Fixed Increased incidence of game crashes on PS5 during load screens after recent GU

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by TheLQ-DCUO, Dec 10, 2022.

  1. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player


    Since the recent game update I have observed significantly more crashes after finishing a load screen on the Playstation 5. This is on the EU server.

    When I logged in on Thursday after GU I crashed on one occasion while queuing into Vault, causing my Vault to be loot locked for that day on that character - and I also crashed shortly after when loading into Infernal Kahndaq open world from House of Legends.

    Today (Saturday) I logged on around 5pm UK time and in the hour after I crashed 3 times. I did bounties between 5pm and 6pm approximately in UK time.

    During this time I was doing weekly bounties from Deluge through to Dark Knights episodes, and as such I was frequently using teleports to go through load screens in order to get to the next bounty, or next open world, or House of Legends.

    I crashed on one occasion when loading into Earth 3 Gotham from House of Legends.

    Later I crashed on one occasion when loading into House of Legends from Thanagar.

    And sometime after that I crashed when loading into House of Legends from Flashpoint Gotham City.

    In the latter two examples the crashes were hard crashes, meaning my PS5 turned itself off. These crashes all occurred within an hour of each other.

    This crash issue appears to be more specific to console, as friends who I see play on PC don't often experience many crashes on load screens, or haven't since the game update on Thursday.

    Please can you look into these crashes, and making DCUO a more stable title for console?


    (P.S. If you have had increased crashes on console please comment below where you observed these crashes in the game)
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  2. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I don't crash too frequently on the ps4, usually once every few days, and it's almost always when teleporting into the HoL. However, I DCd twice yesterday once going into HoL, and once loading into the seasonal event from Gotham. I still won't play this game on my PS5 because of the hard crashes, I'd rather ruin my PS4pro over my PS5. I also try to avoid HoL as much as possible because it seems to be a hotspot for these crashes.
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  3. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Just hard crashed again after teleporting to House of Legends from Infernal Kahndaq. 22:09 UK time on EU PS5.

    Might be worth particularly looking into crashes that occur when teleporting to House of Legends from other locations.
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  4. 0xDJBx0 Active Player

    I've been having the same issue on my PS5 on the EU Server. On Saturday alone I hard crashed 4x and dc'd once; it's now just after midnight on Sunday and I logged in for the daily reset and hard crashed within 5 minutes.

    Personally I'm not impressed. I returned to this game about 3 weeks ago for the first time since the end of the Flashpoint Episode and my experience has been centred around lagging and dc'ing every day, to now straight up hard crashing on a daily basis, While dc'ing in teleporters in this game has been the norm for many years, and never has been resolved, the past few days of hard crashing is a lot more concerning.

    When this game causes the PS5 to hard crash, it has to be turned on again at the console; controllers can't be used at this point. Once the console starts up a 'Repairing' message pops up, proceeded by a another message informing that the AC power cord must not be removed before shutting the console off, as this can cause 'corruption, data loss and damage'.

    All honesty, it's nice to be back on this game, but not at the expense of my console.
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  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are tracking these crashes and working to sort them out. There is an increase after this latest update.
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  6. IzzyLizzard dcuo Level 30

    I can confirm this for PS5 US server too. Definitely after this latest update, almost unplayable.
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  7. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    You don't need to worry so much about this behavior from your PS5. It's a built-in safety more or less. If a game causes the Console to "hard crash", the console itself will usually shut itself off. This is done to prevent files from being corrupted, or becoming more corrupted..

    When you turn the console on, it begins a process known as "Rebuilding the Database". It sounds a lot more serious than it is. It's just checking to make sure the files it was trying to prevent from being corrupted, aren't corrupted. If you have a USB Drive connected into the console, it'll also do a sweep of that too.

    Games crashing are annoying, but that's not what caused the previous console generations "Red Light of Death". What your console is doing is fully intended to happen, and you should hopefully see it continue to happen whenever any game hard crashes. The day it doesn't is the day to start worrying.
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  8. Zoe· YouTuber

    Just crashed on EUPC going into the vault, lost my vault access on this character and got nothing :[
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  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Crashed at 9:45am UK time today when leaving Vault to return to House of Legends (during load screen). EU PS5.
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  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  11. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Pleased to report post client hot fix that today when doing weekly bounties I didn't crash at all in the hour I was doing them.

    (going between House of Legends and Doomed Metro/Earth 3/Central City Starro/Titans Island/Atlantis/Chaos Gotham/Metal Gotham City/Thanagar/BOP Metropolis/Patchwork Themyscira/31st Century/Flashpoint Gotham City/Doomed Washington D.C./Death Metal Washington D.C.)

    I can't verify that the crash issue is resolved, only I didn't observe any crash this week in the hour that I did episode weekly bounty missions in the aforementioned open worlds and travelling between them via House of Legends.

    It is at least better which is an improvement on before the client hot fix.
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  12. Random Mind Dedicated Player

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  13. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

    Yesterday’s game is trash
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  14. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

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  15. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    Still DC'ing AND crashing (green screen) on PS5.
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  16. MrK Active Player

    I got a ps5 since yesterday had to start over from 1.
    But the crashes are just terrible.
    I crashed like 10x times on 1 day it's not even funny.
    Like black screen ps5 wont even turn on for like 5 min...
    Then tells me it shut down incorrectly.
    Please fix this devs.
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  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    can confirm crashed with green screen many times requiring disconnecting the machine from power to get machine to turn back on. this used to be a issue a while back and it seemed like yall had fixed it and now its back again
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  18. Ozman Well-Known Player

    Just a few minutes ago the game crashed to dashboard on PS4 while warping from Doomed Metropolis back to my base. Error code CE-34878-0.
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  19. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Just had a one-off hard crash on EU PS5 when trying to travel from House of Legends to Infernal Kahndaq towards the end of the load screen. Around approximately 9:24PM UK time.

    (Hard crash meaning my PS5 turned itself off)
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  20. Injure New Player

    Ever since the random update to "improve stability and performance" on ps, ive noticed a lot more freezing.
    Mind you i dont mean hard freezing, but just stutters alot more than it was before the GU, id barely ever freeze up until the update im freezing multiple times an hour its noticeable, especially when going into big areas.
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