on pc. knowing its not gunna glitch and no one is gunna dc must make these feats so easy/fun.
    We were doing a quick run, no one died, and one of the healers wanted to swap out a power, so he died and no cog appeared. sub 9 min run turned into a wipe.
  9. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    That is crazy. You guys using any PC specific tricks?
  10. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Awesome run guys!
  11. Cold Fuzion New Player

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  12. ObsidianChillSucks New Player

    Great Run Guys! Certainly an inspiration for us to try it again with 5dps and I look forward to the back and forth battles ^_^ something like this is awesome for the game to keep everyone's interests
  13. iNface New Player

    ouchhhhhhhhhhh... you just declare war :)
    nice one btw :p
  14. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Somewhere Shinjin is crying and cursing you guys jealously for getting more youtube views.
  15. Flashhh New Player

    looks like eupc server has all the beasts
  16. Noxx New Player

    We have so many beasts I'm afraid to walk alone in Gotham.
  17. Chequered New Player

    Look at my whirling dervish b****es, look at my whirling dervish; power efficient - all I got from the video. :cool:
    All jokes aside congratulations. :)
  18. Red Hood Well-Known Player

    Hey just make sure your team has supply drops iv and orbital strikes iv then rotate them accordingly. Using 1 orbital strike per boss to start the fight off momentarily stunning/ cc the boss, then 1 person sets up a supply drop at each boss so everyone gets a 50% dmg boost, then unleash your sc in order while popping a trink. Just watch the video, they're organized and just rotated mainly their orbital strikes, supply drops and sc.
  19. Red Hood Well-Known Player

    Good Job btw, but did odyssey really hit 3:26?
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